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  1. What was your Power Strength at? I put Roar on two different builds, one with 210% strength, and one with 309% strength. The 210 one doesn't have the bug when I mouseover roar, but when I go to the 309 one and mouse over all ui mouse over videos break.
  2. Just put roar on Hildryn's 4, mouseover videos were working for a second, and then the screen had a hiccup now ui mouseover/popups don't work. Update: I put Roar on two Hildryn builds, one with 210% str and one with 309% str. The UI breaks when I try to look at roar on the 309 str one and stays broken until restart, but not the 210 str. It may have something to do with the changed STR scaling and cap?
  3. Really love the concept of energy munitions, but it's duration is painfully low, and doesn't scale with strength or any other stat really.
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