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  1. I'm not sure what needs to be tested. If you keep a proc on a crewship, it can be one shot with the cannon, all the way through veil.
  2. I mean, just put them in the Tunguska and you keep a plamsa and/or particle proc up on the Crewship with anything but a Cryophon if you are that concerned.
  3. Yup, agreed. I would love to be able to trick out my side guns with a few options to please pugs, and would love at least one optional gun for my pilot seat.
  4. I don't think the Lich should laugh and run away. You should have to brute force kill them and then they level up from the death.
  5. You just need to shoot it with any turret that has plasma and/or particle for a few seconds before you fire and it will one shot Crewships in the viel without an avionic. If you sit someone in the cannon while the pilot has any of the turrets that proc just have them keep firing as the cannoneer aims it will kill it, no avionics or exploits needed.
  6. Idunno, my only thought on the build time would be I think after you repair the fuselage, you should be able to attach/repair all the other parts simultaneously, or at the very least go do all the quests to find them and queue them up, given that in theory there would be a manpower consideration when building a space ship. But still, I'd like the ability to go and do all the quests and dump all the resources in in one weekend, then, yeah, it could be like a week build, instead of having to wait for one part to be done to go look for the next part. After the Fuselage, you have the part that every other part attaches too, so it would make sense.
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