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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. Forward Artillery seems the same as it was previously patch to me: you can one shot without the avionic on all levels so long as you proc Chem and/or plasma on the crewship. IE: shoot the engines out and then one shot with the cannon. Shield gating also didn't change, just how easy it was to get a maxxed Zetki shield. Using shield gating and avoiding damage for a few seconds to fully recharge was an amazing strategy before the rework, now it's just easier. I'm just saying these are two aspects that haven't changed at all, and are one of the reasons making Railjacks even tankier and deadlier seem a little boggling. If you know and use the mechanics they already were.
  3. Hell, with a maxed Zetki Shield and shield regen mod, my Railjack can tank 3-4 veil crewships indefinitely due to shield gating. (1 second shield recharge delay, ~20% per second shield recharge, thanks Valence Transfers!)
  4. I like a lot of these changes, the increase to base speed feels nice but... The Boost changes, frankly, feel absolutely terrible. Before, good maneuverability came from mastering the Drift Maneuver. Now Drift is completely gutted. I feel slower than ever, and I feel like all of my Intrinsics that had to do with Drifting like Combat Drift are completely wasted. Railjack combat has become less dynamic for me now that it's just WASD movement with no key combos to really boost my speed. Drifting felt akin to how bullet jumping, dashing and dodging should be used to increase speed in land mode. This is like slightly boosting base run speed and giving Bullet Jump and Dodge a 5 second cooldown.
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