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  1. I can consistently push 120 frames or more with my 3600 and rx 590. The game will use all the cores you throw at it.
  2. Not to mention he already has an excellent AOE nuke. As for the OP, this sounds like a very radical change to an already very good and decently powerful frame, so while your ideas are neat Volt is not a frame that needs help at this time. His abilites are all at least useful and they work well mechanically in the game right now. Volt's issues are more general game balance issues rather than specific to volt. Electricity is in general a poor damage type, shields are weak and need buffs in general. I'd rather give shields a generic buff rather than give every frame a DR ability, if every frame needs one of those just bake that property into the frames themselves.
  3. Adding a damage component to their status would likely make them much more attractive compared to how they are now. Here are my suggestions: Impact procs cause the damage instance to deal double damage. Puncture procs cause the damage instance to ignore a portion of the DR of armor. This would be added in addition to their current status. Basically this change would allow these damage types to increase damage like slash, but it would be more frontloaded. Ideally one proc of impact would deal less damage than one instance of slash.
  4. I'm having a great time running all over to repair stuff. The only things that really require immediate attention is the boarding parties.
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