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  1. Think the game defaults to your PS system's language. Just change that and see if it works out; been a while since I changed my game to english
  2. And just in case... You aren't doing any New Loka syndicate missions, right? Cause those will give you standing regardless of which sigil you have equipped
  3. What do you mean exactly by "it doesn't work"? You do as stated and don't get the points, or you never got the mission to begin with? I'm only asking cause I've done that same challenge 50+ times and never had a problem getting its 1k points.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately you have to leave the relay in order to activate the buff. And yeah, we don't get any kind of confirmation
  5. That always happens to me if I'm not the host. So now I either play it with friends or do the fight solo
  6. Digital Valentines submission (with poor Photoshopping skills xD) Cause even Acolytes deserve some love <3
  7. It's from something called the Helminth. You unlock that by reaching lvl 3 with the Entrati family syndicate and by buying the Helminth Segment from Son
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