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  1. As far as I know, that's just affinity. If you have all your loadout maxed, it won't make much of a difference
  2. Não. Ou vc volta a jogar no PC ou começa do zero no PS
  3. I'm on PS and all I get are the circular cursors lol no pointers for me Edit: think you can only get circular cursors if you're using a controller to control said cursor. If you use a mouse, you'll get pointers
  4. Deimos reputation is earned after you trade in the various tokens at grandma. Bounties reward Mother Tokens, and 1 unit = 100 rep
  5. A very emotional stream for everyone. Warms my heart to see this community come together to work towards a common goal <3 That said, seeing Dani and Megan delete Saryn and Inaros Prime hurt my soul ;-; But I sincerely think it was worth it, since these things can be replaced. Great job, everyone! Let's kick cancer's butt!
  6. Actually, if you merge the rad one into the heat one, the elemental dmg will go up and the weapon will turn into a rad one. You will keep the forma and the catalyst tho. If you do it the other way around, you lose both the forma and the catalyst, but the weapon would stay with heat damage. The wiki page should answer all of your questions: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Valence_Fusion
  7. Not a bug, just RNG being RNG. I have a couple bronze and silver mods, but the drop rates are ridiculous like that
  8. They upped the cap a while ago. Now NW goes up to rank 90 (30 from base NW, + 60 prestige ranks). It used to be 60 (30+30), but intermission 2 took so long they increased that.
  9. "We" worked really hard? "Our" hard earned stuff? Accounts should be individual. Either way, support is your best bet. Explain in your ticket exactly what went missing and hopefully they can help you out
  10. So you got 12k right there. These two things don't show up in codex but each one gives you 6k mastery. Still trying to find the missing 6k, gimme a few minutes
  11. Uh... Scanning them is the same as "collecting" them. You'll get the plants, but pretty sure you won't get simaris standing for that. Simaris standing only increases if you're scanning stuff manually.
  12. This one? https://twitter.com/VortisWifeTwila/status/1298359833285070848/photo/1 Don't think it's still available. You can try using "hod-Twila" and see if still active
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