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  1. So sad and true... this should be printed and pinned on every wall in DE`s offices.
  2. What about the unused bought rush repair drones??? After yesterdays hotfix i had some left unused, and after that hotfix its showing that i have 0, so can you refund us?
  3. What about we who had rush repair drones bought from the market and now we lost them, my friend had 3 and unused before this hotfix and now its says 0 rush repair drones... are we gonna get refunded here or not?
  4. I was with @KittyPigOwO when i got the shield mk III and rushed it and got the same thing after comparing the stats... we need to fix these bugs, cant fly with my ship like this 😞 But the stats are resetting back to normal when you leave the dojo 😄
  5. This happens all the time for me, the enemies steal my weapon and i dont see it on the ground but only the host can see it and i cant see it... He marks me the position of the weapon but i still cant pick it up.
  6. Great, now another useless item for me that will be in the sortie rewards. GG
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