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  1. Rip condition overload, as for primary/secondary buffs ill wait to see it in game then ill judge, but im not too optimistic
  2. Another affinity booster? I guess resource booster will not come ever again... 🙄
  3. You are planning 2 affinity and 2 credits booster weekends, but can we get 1 resource booster weekend instead?
  4. Is there any specific reason why Resource booster weekend is not on the menu? 2 Affinity and 2 Credits booster weekends planned but not Resource booster... Major disappointment if it`s not a mistake... 😤
  5. When you destroy an elite exo outrider the chance to drop a blueprint it's 100%, but its only 11.11% chance for the blueprint that you need. So when you destroy them you will always get one blueprint of the list: Zetki Engines Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Plating Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Reactor Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Shield Array Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Photor Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Cryophon Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Carcinnox Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Pulsar Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Apoc Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%)
  6. cant select mission when im done with railjack mission, cant even go back to dojo....
  7. IF you fail the orphix venom mission then you gonna lose all progress and the mission... i thought the orphix is optional...
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