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  1. Me and my friend keep getting host migration almost every mission now no matter who is the host and we never had this problem before. Is this happening for someone else now?
  2. lol the khora skin is the same like they showed it last time... really disappointed with this.
  3. No ill intent, just a crappy internet connection with monthly bandwidth quota. DE didnt stated that when you get the key you would need to download the game again.
  4. I know someone who got a key and he didnt used it because he didnt wanted to download the test game files(~40gb)... i wonder how many of the test keys were wasted like that.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  6. I see this bug is still around... i had it few months ago when the lich stole 2 rivens and i got back only 1. Now he had stollen 4 and returned only 3.
  7. Thank god it was bug 😁 https://streamable.com/nhei8d
  8. Probably you died because of the yellow projectile from the Mutalist Tar Moa. I dont know if its bug or intentional but now since update 28 Sapping Osprey and Mutalist Tar Moa deal crazy damage if you step in their orb pulse and yellow goo, its pretty much GG. Specters also die instantly...
  9. Since update 28 seems like i cant go pass 1 hour of arbitration disruption anymore, something that wasn't a problem before this update... So is the damage of certain enemies like the Sapping Osprey intentional now and DE forgot to menition in the changelogs or is it a bug? Short clip of what im talking 😆: https://streamable.com/nhei8d
  10. Sapping Osprey killing Inaros with 9K hp instantly 😁 https://streamable.com/nhei8d
  11. https://streamable.com/nhei8d
  12. Demolisher comes, i debuff the demolisher a bit with kuva nukor then attack with melee and after a while ill start getting that number, i was always running disruption arbis with this same setup but i just noticed it now with Update 28.
  13. I got a short clip... seems like those ospreys are 1 shotting us with the pulse from the orbs https://streamable.com/nhei8d and by then we were in like 35-40 mins in the mission, and this wasnt the case before this update for me... Death parser log: 13:19:07 - <KittyPigOwO> downed at 9,130 health by a SAPPING OSPREY 13:19:07 - <KittyPigOwO> killed by 1 damage at 9,131 health from a SAPPING OSPREY
  14. Thanks for the tip, ill try the app and see what will say.
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