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  1. i killed my kuva lich and i couldnt go back to dojo because the servers just went down... needed to do ALT + F4 RIP
  2. Rip condition overload, as for primary/secondary buffs ill wait to see it in game then ill judge, but im not too optimistic
  3. Another affinity booster? I guess resource booster will not come ever again... 🙄
  4. You are planning 2 affinity and 2 credits booster weekends, but can we get 1 resource booster weekend instead?
  5. Is there any specific reason why Resource booster weekend is not on the menu? 2 Affinity and 2 Credits booster weekends planned but not Resource booster... Major disappointment if it`s not a mistake... 😤
  6. When you destroy an elite exo outrider the chance to drop a blueprint it's 100%, but its only 11.11% chance for the blueprint that you need. So when you destroy them you will always get one blueprint of the list: Zetki Engines Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Plating Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Reactor Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Shield Array Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Photor Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Cryophon Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Carcinnox Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Pulsar Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%) Zetki Apoc Mk Iii Uncommon (11.11%)
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