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  1. if you trade plats alot 60mils isn't really much. Or if you are in moon clan, the credit sink is horribly deep.
  2. I remember the viral damage from plague strikes work on Profit taker before the fixed zaw CC/CD bug happened months ago. As the static CC/CD was considered a bug, and is now fixed, was the 0 viral dmg intended or still a bug?
  3. I would like to save a booster gift and open it on weekend. But the notification keeps popping up every time I finished a mission. Is there anyway to turn off the notification?
  4. 1 is the basic of basic... I still can't and not trying to understand why the app is conflicting with the main game. It's also disastrous when the app straight up shutting down the main game's connection should you accidentally opened the app via mobile alert.
  5. The personal I am trying to gift to is not my clan mate or friend as it was a giveaway. So I just copied the IGN and paste inside the input box. However, unlike many others which doesn't have a popup, this name has options. It confused me because the 2 names are totally identical, the only similar character is uppercase i and lowercase L. But upon searching the one with another possibility, the chat prompts that there is no such user. At the end I just pasted the ign and hit gift, hopefully the winner got it. Is there anyway to tell which is which when this pops up?
  6. There was an official announcement regarding to the "AI change" (in fact it's not the change of AI but tiles): Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.2.1 Fixed a spot in the Grineer Sealab tileset where enemies struggled to jump down a hole as a team, which resulted in AFK farming. In general there are spots on every tiles where they are classified as unreachable area by enemies. If all players are within those areas, enemies would cease looking for you. This has always been a thing for a long time. Grineer Sealab tileset underground room was an exception, DE added it back to the list.
  7. What would you think if you could bless a relay through the warframe app? Would you use it on your online friends/clanmates while you unable to login through the pc.
  8. What I foresee are just lv150+ stalkers haunting you like glass enemies, instant killing you or you kill them instantly with meta frames/weapons.
  9. Incredibly rare? You see, farmers would always find the most efficient way to obtain something, the only reason why kuva farmers moved from kuva suvival to SP, is the amount of SE drop rate reliably yields more kuva per time ratio than kuva survival. This proofs that SE drop rate is welcomed by many. The only problem is that it doesn't favor casual players who couldn't play a mission more than 1 hour. Most of the people I have seen complaining about SE drop rate were with mission logs less than 40mins. Clearly DE doesn't want something to be bar behind long runs that casual players he
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