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  1. DE WHYYYYY eros skin is not a real skin this is on the game for a while now being a consumable is kinda dumb 😕 I would literally pay real money for this skin 🤣 PLSSSSSSSS make it a regular arrow skin
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO I had a vidar reactor but it SUCKED took me forever to drop and had like 35 capacity and I scraped it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm so angry
  3. Well...ALL tennogen skins are like that, I guess its a bug for everything and everyone...
  4. This mag tennogen skin is unlocked for me and if I click on it I can buy it for 0.00?!?!? I never bough it or got it as a gift, it shouldn't be there lol anyone else got that?
  5. You guys need to change the ships getting super fast healing even after the all crewships are gone some still keep the healing forever and are almost impossible to kill also if you are ateong enough tou can reduce crewship life to 0...why they dont die?Only dome and going inside can kill then, and why dome just kill crewships 😕 it would be cooler if it had a punchtrough and could hit anything Thanks for the fixes ❤️
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