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  1. Ask to yourself if you're enjoying the game, if the answer is yes, is totally fine.
  2. Does this means the next big update, Arcana, is gonna release for all plataforms together ?
  3. I also noticed that too... and i have all 4 primary kitgun ranked up, gilded, and still, my profile still says that there are 4 missing entries, which is the kitgun chambers. Clearly a bug
  4. yeah doesnt show the bounty, i wish i had a necramech kill count pretty much like eidolons, just to know how many i've killed
  5. As i said, i only want the mod itself, the resources for the vault doenst matter, but i didnt knew i could do that. I'll try it.
  6. My goal is to farm only Necramech Thrusters, no others mods. My method is, start Iso Vault Bounty ( Tier 1 ) with Nekros, kill the Necramech, desecrate his body, and leave without opening the vault, return to Necralisk, rinse and repeat. Am i doing it right ? The mission takes about 7~10minutes to complete, i'm getting tons of Redirection Steel Fiber and Scintilants, but no Thrusters, i understand that is a very rare mod, but is my strategy right for this ? Also, where do i get the mod booster? Couldn't find it on market.
  7. Thats some really good suggestions ! And i agree when you said that the armor strip is barely noticiable, that should'nt even be a thing. I also like to suggest that they tweak how cold proc works, it can still slow enemies down, but after a few stacks, COMPLETELY frozen the enemy for a few seconds.
  8. All of his kit need a revamp, some more than others for sure. But like you said, they aren't good enough.
  9. Hi, this is probably the 100th post about Frost, but theres a reason, he NEEDS a rework immediatly. Here's why, i'll try to make this organized... Keep in mind that all the stats below are related to the Prime variant. Low Energy Pool Frost right now has a pool of 150, 425 with Primed Flow. And to make it somehow enjoyable you'll need a lot of energy, also, to make it strong and capable of remove armor, you'll need to put all 3 Umbral mods, or kill your efficiency, making it cost 155 energy per cast. Snow Globe is bad Snow globe build, one of the most common b
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