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  1. Yeah can we like get a fix for kavat energy colour not showing up as what we select when using the moonless kavat skin, i made a forum post about it and you guys literally just archived it for no reason without so much as even a response, or acknowledgement that the issue is there, and its really starting to irritate me, especially when other players have told me directly they have the exact same issue. Top image being what im trying to select. and the bottom the incorrect coloring the game is applying. this bug has persisted since last year PLZ fix this its really annoying, especially when it worked just fine before.
  2. I have a kuva arkgun with the crit chance mod it has 70% crit chance.
  3. Would love to get a fix, for kavat energy colours not appearing properly, when applied on the Moonless kavat skin anytime soon plz?
  4. Can we also get a fix for Kavats getting perma stuck in place on certain doorways of certain tile sets, kind of getting annoying...
  5. Fix the performance issues plz, my RTX 2070 super was running the game just fine on all ultra before this update, now its lagging out, you guys need to do something to optimise the new particles and re-optimise all the maps this is pretty much unplayable now.
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