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  1. This kavat here by default, has a sorta of white colour with a very faint blue tint, like a Teal colour, and its moonless default colour is the anti moa purple colour, but even when selecting the natural colour it turns pure white.
  2. So my issue is as follows, before when i selected my kavats tertiary colour using the gene masking with the Moonless kavat skin, the glowing bits on the skin would generally change pretty close to the selected colours, but the problem i'm having now is, when i select the colour and it does a preview before i click accept, the colour looks normal in the preview, but once i click accept the colour basically gets washed right out and generally becomes completely white or excessively bright, and this has been a problem within the last couple of patches. This is the Darvo purple i want to apply to my kavat. Top image being the state of preview and it working correctly, bottom image colour being shown to get severely washed out and not working. So could you like fix this issue plz? or just let us change our pets energy colour like we do with warframes, Sentinels, and weapons? heck we can change an operators energy colour directly, and they are a 100% flesh and blood being, so why is the excuse that we can't directly change a Kubrow or kavats energy colour, because its a living creature, evena valid statement, when your Tenno, aka operator is basically a human being and you can change their eye colour energy colour and heck even gender on a whim, so why can't we change a kavat or kubrows energy colour, and plz do not say its for diversity.... being gated to like 7 to 9 colours is not diverse, having access to every single colour from every single colour pallet used on warframes is infinitely more diverse. Regardless, plz fix this bug.
  3. Still no fix for Garudas dread mirror not showing its duration when you recast and still have dread heart, wonder how much one has to shove something down DE's throat till they fix a bug.
  4. Still need a fix for Garudas Dread mirror not displaying its duration when recasting with a dread heart that hasn't been thrown aswell as a bug that causes ur stance mod to deactivate when a host migration occurs
  5. Still waiting for a fix on Garudas Dread mirror not showing its duration if you recast it and still have a dread heart
  6. Can we plz get a fix for Garudas Dread mirror duration not showing on the dread mirror icon, when you recast Dread mirror when you already have a dread heart that you have not thrown yet, its very annoying.
  7. You know what DE, STOP nerfing crap, if you are just going to nerf stuff just freaking remove the item in question permanently, nerf rivens, oh look not good enough, nerf again, oh look still not good enough? NERF again, and yet you people don't do anything about the scammers claiming their riven are worth 5000 plat just because it belongs to them, seriously nerf rivens one more time, you better just delete them from the game period.
  8. Any possible fix for Octavias Resonator causing enemies to no longer shoot ur mallet when its being carried, and the damage being virtually zero as a result.
  9. Mind fixing the bug that when you have a host migration, it causes your melee weapons Stance mod to change to no stance and you can't do your melee combos anymore for the rest of the mission.
  10. Still no fix for Zephyrs tornadoes not being able to transfer ur damage to enemies when you shoot the tornadoes unless ur host huh?
  11. Still waiting for you guys to fix Zephyrs tornadoes not transfering crits from your weapon to the enemies caught inside when you shoot the tornado, when you arent host, because it only functions when you are host, ive only bicked about it for 3 weeks now.......
  12. Still no fix to Zephyrs tornadoes functionality being restricted unless your host, Seriously am i the only one who has this bug or something? I'm going to keep complaining about this bug until it gets fixed.
  13. Again, Still absolutely nothing addressing the bug that makes Zephyr absolutely unplayable because you can not damage enemies trapped inside your tornadoes by shooting the tornadoes, unless you are physically the host, should i just go and sell my Zephyr prime then, since DE will clearly never fix this bug?
  14. Still no fixes for Zephyrs tornadoes being bugged out and you can't damage enemies who are trapped in your tornado with your weapons unless you are physically the host huh?, ive only been complaining about this horrendous bug for a full week now.
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