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  1. Same issue here. They join, follow me around while contributing absolutely nothing, then leave.
  2. Could you please, at least acknowledge the mountain of feedback that isn't related to cyan stars? All you have to do is tack on "We are still reviewing your other suggestions, stay tuned." There are plenty of things that people are equally or more upset about in your post. Naming the auras that some of us are having issues with and leaving it at that, just makes it seem like you've moved on. Community feedback should be a priority.
  3. I have no idea what that phrasing is supposed to mean, but I did my own testing and found that increased charge attack speed does exactly what it's supposed to do. It is however, less noticeable on glaives and gunblades than it is on the Zenistar or Wolf Sledge for example. You're absolutely right about it having no effect on glaives in dual wield mode though. Regarding Melee 3.0, I have no earthly idea why they would propose an aura that increases charge attacks if they're going to be phased out. Sounds like either a miscommunication with the playerbase, or the proposed aura effect was an oversight.
  4. I appreciate the proposed changes to incentivize playing arbitrations that aren't just excavation or disruption. There are, however, some things I feel I should give feedback on, even if it's just a shortened reiteration of what most people are already saying. First and foremost, please clarify this. I think I understand what it's meant to convey, but it's got everyone's heads spinning. 75% of 2000 endo = 1500 endo. That would make it a possible 3k endo per 10 minutes in survival or defense, as opposed to 2k, given the increased frequency. Right? I hope the same doesn't apply to excavation and disruption. Probably just beating a dead horse at this point, but all that is just diluting the reward table. Please don't include them as part of the game mode itself. There, I said it, now I can move on. An idea I'll throw out there is adding something in place of the Seeding Step Ephemera Blueprint if it's already been acquired once. It might take a bit of effort as far as coding goes, so a simpler solution would be to have the option to trade extra blueprints at the Arbiter Offerings for Vitus Essence or Endo. The new rewards themselves I am deeply disappointed with. One or two of them I have mixed feelings about. Verticality: + Aim Glide / - Damage Taken while Airborne Inadvertently messes with the flow of everyone's parkour / Another Aviator for Titania, Hildryn, and Zephyr, if anyone still uses her. Wicked Strikes: + Faster Charge Attack / + Combo Counter Only useful for glaives, gunblades, Zenistar, and dare I say... the Caustacyst / Potentially very useful if the duration is high enough, might just spare you a mod slot on your melee weapon. Loyal Herd: + Companion HP / + Companion Armor (Enhanced Vitality, Link Health, Pack Leader, Medi-Pet Kit, Repair Kit, Synth Deconstruct / Metal Fiber, Link Armor, Synth Fiber) While I agree that some companions have more difficulty surviving in higher level content, this doesn't seem necessary unless the values are high enough. Bloodletter: -HP on kill for self / +HP on kill for Allies What? Why? This is just obscene. My first impression is that it will just help people AFK. Thinking on it further, it seems like the fastest way to die next to bringing a self damage weapon. We definitely need more information on this. Bladed Restraint: - Melee Combo on Self / + Melee Combo on allies I don't see this working unless you're on a coordinated team, otherwise it just gives the rest of the squad + combo duration that their either already have a sufficient amount of, or don't need at all. Here are some aura ideas so I'm not just griping without providing alternatives: + x% reload speed Critical hits provide + x% ability efficiency (That's all I can think of off the top of my head, might post more if they surface.) On Rifle Kill: Melee damage increased by x for y seconds Only useful for low crit melee weapons, given the existence of Arcane Fury, but definitely interesting. On Melee Kill: Rifle damage increased by x for y seconds This one has the potential to be more useful than Arcane Rage. On Pistol Headshot: x% ammo efficiency for y seconds If I'm ever worried about ammo economy, I bring Carrier or Pax Charge. On Six Melee Kills: Heal companion by x There is no reason to include this with the existence of Pack Leader or Synth Deconstruct On Heavy Weapon Summon: Gain x armor for y seconds Useful for Profit Taker and Profit Taker only, y'know, unless you're Chroma. Outside of Profit Taker, heavy weapons just aren't worth using because they're outclassed by primaries, secondaries, and melee. When a pistol is more powerful than a minigun, there might be an issue. Some alternatives: On Critical Hit, 40% chance for +100% reload speed to shotguns for 8 seconds (basically Arcane Momentum for shotguns, but since Primed Tactical Pump probably won't be a thing anytime soon, I figure it's worth a go) When damaged by slash or toxin status, x% chance to convert y% of shields to armor for z seconds On dodge, x% chance for +y% projectile flight speed for z seconds Perfection. I just hope the Kuva offering is actually worth it. Speaking of offerings, can we get another boost in damage reduction on Cautious Shot, or just have it remove self damage entirely? We already have to sacrifice a mod slot for it.
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