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  1. On Earth, only the host earns event XP for the emblem rewards. On the away team, only the host earns Scarlet Credits. Are you kidding me...
  2. Oh, one more thing... If we're forced to deal with self-induced stagger, why should the enemy be immune to it?
  3. You're super late to the party, but I agree with this 110%.
  4. Cautious shot doesn't do what's advertised. What it says: +90% chance to reduce the Stagger effect from self-imposed Radial Attacks. How it actually behaves: Reduces the Stagger radius from self-imposed Radial Attacks. I tested this with the Kuva Bramma. Cautious Shot reduced the radius of Full Stagger from 10m to 6m. Even if the mod did work properly, how do you expect us to put it on an amp? Also, damage falloff for AOE weapons seems entirely unnecessary, but I doubt that will be reverted.
  5. While I believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to acquire Primed Chamber, the way DE went about it seems a bit lazy.
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