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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack shield stats seem to have been re-rolled or be mismatched. Before the patch, I had max-stat Zetki and Lavan MK3 shield arrays; I used the Zetki since I wanted high recharge & low recharge delay. After the patch, my Zetki MK3 Shield now has a recharge rate of 12% (while my Lavan array has 30%, on top of higher shields!). VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: It seems like the stats of my previously-maxed-out Zetki shield was re-rolled with the patch, or the values for the recharge rate of of them
  2. Hello! Apologies if there is a better bug report thread to post this in, but I encountered an issue with today's Dev Stream drop. For my timezone, the stream started at 1pm. I joined at 1:35 (and just hoped it'd go a few minutes over) I wasn't constantly checking progress, but around 1:50 I was at least 60% of the way there (looking all good) Checking at around 2:03 ish, the drop progress had become only 3% No further progress was made for the remainder of the stream It seems like at 2pm, the progress on the drop reset, and shortly thereafter stopped entirely. Not s
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