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  1. the only frame that i use that sprints is volt any other frame bullet jumping is way faster than sprinting
  2. come on the console players got jovian concord recently they have content to do why does it have to be synced now?
  3. i dont care if they dont implement if for the intermission but for the love of everything holy please give better prestige reward theres no point in doing all the challenges to prestige if all we are getting is 15 cred its a bad joke tbh
  4. the mode itself is intresting but the rewards are trash total hexenon need to craft wisp plus new weapons is 2100 after that i dont really see the point in running this game mode other than for the clan leaderboards after the operation i dont really see myself running this mode in the future if the rewards dont change Edit. post hotfix they doubled the amount of hexenon that you get for the rotation of this mode that doesnt really save this mode tbh i already got enough hexenon to build everything that requires it and there are far faster way to farm the relics in the drop table why not axi and or kuva ? i really do like this mode and i dont want to see it die like defection this mode has so much potential and i just wish the rewards were better and not so stingy
  5. so no changes to the abysmal prestige rewards huh? cant wait to get those 15 creds
  6. I literally dont know why they removed perma death they created arbitrations as an "endgame" mode right why is it catering to casuals ? everything is "too hard" so DE caters to their needs it seems like the revive thing is gonna only hurt people who are good enough to stay alive while casuals just wait to be revived sigh and the rewards are also meh at least give some kuva (doesn't have to be alot) or like a random veiled riven or something
  7. its crazy that there is still no in game market place with this kind of info but this is a very good first step by DE
  8. its happening casuals are complaining about the difficulty of challenges and asking for changes smh 40 waves of defense is not even hard sigh
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