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  1. IF you complain about the drops, you miss the point. Shouldn't you be complaining about how you don't notice the inability to appreciate the hard work and incentive the devs are throwing into the game for you?
  2. Breasts are FINE. Give us more of what we luv!
  3. the quest is available for murder in your terminal. Get yourself to the "redo" option, to murder those murdering murderers who just murder everything non murdery!
  4. if twitch drops were to happen, perhaps the European person would get them at midnight of their time. perhaps would get it 6pm. perhaps everyone would just benefit towards a more filled inventory by tuning in an hour prior of when the stream starts, as I heard in the last livestream something about the timing being set to give at a hour before the stream starts. twitch has a chat bar that's constant. youtube has it for live videos only I think. somewhere theres a videosite that saves every chat for the moment in the video and allows everyone a message per video, something like 1 every 3 mins with only allowing 3-5 messages per video. TLDR you could log on twitch and try the chat for the drop, if you can. or log in and do something else and collect a drop then shut the url. I know im going to, but perhaps watching is something i'll also do this day. twitch.tv/bornsvg mixer.com/Bornsvg *still working on my signature, maybe
  5. *First (at fourth pg) So now that we need operators more, the devs finally decided skins would be moreover most of all appropriate for an additional benefit to gameplay. -New weapons at all? -Twitch.tv/BornSvg Insta @BornSvg
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