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  1. I have found a trial & error half working work-around. I noticed when I go into the doorway to the plains, it will allow ppl to connect to me as part of my squad. These ppl get dumped like I left squad and then I am switched to offline mode. Just playing around, I walked into the doorway & the usual 2 or 3 ppl join, but this time, I hit esc. & chose "leave squad". I then went into the plains and got to play my 1st squad bounty in about a month. It worked a second time too. So if you are having this trouble, try to leave every squad until the doors open. This game is fun but man is it buggy on multi. Let me know how it goes.
  2. To be clear, this occours after getting off the elevator or the door where u go 2 do bounties. It only occours after the doors open. Within a few seconds, some1 would join normally, but with this offline thing, no one joins, ever.
  3. Oh yea im long done with konzo and his drama. Lol. Like i said this wasnt a problem until recently. I have completed tons of bounties, got a cyan zaw, guilded it. I had ppl joining every bounty every day until wisp update.
  4. Sam686, when i press invite button "+" that is when the error shows up. Btw the + is always missing as soon as i come out of the elevator even though i am set to public. Right out of the elevator im offline. I first noticed I wasnt getting auto squads (ppl randomly joining) on bounties, so i clicked where the + should be and that is when it says im offline. I tried to get a friend to join my squad b4 the elevator & it seperated us. I cant do eledons or terry's or high lvl bounties :(. This started around the time wisp warframe came out.
  5. Error (Displayed in title) is displayed on Vallis and Plains missions since the last couple of updates. It does this even if I am set to "Public." I can no longer play on the plains or vallis because I am forced into this offline solo mode. I have tried to do this off and on for about a week now. This nvr happened b4 that. I have never even seen an offline mode until recently. This is very disturbing for me because some things go in this game unfixxed. I love this game, but without the ability to upgrade amps and arcanes, I might as well quit even though I have put 100's of $ into buying plat. Pls fix this. Thx.
  6. I am not concerned with my pc specs, I know it can handle it. That is not the issue. The issue is the only way to circumvent warframe's "Connection to the Host has been lost" bug during multiplayer missions is to disable DX10. Are you fixing this issue? 90% of people using Dx 9 is because of your host bug. If you force me to use Dx 10 and 11 the least you could do is fix the reason I use dx9 to begin with.
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