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  1. The last update the day after posting this fixed the loading problem. I thought I should be vigilant and post here the problem is fixed.
  2. It is the same with me. I tried it in DX10 &11. I tried it with full screen and Windowed. I verified files and optimized them. This is a result of the update for sure. I was playing when the update came in and told me I had to exit and restart. I did and now it will not work after I press play. Win 7 8Gb Ram intel cor i5 2400 3.3Ghz x64 quad.all win updates installed.
  3. I am not concerned with my pc specs, I know it can handle it. That is not the issue. The issue is the only way to circumvent warframe's "Connection to the Host has been lost" bug during multiplayer missions is to disable DX10. Are you fixing this issue? 90% of people using Dx 9 is because of your host bug. If you force me to use Dx 10 and 11 the least you could do is fix the reason I use dx9 to begin with.
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