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  1. Seems fair imo everyone else can do boring things and call it fun...
  2. Even Anthem in its current state gets me to play more than Warframe after the melee and wolf updates, just saying..
  3. Wukong can turn into mist as well.. and we all know how great he is.
  4. Agreed even your comment is more fun than Warframe is after the wolf garbage.
  5. I'm still enjoying Division 2 more than Warframe and Anthem.
  6. The whole system is grind and garbage. Sorry i don't feel either in video games...
  7. Because gaming is suppose to be casual and entertaining.. Hardcore tryharding is neither fun or entertaining.. No way i'd ever spend money on hardcore grind crap.. Played enough Korean grinder mmos in my youth to never want grind ever again.
  8. I'm Actually loving Division 2 Way better than Anthem and Warframe.
  9. Completely agree i'm not sure how others can tolerate this new melee, i've just completely given up on Warframe now.. This melee, the loss of Alerts and the inane grind now just made Warframe no longer casual fun, i've not logged in since hildryn dropped sadly and haven't had any will to actually login anymore.. Losing the quick melee was dumb..
  10. Don't care its all bad, some wannabe Luke Cage clone.. I just turned it off.. when i played of course.
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