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  1. I like Titanis but only because of her one trick pony Dex Pixia.. the rest of her rework was terrible, honestly there seems to be a disconnect with how skills are on paper with how they perform in game.. Titanias 1, 2, 3 are really quite useless from trying them.. I guess the high level power creep just made so many frames skills pointless and to be frank useless.. they need to tone down the 80+ content as it makes the frames not work. Nyx while ok i've not found her rework to be all that fruitful, she feels even worse imo than she was before the rework.. her number 2 needs to just be spammable. And her number 4 should let her move around without the augment.. Nyx needs more health or more armor by default.
  2. Pretty much agree completely, this really shows a disconnect between actual real game and theory..
  3. Gotta say new Nyx is worse than old Nyx, shes pretty much DOA for me which is sad, unplayable now, and that passive of hers is not working at all or just too low to be useful.. I pretty much agree with most here on her skills, the 2nd skill the 6 is too low needs to be spamable as you cannot use it again until you find all 6 or turn it off (pointless or what) the other skills just don't work anymore to keep her alive at higher levels.. Spaming 3 isn't efficient to survive.. Honestly bit of a failure this update and her frame.
  4. Nyx sounds quite fun. Titania sounds really boring, sorry.
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