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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Deimos fish sometimes swims under the ground textures(NOT exocryn) VISUAL: NA REPRODUCTION: Randomly happens while fishing, using fish dye suggested to see the fish clearly through textures EXPECTED RESULT: Fish either flies over the exocryn or swims in it, but doesn't fall under the ground OBSERVED RESULT: Fish hides under the ground and you can chase it 30 meters afar the nearest exocryn river/lake without any possible way to hit it REPRODUCTION RATE: ~10% ?
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: in toxin survival stage at Vault Deimos Bounty, Infested carrying anti-toxin started spawning on the other side of the door that blocks your path VISUAL: NA REPRODUCTION: Randomly on Vault Bounties EXPECTED RESULT: They all must spawn in the area you have to survive in OBSERVED RESULT: Some of the enemies been either stuck in textures or stayed behind the closed mouth-door REPRODUCTION RATE: ~30% ?
  3. Also you can buy them again from Simaris after you obtained them once if I'm not mistaken. Same as quest Warframes'n'stuff Sorry for russian on screens though
  4. What's the point in those Prime Vaults if you only drag back from them only the first-oldest Primes? Nor Steve, the Game or your audience might live up to the moment when this looped queue will get to said Zephyr prime for example. You're just locking content away from players for no real reason, forcing them to trade for it instead of playing and getting it themselves most of the time.
  5. >Added Ether Daggers to Simaris’ Offerings for players who might have sold theirs. DO THIS WITH CONVENTIONAL MACHETTE FOR GOD'S SAKE
  6. Recently I was just farming Garuda parts for Helminth, and I didin't get a single piece, because if I was able to complete a single bounty, reward for it was completely the same everytime. All I've got is handfull of bugs: 1. Two or three times the Coil Drive in "Coil Drive Hack" remained in invulnerability after I hacked it's console. Don't really know why, but I think it's because of location or something because everytime this happened near that orokin tower in front of Fortuna exit. In other places everything was ok, but one thing is that Operator's Vazarin did nothing to it, I know DE
  7. OR DE could just move them to their own unlockable "switches" for configs. Mistificators don't need capacity, aren't they? Why augmentations still are mods, same as pet & companion abilities in general.
  8. Bwahahahah, too late for that. Rivens are already in the game.
  9. Now when DE started that trend for revisiting & reworking stuff, I have a few Ideas mostly connected to the Interface and contacting with players. Warframe is a Coop game in the first place, despite coop being completely optional for most of the Chad-veteran players, and that's why I think that DE need to improve both text chat and ways for fast silent communications. Best they can do for the text chat is: small popup window with compact info on the Player if you click on his nickname, to free you from need of checking all the guys profile one at a time(with all the loading)
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