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  1. So since DE changed the design of the orbiter there is one sligthly problem the metalic part is only on the very front and on the main room with foundry etc... on the two back room there is no metallic part so when i put a yellow of the orokin palatte on the "tertiary" wich btw doesn't make sence and should be on the "accent" part like prime frames the Non métallic part get this ugly yellow are DE planning in fixing this or maybe is there a redesign for the other two room so it match ?
  2. Maybe my question is dumb but why are they frames that can make impact liches but there is none who can make slash or puncture one ? is there like any difference beetween impact procs and Slash/Puncture procs ?
  3. Xarcir

    Simulacrum Access

    Fast ? yes derictly from the orbitor ? no i wanna click on one thing boom dercetly ther not have to go trought 2 loading screen or 3
  4. Xarcir

    Simulacrum Access

    Please DE, Give us a way to get into simulacrun directly from the orbitor.
  5. All my hate brother all of it i could have used those plat for a better purpose
  6. So let me get this straight,i spend 40 plats to get this avionics so i could have a decent railjack and now they remove it from the game ? tell me DE how much do you hate your players ?
  7. Thanks for the info i'll keep it in mind next time 🙂
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