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  1. I followed them with the archgun but finish them with the melee weapon so i got them scanned with the melee weapon mod that scan
  2. yeah, yeah, im dumb and its my fault... but i were asking and we are a lot of dumb people around (?) When you go to the "scrap" menu in the avionics of your Railjack you can Scrap the Avionics you were saving or even the avionics you are using... without noticing at all. Not only the game doesnt warn you that you have that thing equiped, so you probably like it or need it... but also they almost look all the same, the upgraded and the not upgraded ones. The visual impact you had in the mods were you can easily see wich ones are upgraded you totally lack it here were you have a UI with almost all the same colour and a number between brackets. Sugestion: - Let us "lock" desired avionics to avoid selling it - Give a warning when someone is trying to mark for scraping an equiped avionics. Thanks.
  3. We can STILL use a new Vacuum here. In the middle of a battle you have two options: - Using the same ammount of time you needed to defeat the enemy trying to find where they ships exploded after all the dramatic going around they do when you kill them - Follow every ship you kill one by one and wait till they explode before going to kill the next one And you DONT DARE to use the Misile Volley, you probably wont even find a lot of the loot you couldnt track. We have maps hundreds of times bigger in a linear way... but we have to go loot up and down also, so we probably have a few THOUSANDS times more space to cover when looting... and if you go too fast with your archwing you wont get the items, or with your slow AF ship wich will end up using all his booster in a few meters and also having to pass item by item to loot them. Sugestions: - New Vacuum system: if you dont want to upgrade the loot ranges too much (cause seems like that in the hotfix you made), at least give a new Archwing Mod and Avionics that REALLY increase the vacuum range. So, if you want to "bargain" some stats on you battle side for some loot power (maybe in a easy map you want to farm or something like that) you dont have to go and step over every item dropped. - Recover some of the "energy transfer" system you showed to us: maybe after you finished a mission you could transfer all your shields and weapons energy to you engine so, at least for the afterbattle looting you have "infinite" boosting with the Railjack. - Maybe a "Loot Sonar" that you can use to mark the loot like the enemy ships so you can find the loot wich can be all over the map. Something like, you use it, it goes and marks the loot in space in a wide range so you can go get it. Maybe the marks can show the item "colour" (mods, wreckage, resources, rare resources) and keep the marks for 10-30seconds so you can check it without making you crazy looking everywhere and then dissapear till you use the sonar again. Sorry for the things that doesnt look like writen in english, i did my best... i have to sleep. I noticed the potential of this content, i hope you manage to show it at its full.
  4. I would like a "lock" for the avionics... i scraped my armour mod T_T
  5. How to get high life: farm, upgrade the mods, the mod slots and the part that gives life (wich are rushing a lot cause most the repaired parts are worst than the ones you can research in your dojo, but you would have to wait 3days per part to research) ... but also about the Sedna reference, you cant choose on there between your 10minutes frame or your 1k hours modded Archguns with rivens and fully modded Archwing wich can become invulnerable... I never said is IMPOSIBLE to do mission with the railjack, i said is easier and faster doing it leaving the railjack behind and farming with the archwing or the stolen crewship. Also, as you said, someone noticed "that high" HP railjack with 5k and you can stole an almost indestructible 20k hp Crewship with homing missiles :S Now is "wow ez archwing win", what im asking is something that, at least, needs the railjack to be done :S Finishing Saturn and still, if you leave your railjack back enough before engaging the enemies, they wont go to kill the railjack... so you still can do it like a "heavy" archwing mission and the railjack is only a big Uber.
  6. Railjack: i liked the ship gameplay. The issue: is annoyning AF cause it last 10seconds between a critical failure. Why: enemy crewships have 20k health and your railhack... 1k without avionics, 2k with, maybe a little more in the future. The thing is... in the future mission (i assume) they will hit harder, so it will be something like it. So, what is doing a lot of people to go further unlocking missions, even when it isnt the most funny way to do it (cause, really, the ship gameplay is kindof fun, i will repeat that): going solo. You go solo, hide your railjack far from the objetive and do one of two things: -Heavy archwing gameplay, do everythings with the archwing having 6 lives but avoiding all the railjack mechanic (making Railjack content a "dificult" archwing mission) - Use your archwing till you get the first crewship and then... kill everything with a ship that cannot be boarded, recieve around four to six damage per hit and have 20k+ health... then destroy the generator and go boarding and destroying gens till you clear the mission. Then you dont have to worry about a paper railjack, a troll crew (afks, never leaving hosts that makes you abort and lose everything, people who go farm rocks and let you in a solo like but carrying, etc) and failing. What i think can be improved: - make a sturdier railjack, improve his base health and armour. The repairing mechanics isnt that bad, having to do it every 10 seconds is. - after making the railjack usable, make fighters resilient to the archguns and weaker to the railjack weapons to favor doing the things the way they were intended. - add solo extraction after a mission is complete, you shouldnt have to be forced with a group. extra: if you add a heavy coordination content and we still cant kick someone who dont give a sheep about the mission, PLEASE add at least in this mode a votekick option. I even got my ship kidnapped by a "teammate" who went in the oposite direction and we cannot pickup the dirac at that moment. Well, i hope it gets better. Still i will repeat myself, i liked it a lot when i got with a crew who wanted to do the things right... but then i got three guys who went into the archwing and left me with all the ship things and went solo even when i liked the group content. Not everytime you would get a premade group, think about that too. Thanks and i (L) u guys, keep up the good work.
  7. I reached the mission were it ask you to kill the captain of the enemy cruiser. When i went inside the ship, it told me "he wasnt on board", i finished all other the objetives and the mission never finished... we had to let us killed to leave it.
  8. Are two small lights in the Nidus room that if you walk in the right angle will flash all your screen for a sec like someone taking a picture with flash in from of your face.
  9. He should, at least, drop a piece of the weapon every time you do it, like every boss do with their respective weapon/warframe. Having to do the three other maps only to do the boss and get, literaly, nothing. Not good, not funny DE.
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