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  1. I dont agree, frames are really strong without the pasives of other schools. If you want Madurai's extra damage or Vazarin's extra armor, you HAVE to lose something. Why would you use Zenurik (wich advantage is the energy) if you could get energy in every other school + something else? For the people who dont want to use Zenurik are Energy Pizzas who arent that expensive but, ofc, if you want to spam them everywhere ... it will cost you. The problem isnt not having energy gain from other schools, the problem is rely to much on Zenurik when you can use Arcane Energize, Equilibrium, bring
  2. While you can be 10 years farming something for the stalker, maybe someone got it multiple times in a month. That why you cant get a significant amount to do the math, but even then while chances differs from 0, it can happen and with that many people playing, it WILL happen to someone. I dont care for the stalker's drop, isnt necesary. But Atmo systems are locking content behind RNG doors and, how i said, chances differs from 0 so you might take a lot of time to farm thoose and you really NEED them.
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