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  1. When i will be able to save my password to login? Maybe some kind of "is a safe PC" option to check before but i want to keep it saved... Is not much of a time save, but also idk why isnt implemented. Probably the only game that makes me remember my password (?
  2. I just went trough the Zone portal on ESO at the time the host left the mission and this was the result: the image after going trough never went back to normal and this i what i had left till i lost cause, also, i was sent back to the previous map (so even in this way i killed every monster left but anyone respawned). This could be a new Nightmare modifier (?)
  3. So they found an easier way to do it other than kill and hide for 5min? Well, if they didnt save time at least i didnt feel like i "wasted" that many hours 😛 Where is the BanHammer?
  4. I just put one ball in the floor and kick it to see if they move... But i didnt expect to see... THE KAVAT RUNING BEHIND IT AND ATTACKING IT! My friends logged off the discord, i cannot belive what i was seeing... THE KAVAT PLAY WITH THE BALL?!!?!?!?!? Move away cleanbot, let space for the ball who REALLY interacts with the Kavat
  5. You should discount the things we already have from a Pack. I would buy the pack, but if i have things wich are in i dont want to pay for having them again.
  6. I asked and it seems we are getting something like it: So, you deserve to get my money (? Keep up the good work DE, that's my feedback, you are breathtaking 🙂
  7. When will the meteorite fall? :( Im bored with this sh1ty NW placeholder :(
  8. WASTING 3 formas on things i probably use once a year to get 3 Orokin Cells... thanks, but no thanks. But to be honest, THIS Nightwave looks like a kind of "placeholder" Nightwave, something so people dont keep asking for the nightwave. Just activate the dmn meteorite thing so i have something different to do at least y.y
  9. 3 Orokin Cells as a price? Cmon guys you can do better. Is almost like a mocking move u.u
  10. "We would like to add some Ephemeras wich you unlock by doing something special, like an Eidolon Ephemera after capturing 100 Eidolons" And then, you only have to level up 15 levels of the second nightwave... Idk, still is everything free to all, nothing to work for it.
  11. Will you add an spy rotation for the planets so we dont get the same 3 always? Could be a good change to avoid being so repetitive, mostly during the farm for things like Ivara, Harrow or some spy mods.
  12. Aura Forma - Any aura on any frame "And the grind begins... again"
  13. When i reached the lvl 30 of this Nightwave i was wondering till that point if it will give 50 creds every level... would be too much and i dont need that many Nintain (?)For thoose who doesnt know, it gives 15 Wolf Cred every level after you reached the lvl30. So... i went back and check the credits we got during the first round of leveling and they are 6 of 50, so 300 Wolf Credits, "like" gaining 10 per level but NOT gaining 10 per level, 50 every certain ammount of levels. Well, that comes my point: one of the complains with the credits was "i used on that XXXX and the next week i got that skin i didnt know will come, and have to wait three levels to get more (wich should take no more than a week) but other times, even if you need only 5 Wolf Credits, you might have to wait two weeks (in the levels were the creds have five or six levels in between) to get the 5 creds you were missing. My sugestion: next Nightwave (if it keeps that name) give Creds every level with the awards we already got and add six other prices for the slots where credits were. Im not even asking GREAT awards for thoose slots, in fact, i dont care. Just give 10 Wolf Credits (probably wont be "Wolf" but whatever) and, in the end, you have delivered the same ammount but avoiding thoose moments where you wont gain a single credit for one or two weeks, weeks in what you cant buy ANYTHING unless you already have all the skins or were managing the credits. Nothing too crazy, i hope the next Nightwave have it in this way or something similar to avoid those holes when looking for XXXX Creds.
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