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  1. And! I didnt get a single Credit in the mail for achieving victory in the flotilla...
  2. Well, at least, i was missing "something", but now that makes me think... When it gets repaired, what makes people help? Couldnt they get 1 kill code, go back to the flotilla and wait till the rest complete the points and AFK farm? Why everything grindy always fall in the AFK grind? (same happened with the water ballons event last time)
  3. I heard DE said a lot of times they DONT want content to be repetitive and grindy, so i might me losing something in here. Being generous, being in a little more than 30min mission gives about 2.5k SS points... and the badges rewards are starting at 10k (2.5 hours of the same defense gameplay without counting getting a team or doing less than the full 17 waves) and ending at 50k (13h+ of the same mission again, and again, and again) So, i should be missing something or this is repetitive and grindy mission that makes you do the same for 15 hours to get 3 emblems? 10 hours of grind for each weapon? (even prime versions you can get faster than that) Idk, looks like a lot... and all of that, again, with a team that can do it fully for more efficient gains.
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