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  1. 20 hours ago, Tomppak said:

    As stated before - an example build, please?

    sorry my post got deleted by moderators, i can't reply.

    15 hours ago, DeMonkey said:

    Says the guy ignoring the fact that multishot also increases how many shots can proc status. Since the Sonicor is a pretty decent status weapon I would assume you'd want to take advantage of that, no? I think that's a pretty good non damage reason.

    You can also add fire rate/reload etc after multishot and still have the same effect whilst having higher damage than your current build.

    Most of my replies here must be approved of moderator, so reasoning will be hard.
    But De monkey, that's exactly the reason why i dont use multishot, i just want to keep enemies in check and not killing them.
    And i'm pretty sad here that all the people here insulted me yet i'm the one that got a warning point :/
    Now will this post get posted? let's see ...

  2. 5 hours ago, DeMonkey said:

    Mathematically multishot's damage multiplier is applied after all other calculations, thereby making it the greatest mathematical change that the weapon's damage output undertakes.

    I have yet to see you provide a single valid example that means that we're all idiots for using multishot all the time, would you please do so or stop spouting misinformation.

    You guys aren't idiot, it's just that all of your reasonings are blatantly overused and later on will mislead people onto using it nonstop instead.
    Like I already stated above (which you guys ignore, or dont understand), that adding more firerate on a sonicor actually helps more than multishot, WHY? because it reduces the interval between shots and adding more active blast radius, therefor, if a new enemy shows up, it will immediately stagger or ragdoll them. Or even adding ammo mutation and reload speed helps more than damage. Its suppose to be a utility weapon.

    There's nothing wrong adding multishot on some weapons, but you guys are blinded by it and damage mods, making it somewhat the holy grail of mandatory weapon mods, because... YOU GUYS DIDN'T CALCULATE ALL THE FACTORS, Therefor your reasonings are only as valid on Damage builds.

    Now you guys here are making me shake my head stating that i'm pretending, trolling, joking....
    What? Do you want me to tell you That E=mc^2 isn't actually the original equation and should only be used for constant variables? Likewise with our reasoning, using only what the game told you will only get you so far.

    And maybe the moderator should lock this thread as there are so many insults >_>

  3. 2 hours ago, (PS4)UltraKardas said:

    You are pretending to know what you are talking about and you don't, And you won't take a hint. And you call me biased? Nice to meet you pot. Im Kettle.

     I can't comprehend how foolish you're saying i'm "pretending". As an undergraduate of technique of physics, who measures ballistics, redundancy in energy transfer, statistics over time, and calculus, i think YOU'RE the one who's biased ( biggest damage bias instead of actual proof of statistics), ignorant, which is IRONIC. While me, actually uses multishot on pretty much 80% of my build, and actually SOME DON'T. And i already stated my reason why, and you're just explaining things that pretty much most people in this community knows, which is like the most basic of reasons.

    You'll probably ignore me again knowing you snip out my previous post.

  4. 5 hours ago, (PS4)UltraKardas said:


    You are still wrong :P A sonicor can get upto 180% multishot. means that you will always fire 2 bullets and 80% of the time you are firing three bullets. Fire rate is an increase in damage with the downside of running out of ammo sooner. Multishot on a sonicor gives you double to triple the damage and ragdolls enemies even harder with no downside except that it takes up mod slots. My lex prime on the other hand fires 2-3 bullets which with my crit build is easily one of my strongest weapons. Fire rate is also useless on some weapons like the Brakk as there's no real way to fire a gun faster. But throw on multishot on a brakk and go have fun killing everything. 


    When you can match my damage numbers with a gun that doesn't have multishot I might believe you, But I don't see that happening

    At first you have a point on damage, now youre embarassing yourself by showing how illiterate you're. I won't discuss any further since you're the most biased person i have discussed with in my life. But i guess you play on PS4 so you don't really have that big of an option of rebinding keys, hence i will tolerate your blabbering.

  5. 6 hours ago, (PS4)UltraKardas said:

    On your example it would depend how much mow much damage "the strongest bullet" does versus the weaker bullet. My vectis prime did 114 million damage just a few posts up. also a 10,000 rpm weapon would run out of ammo very quickly, making it rather useless. It also depends how you are building your weapon. Do you want a raw damage gun? do you want a status proc gun? do you want a crit oriented gun? In all scenarios, Multishot would be the second strongest mod.


    I mod most of my guns for either mass destruction (sancti tigris with punch through) or high single target damage ( vectis prime, lex prime) There's no real point for me to add other mods like fire rate to just use more bullets to kill the same enemy


    That's where you guys got it wrong, "same enemy". And i didn't even say anything about the ammo pool on weapons, You just literally come to the conclusion that "fire rate = useless". Next up you're probably gonna be telling me you use energy siphon on all your warframe? 4 CP? carrier prime? If you only think in the factors about those kind of things in the game that babysits you through level 100+, And you just shoot your way through, you got it all wrong. Not every mission is the same, not every person is the same. And just like what you said, you either mod for two things, which is fine for you but not everyone.

    The best example is sortie, Mission like interception pistol only, you can use your lex prime or any destructive things but here i am soloing them using sonicor with fire rate, literally gapping in the delay between ragdoll.
    OR even low level mission where you actually need those high rpm weapons and not just press 4 to win speedrun.

    There are really no "better" or "mandatory" mods.

  6. 1 hour ago, DarcnyssWolfe said:

    Mind giving us an example as to when one should substitute multi-shot for something else, assuming all the core mods for a build (2x dual status/both crit/non-corrupt base damage mod).

    Barring the Simulor and Lethal Torrent, there is no situation where substituting Multi-shot for another mod will not be less efficient. Status? More chance to proc. Crit? More chances to crit. Raw damage? High chance (or guarantee) to double both your base AND elemental damage. Now yes, if you're lacking a mandatory mod from the weapon (not enough points yet or bad/s&g build) certain mods can be more useful than multi-shot, but rarely. In a fully modded weapon, multi-shot will always be present in its current state, again barring the Simulor and Lethal Torrent.

    Seems like people here favors modding damage or DPS. If that's the case then i give up in explaning. 

    May this question open up the mind (or confuse) of those who keeps using the same Min-Max/multishot everywhere meta: " Which one is better? a 10000RPM gun that shoots the weakest bullet? or a 60 RPM gun that shoots the strongest bullet?" Now don't take it seriously, mostly it doesn't make sense but guess which one is the answer.

  7. 24 minutes ago, DarcnyssWolfe said:

    At first I thought you were serious, now I believe we can all agree your just trolling. On topic, multi-shot is a near direct multiplier to all damage, similar to base damage. However similarly, the more you stack the less effective each mod is in total. However with current mod values you're generally better off with multi shot over more (already using the main base damage mod) base damage.

    You can believe in me or not in whatever you seem fit, but that doesn't change the fact that there are still mods that can replace multishot mods in terms of benefit.

  8. 3 hours ago, (PS4)UltraKardas said:



    Without Multishot mods its only around 30 million

    You don't understand statistics very well. Multishot doubles your damage 90% of the time and that's only on primary weapons. Shotguns get 120% multishot or double damage 100% of the time with 20% chance for even more. The Hek can get even higher numbers.

    Multishot makes everything stronger, as instead of 1 bullet dealing 2000 toxin damage you get 2 bullets dealing a combinded 4000 damage. Lets say the second shot crits and one bullet does 2000 damage the other bullet does 4000 damage, Thats pretty significant

    Nice try but that's not statistics, that's bias.

  9. 1 hour ago, (PS4)UltraKardas said:

    Do you understand how Multishot works?


    I don't think you do... Lets say you have a paris prime with max multishot, 90% of the time you are firing two arrows every time you shoot that deal the same amount of damag. Since Paris Prime can always crits you are shooting two arrows that both crit 90% of the time. Without the multishot you are only firing one arrow. You basically double your damage with multishot mods 90% of the time, and thats only on primary weapons. Shotguns get 120% multishot and secondary weapons get even more. You would be crazy not to use a multishot mod. I wish there was a melee version of multishot cause its only does everything. I'll explain it very simply. More projectiles fired = higher damage, Higher chance that projectiles will crit or proc status effects and higher chance of hitting a target (shotguns mostly). 


    Also try to avoid double negatives in a sentence as it is just sounds weird. Example: Your grammar is bad if you don't have a reason to not avoid avoid double negatives.

    I wish people here in warframe can understand simple math statistics instead of 1+1= 2 times damage. Even then running experiments ingame prove myself valid. And i think you're the one that misunderstood, I see nothing wrong with my statement before.

  10. 7 hours ago, rapt0rman said:

    I don't think "believe" works when it's all mathematically sound, that said, I'd love for them to give it some downsides so that there's ever a reason to not use it.

    Your mathematics are bad if you don't have a reason to not use multishot mods. The only thing that will make multishot an always beneficial upgrade is when there are unlimited amount of mod slots.

  11. 14 hours ago, Hemmo67 said:

    yeah but extra layer of shields still makes sense rather than extra layer of skin

    You keep implying that 3 times in this thread when i'm fine with it, but no constructive criticism on why OH should or should not be in the game. Posters like you ruin the game FYI.

  12. 1 hour ago, Hemmo67 said:

    OS makes sense. OH doesn't deal with it .-.

    Well then does getting ammo from thin air makes any more sense to you? I think you should judge OP by its balance standpoint and gameplay mechanic rather than commenting 'sense' in this out of the ordinary game.

  13. I was happy when i heard that the sound got a revert to its original but... it's definitely NOT the original. The sound is so thin, hollow.

    And there's a problem with it's audio mixing. From headphones, i can hear there are two firing sound, one in the left ear and one in the right ear. I'm not sure this is intended or a bug, but it is the only weapon to have this stereo seperation effect which is pretty annoying.

  14. 35 minutes ago, Hemmo67 said:

    over shield is simpler. it's just an extra layer of shield proctecting you but over health? this would mean u can generate excess flesh from thinair to get more protection :/

    doesn't make sense now does it?

    Stop with this sense thing in warframe, most of the things here doesn't make any sense.

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