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  1. Similar thing happened to me too, but without the ban. Ive done pretty much everything that is available in game, from mission types, to speedruns, to lvling up everything, to getting all gear and arcanes maxed, hundreds of HC, will probably never need to farm credits again, have enough plat and things to sell that it won't be an issue in the foreseeable future, bought most fashion that I liked both with plat and real $ for tennogen, got max standing with every syndicate and buying everything there, to all conservations, hundreds of arbitration essence, maxed helminth and all frames subsu
  2. I used to specifically run solo railjack missions on earth scavenging for resources because most of the time it was better, and personally I would recommend it for building up your railjack and getting some of those resources for foundry and helminth. You don't need anything special to do missions on Earth, granted you won't get a lot of affinity to level up your intrinsics either considering the low level of the enemies. So, 1. I would suggest you just trade for some of the more useful avionics, Bulkhead, Hull Weave, Cruising Speed, Particle Ram/Tether, Seeker Volley/Void Hole
  3. lol 🤣, you're right, I also used to sometimes take a kubrow over smeeta/other more useful companions just because I found it funny how Vengeful Chill would look on them.
  4. I already had bought everything a few hours before your message after realizing that these weapons were hidden from the lists, they are all cooking and should be done soon, so except for the two login ones I should have everything now. Also, wow! really appreciate all this fellow tenno😁! Its been a long time since I had to ask for any help in warframe, and seeing responses from you, @Chauvesouris and everyone else that tried to help and pitch in info makes me kind of proud to be part of this community (and a little nostalgic of those early days again😊).
  5. 7. Sheev 1/4 Thanks a lot! I'm just gonna go and look into every event weapon one by one on my own. (pretty annoying that those are just hidden and yet easily acquirable... but at least now I have my answer)
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! 1 Snipetron Vandal was hidden for some reason and I only had receiver and barrel, (will try to trade for the missing components right now) 2 Dera Vandal aslo hidden, same as above have 2/4 of the parts 3 Strun Wraith 1/4 4 Latron Wraith, 5 Karak Wraith, 6 Twin Vipers Wraith missing all 😮
  7. Only situation to pick panzer over smeeta is for arbitrations because, like warframes, pets also don't go into bleedout there and the panzer revives alot faster than the djin.
  8. Rush what, I was only asking what things I am currently missing which I can get/complete at the moment that are not shown in the ingame profile tabs.
  9. Thanks for the info, would you by any chance have an idea to which ones? My equipment tab only shows missing Azima and Sigma & Octantis.
  10. Steel Path progress is displayed right under Star Chart progress in the General Stats section of the Stats tab, I have 233/233 on both of them. Regarding the 466 vs 233, I assumed so too, until you look at the mastery points, which like I said earlier, didn't match up. If the writer just added them up together then the mastery points should have been 27501x2 too but instead it says 29002, so either the wiki is wrong or the ingame summary is wrong, and I can't go and delete the progress to test it out either. And this is just one example relating to this incomplete/hidden progress issue.
  11. Now that we are close to getting MR30 unlocked I thought about completing all I can towards said MR30, but my problem is that there are a lot of hidden things that give mastery points. I tried to look it up on the wiki but even there there seems to be conflicting information to what I have. (eg. I have 27501 points from missions, general stats says I have 100% progress with 233/233, but the wiki said it should be 29002 for 466 missions) So, does anyone know 1. if I'm missing anything still attainable (not excal prime, lato prime, etc.) 2. how I can find out what I'm still m
  12. A welcomed change, already looking a lot better:
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