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  1. Same issue here. My case: -it stopped opening the [esc menu] inside the orbiter after I skipped the weekly clip and exiting out of the nightwave instance after opening nightwave tab. -esc key still backs out of and closes all other menus opened from orbiter consoles normally. Workaround: -launch any mission from navigation console and just abort mission Edit: reproduction rate 5/5: -go into nightwave menu -enter any of the 3 scenes (so far) -skip cinematic -exit out of the scene without doing anything else
  2. I saw someone say that the shields were nerfed after the mega-revisit update where they added 25% dmg reduction and shield-gating. It was mentioned only here from what I could find but at that time I tried testing it out too and got similar results so I expected people to update the wiki and stuff but its been a month already so idk.
  3. TYPE:In-Game DESCRIPTION: Taking a crew ship down to 0 HP makes engines untargetable VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/xKD0qZZ REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: you should be able to destroy engines while the 0HP ship is disabled and not have to wait for it to heal back to half HP to be able to destroy them and kill half the crew OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE:
  4. 1. TYPE:In-Game DESCRIPTION: After fusing my equipped photor wing turret, UI wasn't saying where it was equipped anymore. Launched the mission and the photor became my nose turret and wasn't being animated properly in launch cutscene VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/T3ZsxYa REPRODUCTION: haven't tried it yet, don't have materials EXPECTED RESULT: fused item should stay in the equipped position after fusing and animate normally in cutscene OBSERVED RESULT: as seen in imgs REPRODUCTION RATE: can't reproduce it yet 2. TYPE:In-Game DESCRIPTION: When firing photor into munitions vortex a 3rd beam appears on the screen at a different angle than the two turrets VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/QrfNeEA REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: 3. TYPE:In-Game DESCRIPTION: You can still use a frame's ability 4 without it being unlocked by using it from the railjack VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/xIM52P1 REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: not being able to use a locked ability by using railjack tactical (don't really know if this is intended or not, just pointing it out in case its an oversight) OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: 4. TYPE:In-Game DESCRIPTION: The resource boost is either not working properly or its over-buffed, dunno, just felt really weird VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/arfOuGf REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: I don't really know what to think about this one but, even in the best conditions, getting 10 000 titanium on earth in 5 mins is a little over-buffed imo if there isn't a bug affecting it atm OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE:
  5. Pretty nice all-a-round changes, (besides the number of game-breaking bugs) I for one was one of the players that actually enjoyed railjack when it released and found it a nice change of pacing from normal mission combat. Most recommended things by people that talk about railjack seem too be that it takes too long to kill things, or enemies do too much dmg (regarding archwing it kind of was bullS#&$ that any maxed out build would get constantly one-shot in the veil, if you were using anything else than amesha, with almost no way to counter that), but in all honesty it felt that it was how things should have been... like you have 2 gunner seats that aren't used 99% of the time but complain that archwing does too little dmg to ships?... people complaining about resources but don't want to take the time to explore and gather them at the end of the missions?... It just feels like the people complaining about these things don't actually want to play that mode in the first place and feel that for some reason they need to keep playing it. Yes there are some things that aren't right with it like the UI stuff, fezzes, connection issues, archwing not really being integrated into the mode and not ready for railjack space combat, crew ships doing stupid amounts of unpreventable dmg to the railjack and everything else,etc. BUT the game loop, the mission, the island that is railjack isn't wrong. So things like *buffing archgun dmg too much would make the gunners and gunner seats obsolete, *reducing the number of things engineering has to do would make that branch more of a stat-stick than something people could actually consider doing, etc. are a detriment here because these suggestions come from people that don't want to play the mode and just want its rewards easier and faster. As for my suggestions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I was a big fan of FTL, could see the inspiration, and enjoyed Railjack even with the less polished things it came with so I really hope this (and future) revisit does the intended vision justice. Thanks for your hard work devs, and stay safe!
  6. Suggestion contains spoilers for people that have not finished The Second Dream quest yet.
  7. Passive: Blueprint in foundry can have components from different already existing frames at a penalty, for every other Broken warframe in the squad the penalty increases. Ability 1: Depends on the Neuroptics used in the building process eg. Wisp Neuroptics Reservoirs with 50% power strength Limbo Neuroptics, banish yourself and the enemies your target for 50% the normal duration Ability 2: Depends on the Chassis used in the building process eg. Loki Chassis gives 50% normal duration invis with 1.5x the energy cost Ivara Chassis, Navigator with 50% power strength and 1.5x the energy cost Ability 3: Depends on the Systems used in the building process eg. Chroma Systems Vex armor at double the cost Khora Systems, summon Venari for 100 sec Ability 4: Depends on the Focus school equipped in the load-out at the start of the mission eg. Unairu school, when activated warframe base armor and base hp increases by 10 for 10 sec and lasts 30 sec Zenurik, when activated warframe base max energy increases by 10 for 10 sec, all energy regeneration is increased by 20% while active, lasts 30 sec Madurai, when activated warframe move speed and all outgoing damage increases 10% for 10 sec, lasts 30 sec
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