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  1. Open missions> go to railjack> select a planet> select a void storm mission> move mouse. Its slight, but sometimes it can be a little annoying when you missselect a mission by moving the mouse too fast and forgetting that the menu moves in response to your mouse movements. I don't know if this was an intended feature for railjack or is actually a bug, but if its intended imo its kind of a bad design reminiscent of the good ol' days 1-2 decades ago when little joke programs and annoying viruses were going around were the close button would move the moment you mouse over it.🤣
  2. They're just in a world of their own, PvE warriors, so deep inside their echochamber that they probably don't even conceive that the vast majority of the playerbase don't care about those things.
  3. Cant wait to see what my 5k% Total Eclipse or 1k% roar nidus can get up to after this update drops. 😆
  4. OMFG finally some of the good stuff, whoever came up with these needs a raise! both the invigorations and the QOL additions to helminth. I just hope the stats don't just suck right off the bat on these (eg. GOLDEN INSTINCT limited to something dumb like a 25m radius- low range only viable if ability can be channeled with trigger when in range, else its not better than any basic limbo/xaku box breaker builds, also sabotage cache locker not included 😢, or PARASITIC ARMOR with 2:1 shield for armor conversion- needs to be better than Defy which also gives invuln time to see any use, HIDEOUS RESISTANCE with 2-3 sec duration -needs to be better than Spellbind (16 sec), btw Hearty Nourishment is still broken to this day for some reason🤣, etc.)
  5. Parazon changes seem to only matter for grin, most infested enemies regardless if they are elites on not are(have been and will probably be forever🤣) just cannon fodder except for some instances in deimos, but Jugulus, Saxum or Carnis aren't included in the elite list, and regarding the corpus... aren't corpus the same as infested? just more cannon fodder, also, yes always a good ideea it is to stop shooting and go close to Scrambus and Nullifiers. Only thing im looking forward in this is the potential Power Drain synergies on some niche builds.
  6. Pretty good, pretty good, was expecting heavier nerfs to melee but there still probably way stronger than anything guns can do. Heavy attack and builds (except for the glaives heavy nerfs) weren't touched which is a plus imo.
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