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  1. Yes and I thank you for your help, in fact when I say does not work is that they do not appear, they appear on mission but not in the front post of open worlds and in the dojo. I'm on Xbox, the only way I have is to make a video capture with my phone on my TV and I don't know how to transfer to this site
  2. I don't know how to insert an image from a URL It annoys me that DE hasn't been helping me for months
  3. Seriously it's on all EPHEMERA that I put on my operator none works on the front post of open worlds
  4. I did not give a name because it acts with all EPHEMERA no matter which one I choose
  5. I have been crying for several months for the EPHEMERA who do not appear in cetus, Fortuna, deimos and in the dojo. ''I'm tired of doing posts and not seeing that anything is done'
  6. As soon as I leave my warframe as an operator I can not see the ephemeras on any of the locations like cetus, deimos, fortuna
  7. Hello I do this topic because when a person dies and is reanimated I always see a red dot on my screen when I turn the camera and the player finds it behind me or the animal is behind me I continually see a red dot as if to say that it must be resuscitated off it edt reanimated
  8. I have 2 problems..... Sevagoth shadow i can't see ephemera And there are bugs when I go from shadow to normal to use the powers, and finally, THAT DOES TWO months THAT I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH VIEWING EPHEMRAS SIR MY OPERATOR
  10. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: i can receive and send any invitation VISUAL: It will not let me post an Image REPRODUCTION: Cannot find one yet EXPECTED RESULT: PLAY WITH PPL
  11. I can't deliver invitations or received invitations on xbox 1
  12. Bonjour depuis la mise a jour tempestarii je ne peux plus inviter ou être invités
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