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  1. Had this same issue. If you try and rotate it, the arrow and circles indicating the direction are enormous, so I'm guessing that the physical size of the statue has accidentally been increased to be larger than the orbiter itself, while the apparent size is still correct.
  2. Since the Vazarin nerf during Scarlet Spear, Excal Umbra no longer properly responds to Vazarin's Healing Dash. I encountered this most recently when running an isolation vault. It seems that the heal treats Umbra as a defence target, but the tick doesn't quite work, so upon transference back in, not only does Umbra not have the few seconds of immortality that makes Vazarin actually viable, but he also only gets one tick of the normal five seconds of health, resulting in what appears to be about 50 - 120 ish health restored per dash. There is also no indicator on the UI to show that the d
  3. Woo! Very cool. It's nice to see this update moving along nicely.
  4. This is very cool! One problem that is still present after the hotfix is my operator seems to be unable to dash if I get booted out of that form by an enemy necromech. It is inconsistent how long it lasts, but being throw out of operator mode by the necromech does seem to consistently break void dash.
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