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  1. Except, the former doesn't work. Once you lose control over your archgun, it literally NEVER works again until you exit the mission. Not even fully dying enables you to use the archgun again.
  2. Yeah, Nekros got "fixxed" I guess. Good job DE, I'm just here to eat popcorn now. Any wanna-be game developer, look at this, this is how you fix something that wasn't broken for years. Learn from this. Noone's gonna show you in school what happens when you screw up code that was working for years. This is the time to look at it.
  3. Who would have guessed? DE intentionally ruins something. Who gets blamed? People playing the warframe they like. They just managed to get poor Hydroid players bullied again. Seriously, it was to be expected, why did they do this to them? The answer is simple, they don't care. DE is all about "balance" and "diversity", they say. Then they proceed to remove any and all synergy between different warframes so people are forced to use one best warframe from a pool of warframes which were previously synergistic warframes with similarities. Typical. Lootnerf was mentioned during devstream, I'm sure DE won't do anything proper to solve the problems. They might revert the changes, but they ain't gonna bugfix survival. It's old content, they don't care about it or the same issue - enemy AI getting stuck or spawning in unreachable places - affecting other game modes like excavation and such. One day disruption will be old content too, will be bugged to oblivion and they won't give a crap about it either. However, this isn't my issue anymore. I'm just looking at the patch notes to see if DE is even trying to work on solutions. Honestly, it doesn't look like such to me. Today is my first day "clean". Yesterday I took a huge step, not doing my sorties, not opening relics, letting my 75% platinum purchase discount expire, uninstalling Warframe app from my phone. Today I logged in to grab daily login reward and pressed Esc immediately to exit the game. That's it. You want to know how it feels? It feels great. No stress about timegated rewards, no stress about what does DE ruin next, what game mode, weapon or mechanic gets broken, removed or reworked into trash. The past 3 months was nothing, but stress in front of my computer in my free time. I'm stubborn, but I'm not stupid to take this forever. After all the hard work DE did to make us hate their game, despise every single bit of it, all they did so we are disgusted of this mess... ...after all this, it was surprisingly easy to put it down. Warframe is over now, even if DE fixes everything they ruined in the past updates, I might be just smart enough to stay away from this forever. After all, I'll need the free time to play Borderlands 3 as soon as it gets released on GOG or Steam...
  4. So did I, I have a pretty deep supply of Alertium, but guess who can't have that. New players. Who needs that, who doesn't really have acceptable alternatives? New players. You see a pattern here, don't you? I've got dozens of nitain, I'm a guy always thinking forward, but it took all my free time for way over 2 months to do so. It was a waste of my precious life, as I think back. Not gonna play Warframe, I have so much more fun things to do like, things like walking on piping hot metal shards, tearing out my own fingernails with pliers or drinking molten glass. Those are all preferable options right now. That is, until DE starts to fix their game... (instead of focusing on content we get bored of in 30 minutes, as the new mode is just a downgrade to regular excavation with annoying RNG sauce added to it)
  5. Aaand I called it. I knew there will be alertium needed way before the Nightmare series returns. Good job DE, great job, let me congratulate for actively screwing everyone who didn't farm Alertium for months, expecting even more alertium based items to appear. Now, on to the next point of our "what does DE break in an otherwise functional game" guessing game. My bet is, DE breaks some other mechanic to spread the Ivara masterrace. Arbitration? Ivara is THE warframe, Inaros being a close second. Survival? They just killed Nekros' and his bros. Openworld? Animal conservation, 'nuff said, but I my bet is, they will break Equinox, Titania, Zephyr and Volt at the same time somehow, so only Ivara remains... At this point I had made a serious decision. I'm not spending a friggin' penny on this disfunctional monotone farming simulator excuse for a game. This is no longer fun in any way. Every single major update brings "new content" that gets old after 30 minutes and fails to give the players a viable option alternative to the regular farm we are forced to do. (what did we get now? reskinned Excavation that doesn't drop Axi relics and takes 4 turrets to give 1 reward, that's truly great, let's do endless capture next and every 10th capture gives rewards only, I need to get a patent on that idea before DE implements it) Every single major update breaks an old game mode, warframes or anything we are forced to farm (profit taker orb broken for months now, not to mention that kuva survival is now unplayable after the loot ability nerfs) Every single major update tries to force us into spending 5-10 hours ingame every single day. (we'll have a Nightwave soon and I bet right now, it will somehow manage to become even more time-consuming than the previous one, despite all the changes) That's not gonna happen, I'm not going to let that happen, at least it won't happen to me. I'm genuinely angry. This is over-the-top. This is beyond "oops", DE is directly trying to screw us right now. I'm not going to pay for ruining my day anymore. Enough. Over. That's it. If DE reworks something just to make it objectively worse (talking about Arbitrations), I'm not going to spend a single penny until they rework it into something enjoyable instead. If DE gives us another Inaros-only fight where enemies are guaranteed to hit you with homing or hitscan attacks for thousands of damage, I'm not going to spend a single penny until they give us something that rewards us based on skill instead of time spent farming. If DE releases another game mode with worthless rewards and stupid levels of RNG in the reward tables, I'm not going to spend a single penny until they fix that too. If DE kills loot abilities, I'm not going to spend a penny on this game until they fix Survival so that we can farm Kuva there again. If DE implements more Nightwave crap, I'm not going to spend a single penny as long as they don't give up on forcing us to farm a syndicate that resets every 10 weeks. I'm voting with my wallet.
  6. I'm going to write this under every single patch note: if you nerf loot abilities, start fixing friggin' survival, make life support drop chances more consistent and fix enemy AI, like right now. We want to be able to play survival damn it.
  7. These are all useless. Fix Survival if you nerf the loot abilities on Warframes, then we can talk. Prioritize important things damn it. I can live with the "This is what you are" track playing in the background when a pet enters my relax chamber, it's not a serious issue. Enemy AI spawning hundreds of meters away from the players and getting stuck behind doors and lifesupport drops being pure unlikely RNG is way more of an issue than anything in this list.
  8. This is stupid. It's dumb beyond human comprehension. Loot mechanics are interconnected with the entire game of Warframe, you can't just tinker with it without fixing the entirity of it. You can't just throw random changes at interconnected things, that's basic game design 101, introduction in schools. This isn't as complex as if it is intended or not, it is how it barely worked. Survival is a game mode highly affected by RNG. If enemy drops life support. Not a guaranteed chance. RNG rolls. If enemy even spawns, Survival quite often breaks and stops spawning enemies for a while, for unknown reasons. If enemy AI works in any meaningful way. Enemies tend to get stuck in their rails sometimes, spawning and standing behind a door hundreds of meters away from all players for no apparent reason. If you intend to "fix" something, then please, proceed the fix everything else interconnected with it. Nerfing something that wasn't an exploit for years, but a feature without fixing all the bugs which made the players depend on that feature is just retarded. So far this entire update is major disappointment. Unwanted warframe, uninteresting mods, underwhelming boss, random nerfs at core gameplay features required to play the game. This update is a stepback in every possible way. First Nightwave, now this. I seriously need to quit this game, it doesn't get any better, just worse.
  9. That's because nothing that survives a bodyshot has a head in this game and the very rare cases when an enemy has a head and a reasonably high effective HP, they don't have a proper head hitbox to aim for. That's why. You really wanted to be reminded to this? I prefer not remembering this.
  10. That's after the nerf. After nerf [Mesa] was capable of targeting him and obliterate the Wolf in a split second. Pre nerf. Nothing worked on the wolf, no finishers, no crowd-control, no ragdolling or similar effects. Honestly, pre-nerf it was stupid, after nerf it wasn't even a miniboss anymore. DE overdid it both times. Too tanky first, then turned it into a trashmob.
  11. At last, Nightwave is over. There are issues, right now [Alertium] is practically unabtainable, which will surely make the new players excited and happy. F2P helmets, nothing, but the platinum cost. Honestly, we don't lose that much, I'd rather farm platinum than wolf creds for any missing blueprints. Auras, unobtainable as well. Even before the end of Nightwave, hell yeah, auras became scarce and valuable rarities from their "nahh, ain't gonna do a mission for my 10th [Corrosive Projection] I already have too much" state. I just see low MR people running without auras. Literally without any auras, not even a useless one, they just can't get any at all. They don't have access to them. (Thanks Nora Night, before you, every single n00b had Corrosive Projection from one source or the other, be it the alert itself or a bored veteran giving it away. Now, not any more.) Yet I'm happy. The daily grindfest is over. Planning my entire week on monday is over. The forced content is over. I'm free. It feels great! I can start having fun again! I can build warframes I wasn't able to grind out, I can go back to farm my resources, do my dojo researches and rebuild my dojo. All the things I didn't have the time to do, because Nightwave. Look at us, almost everyone is leaving warframe for a while, to play other games, just because of this. Noone wants to see warframe for weeks, not even your Warframe partners, they are sick of this too. Your partners got sick of your game. That's not a good sign! We are burned out. I'd really like to NEVER see Nightwave again, maybe, you could just impement an Alert system and put everything in there so we could have a simple access to it, not like 1 hour alerts, but more like day long alerts. Wait, it almost feels like if you have already did that before, but only for the more valuable items. On a serious note, I liked Nightwave early on, but it changed fast... It was clear to me, that putting Auras on a weekly rotation was a failure. Not having access to all of the auras is just another timegate on them, just like the old Alert system had. Even worse, because now you have to gather a currency too in order to access it. It was clear to me that putting cosmetics, auras and limited resource on the same ingame currency was bad for the new players. Me? I already had all the blueprints I wanted, I had all the auras from regular alerts, I didn't have to work for those, the game just gave them to me in the form of simple, painless alerts. I was lucky to start the game before Nightwave. Yet I liked the base concept. Seriously, the concept was great, it was just so badly implemented, that it was painful to watch. Run the numbers, for new players, if they could do every single act, 3 months of hardcore farming would lead them to what: barely finishing auras. Not even being close to finish buying the helms, as those would require 2 entire Nightwave seasons to finish if they don't go for the platinum cost. Seriously, the platinum cost is easier to handle than the wolf cred costs. What about Alertium? That would also require just in itself an entire Nightwave season to gather enough. That's what, 4 seasons, an entire year. I started a quarter year before Nightwave and had everything I have listed above in about 3 months, Except for the Nitain, I never farmed that, but in those 3 months I ignored just about hundreds of nitain alerts. I even have spare auras, just because I felt to play those missions for fun. Yes I played missions for fun! It almost feels like if Nightwave had this goal to slow down new player progression... As it went on and on and on, endlessly, I learned to hate it and hate everything about it and hate even the people who came up with it and hate Nora Night and her annoying accent and literally the entire game. Today I was unable to force myself to do my daily sorties. I played Terraria instead with my friends. Time will heal this one, some day I won't feel that playing Warframe is a job I don't get paid for. Not today. Maybe not even this week or the month. It's weird that I'm free again, I'm hyped to hop into the game and do something I couldn't do the last 3 months and when I click the launcher I feel this urge to press the power button on my rig. I'm confused. On a less serious note... ...Nora Night, I want to shut her up. Noone else, just her. Give us an option, a "SHUT UP NORA" button somewhere in this game. I'm fine with the Lotus, it sounds professional and cold. I love Ordis he's funny. I'm fine with Alad V and Corrupted Vor talking for half an hour every single time we meet them. Nora must stop, she's the first genuinly annoying character in the entire game. Can you imagine how many times did I hear her praise me for using an emote or bulletjumping around like a mentally challanged rodent? It's so awkward, needless and annoying. If anything, I hate Nora Night more than her damned Nightwave.
  12. We just call it: "Corpus has tech doors."
  13. Everyone has this problem, including the hosts, I was host several times, and it was an autofailure every single time. Only happens since the release of the new animation with the shockwave, you know, that one that takes 5 friggin' years to finish and leaves your warframe vulnerable like if you went AFK for the next season.
  14. Since Archguns got the new shiny deployment animation, every single part of the game that is even remotely connected to archguns is bugged. We had problems with archwing missions because of that, which got "kind of" fixed, it's still clunky, it's still slow, but at least you can change back from archwing melee to archwing gun. Yet we still can't deploy the damn thing. Whenever we try, it takes 3-30 tries for the game to play the awful long animation in order to deploy our beloved disempowerment moment. When it works. Except if you get downed any time in the game with the archgun, then it will never ever work again until you finish the mission. In case of the Profit Taker fight, this is a guaranteed failure. Why do we have this animation? It's not that badass empowerment time. It's that crappy disempowerment time when you're forced to switch to your weakest weapon in your entire arsenal, because reasons. Nobody likes the damn thing. Even after rivens, they are practically useless. Not to mention the bugs regarding the deployment. If you really want us to use the damn thing, revert the buggy animation, remove the damn thing and let us deploy that piece of garbage instantly without any further bugs. Thank you. p.s.: We demand some sort of compensation for this at this point, it's been running like this for months. We can't progress with the stupid Syndicate because of this bug, weeks after weeks. As for example I could have easily maxxed out Vox Solaris since then a couple of times if we could play the mission.
  15. The problem is, Arbitration drones don't make the mode harder for meta guns at all. They only make the mode harder for regular guns. They only make it harder for the weapons that are already at a disadvantage by default. That is the worst possible thing an enemy can do. Think about it, you prefer Arbitrations to ESO, right? Understandable, I don't like the Saryn or nothing meta there either. Let's see, how can we fix ESO. Is it a good way for fixing ESO to add an enemy to every zone that is weak to corrosive, but makes everything immune to non-corrosive damage? Same thing about Arbitrations, they are endless missions with a couple of minor changes. There is a meta in the game for weapons that don't require aiming, the worst possible thing is to punish the player even further for using a weapon that needs aiming. You see what I did there? Arbitrations are equally broken crap as ESO is and it didn't change with the latest changes. If arbitrations drones were good for the mode, they would do the exact opposite thing they do right now. Is it possible to fix that? Obviously, if there is an AoE meta, make an enemy that reflect area of effect (or chaining) damage instead dying to it. That would make people think twice about spamming. Tadaa, problem solved. Arbitrations that way would need a certain minimum level of skill involved.
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