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  1. Even if you count players who don't use steam and optimistically say, player count didn't drop from it's peak from that client, DE still lost a lot of players on steam. Whether it's because of a bad update versus a influx cycle of new games, remains to be seen. Though looking at the complaints in the forums, the former could be the reason since people aren't happy with kuva lich and empyrean. I think players keep expecting more polish and less janky controls. They want lock-on type tight control instead of skyrim's wobbly fighting style. In terms of polish, they want enemies to be less horde mode and more challenging. Unfortunately to toughen up enemies by giving them weak points to shoot at, DE also needs to lower the horde count if they make this tweak. Personally I think they should keep the current horde mode and make weaknesses for enemies. I want random chance for either the standard easy peasy strawman and a harder more challenging enemies with weakpoints but significantly less enemy spawn during missions. I would love it if DE did do what some players asked for in regards to empyrean. A bullet hell mode with waves, upon waves of bullets which players have to dodge while in their archwing. I feel like they keep missing a great opportunity to do something different and interesting. Kuva lich could have been great if it wasn't isolated with just one planet but followed you around everywhere like how the stalkers operate. I would love to help other players kill kuva lich because it would make the game so much more unpredictable and interesting. They keep isolating each game expansion instead of keeping them in the same nodes. Players are already isolated, but they keep isolating them even further making it harder and harder to find randoms.
  2. I think if they reward us with credits, it should scale according to the region and mission type because of the time spent and difficulty to clear it. The reason behind it is Jupiter and the Void takes longer than the average 5 minutes clear compared to survival, defense, and most other missions. I do feel disappointed when I get a Relic when doing Empyrean missions. These missions aren't designed to farm Relics efficiently so its a lot of effort for a paltry reward. I presume next year is when they add a new warframe, archwing, or weapon to the loot table, then Empyrean will feel more rewarding.
  3. I'd like to access the railjack not only at the dojo but also at relay stations. The reason is many dojos require hardcore players who play frequently. If I take a 2 week break, I'd get kicked.
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