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  1. Warframes has a flashlight but there is no light source. I hope for a change that when night time arrives, a cyst forms on the chest of the warframe to provide the light. Otherwise, the light seems to be disjointed. It's not a huge issue, it's not even one that needs to be addressed. But I think it would be cool to pay attention to small details.
  2. I like the new UI after free roam missions. It feels like there is less loading now because I can walk around with my warframe when the UI pops up. Secondly, I like the new end mission screens. Our warframes are fashion and seeing other player's warframes as fashion is also great. Most of the complaints the players are having on the thread seems to be the delivery of information. That's the only thing they care about. I'm saying this because I don't want DE to roll back changes. The UI is a huge improvement graphically but less improvement in certain functionality such as stats
  3. I like it. I think the new mission screen looks more dynamic and fresh. I think it's because we've watched the same mission end screen for the billionth time and I was getting sick of it. I should also note that the game has less pauses with the new screen, especially from free roam areas. It does have game breaking moments, but it will eventually be fixed.
  4. Most activities I did, I had to find out through youtube videos, reddit threads, or forums. There definitely is a lack of handholding in this game to the point you sort of meander around aimlessly. The Negative outlook from this, is that the game comes across feeling like it's still in beta testing. There's a vague feeling that the game is lacking in direction with "progression" (the knowledge of learning about mods, forma, potatoes, and status effects) that it will eventually be patched into the game at a later time. The positive outlook is that the lack of tutorials mean players c
  5. Beating steel path shouldn't be for performance rewards but for bragging rights. If they completed all the nodes of steel path, they should get a cosmetic that says, "I conquered Steel Path". It should be something like an amazing premium looking cape that can only be obtained by beating all of steel path. Maybe a cape or cowl doused in flames. Or better yet a transparent energy crown to show you're king of steel path.
  6. I was trying to figure out how to make Conservation more appealing to players. 1. Turn parts of Conservation into a dangerous activity where some of the creatures are elites and can fight back with some their own warframe-ish powers. Here players are tasked to kill instead of capture their prey. 2. Turn the tags into creatures in a zoo where you maintain it as a keeper. Automated feedings but if you use the wrong food, they die. Similarly if you place a prey and predator in the same confinement, one would die. It would be a large pet simulator where you can breed etc. 3. (Less
  7. There is a way to make it easier, but I doubt DE would change it. They could make it so you can choose one item out of two drops similar to relics. This way the odds of dropping is increased with lowered farm time. I also think that this feature should be reserved for higher mastery rank and only at specific nodes. I don't think it'll be implemented because farming older warframes is the current content. Players need things to do.
  8. People don't play Warframe consistently. If you go by alets, the rewards are cycled without knowing the schedule. This means players would often miss the items they want. With the Nightwave store, we have all the items available we just need to earn the currency to buy the ones we need. It's a fantastic system. I don't think Nightwave needs the current interactive story sessions. They're very boring in gameplay. I'm not really a huge fan of Gone Home mixed in with Where's Waldo. The story however is good. Instead, we should get a new mission mode known as investigation where we
  9. They should make the drop rate for all parts the same.
  10. Hydroid is just my alt farmer. I don't expect Nekros to be amazing either.
  11. I doubt we'll get anything more this year. They already did a major release in the summer. The covid-19 development uprooted any normalized schedule. The only thing Deimos is missing right now is a Boss Fight. They could just do a return to Scarlett Spear during the end of the year in order to get more development time.
  12. DE can release updates for all platforms at the same time. But I think they currently use PC as sort of a public testing server for bug checks and quick patches, something the consoles are lagging in.
  13. Nightwave is excellent in doing what it does. The little story quests aren't the main attraction. It's getting people to play a diverse amount of OLD content. For instance, I hated the snowboarding minigame. I never even attempted it. Then Nightwave gives me a task to win race 3 snowboarding matches. I get angry, I get flustered. This is one of the worst things I have to do. So I try it for the first time and it's enjoyable. The races aren't too difficult and they're quick. Nightwave got me to do something I never wanted to do and it was fun. If Nightwave didn't exist, you'd only be doing
  14. It looks good and it seems like it can cut down time when making new tilemaps.
  15. Railjack Skirmish mission were fun at first, but since each node is all about killing fighters, crew ships, space stations, and sometimes sentient ships, it's very repetitive. There needs to be a mish-mash of different mission types with each node, similarly done with the warframe starchart. Here are a few ideas for new Railjack Missions to replace a few of the nodes. Railjack Missions: 1. Distress Signal Mission Brief: Lotus suggests we go to a rescue signal nearby. There are 3 different randomly cycling objectives to keep this mission fresh. a) The distress ship captain
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