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  1. Passive - [Malfunction Wave]: Once every 15 seconds all enemies in a 30m radius are applied a random status effect, including 'extended' status effects such as juggled and microwave for a 10 second duration at 25(or very low) damage for continuous-type status effects such as slash/gas proc. (The goal here is not to kill but to simply apply status effects randomly with good duration) Ability 1 - [System Shock]: A medium damage AEO skillshot with Ability Range scaling that refreshes all status effect durations of enemies affected by status effects with .=/>100% Efficiency. Does not refresh status durations with <100% efficiency. When <100% Efficiency, scales damage with Ability Strength and applies additional stacks of current status effects at regular status duration(~ +50% Ability Strength = 1 additional tick of status effect) Fast casting speed / One-handed Action (The design theory here is to provide synergy with 3rd ability and weapons in general and cause chaos with status effects with two different build paths - spam with efficiency to sustain [Ablative armor] via [Web Meltdown] or build up to a [Web Meltdown] nuke with less than 100% Efficiency) Ability 2 - [Ablative Armor/Instability]: [Ablative Armor] draws upon void channels to assemble armor from various factions (aesthetically) with a base value of 15% damage reduction and scaling a 1:1 damage reduction with additional Efficiency over 100% (capping at 75% additional reduction and 90% reduction total). Ability duration would scale generously, or be a flat, long timer such as 120 seconds. However, <100% Efficiency creates [Ablative Instability] denoted by an aura of visual 'glitches' that provides no damage reduction but instead buffs self damage at 1:2 and universal additive crit at 1:1 for every 1% under 100% Efficiency, capping at 110% damage increase and 55% additive crit. (The design theory being to have an interesting dual builds mechanic with Efficiency/Ability Strength tradeoffs, and in particular draw a connection between this frame and corrupted mods - such as Fleeting Expertise and Blind Rage) Long casting speed / Two Handed action that grounds Warframe on cast. Ability 3 - [Web Meltdown]: A Range-scaling chaining AEO similar to Volt's Discharge. Visually would apply same 'glitch' aura as Ablative Instability, to enemies. Medium casting speed.Two Handed action, but doesn't ground warframe on cast. With <100% Efficiency: Consumes enemies's status effects and deals a scaling damage nuke based on amount of status effects and amount of ticks of a given status consumed, scaling slightly with Ability Strength. With =/>100% Efficiency: Damage scales with unique status effects (but not individual ticks). Each enemy affected would restore duration timer to [Ablative Armor] (Design philosophy here just continues the theme of both a safe defensive build and a risky offensive nuke build hinged on Efficiency) Ability 4 - [Integrity Cascade]: Broken Frame becomes aesthetically rearranged in an uncanny way and begins hovering, player control and movement stays the same. It's limbs contort and allow it to use it's primary and secondary weapons at the same time. Currently equipped weapon functions manually as usual, and the unequipped weapon autofires akin Wukong Clone, Excalibur Umbra, or augmented Equinox, but from the frame position. Timer scales with Ability Duration and Efficiency. If Efficiency is less than 100%, applies addition status chance % to weapons based on Ability Strength. I think this fits both the aesthetics and design philosophy of the Broken Warframe. I think both build paths would be a blast for players and also useful for the harder content in Warframe. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. it has happened both from dev and player fault and been restored before.
  3. by that logic, why do so many cheeseframes exist rn? wisp has two wildly different builds that are massively broken and she's new. They only kept buffing gauss and he's incredibly powerful and unkillable built for tanking and they only BUFFED him. some new frames just fall flat. baruuk and grendal are just kinda meh. it happens. but new frames can be massively op and nothing happens.
  4. The second or third Scarlett Spear update, where everyone got double scarlett creds purged and refreshed all numbered instances. But not just flotilla instances- It made Fortuna 69 not appear on the instance list and therefore made it completely inaccessible, and after the fifteen minute patch auto-kick Fortuna 69 was no more. We had dedicated players online ready to keep it alive, but the patch literally made it impossible. Me and many others have spent over a year of our lives and our electricity and internet keeping the historic instance alive for novelty of the general playerbase, but also it had become a beloved relay for socialization and fashion and generally a place for all to kick up their feet after a long day's grind. We have worked to bring it it back in similar circumstances out of our control and once, we simply had nobody online at patch time, and through dev help brought it back. But this time, we were online but simply could not keep it up due to dev changes. I implore the dev team to once again help us remake this bastion that so many have worked to keep alive. It is more than a silly number or a joke to us. We have spent hundreds, thousands of hours to ensure the survival of this instance. Please, DE, bring us home.
  5. I like stat sticks, and having different uses for weapons you might not be using otherwise, and building them in unique ways. I would like MORE stat stick integration, MORE interaction with abilities/companions by modding weapons and vice versa. anything to spread out build variety is good, given the sheer amount of 'trash' mods that exist. more variety in exhilus mods is good.
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