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  1. honestly tho ive 120k phasic cells rn how on earth do people want cheaper prices lmao
  2. THIS. I just dont get it. I've made lots of 22k points runs, so doing it as quick as possible is probably not the right way to reach such high scores. Yes, I know sentients gives points, but how much per kill? and more importantly, how to kill them efficiently as they can get immun?
  3. Yeah I noticed you get points from that too. But if this is really the best way to score max points it's kind of a joke. Meh
  4. I thought I know how this works lol. Can you tell me exactly what you mean by that? I thought killing orphix as fast as possible is key as you gain additional points when no orphix is active?
  5. I tend to think DE is planning (when the clan event starts) to remove the cap of 36 orphix. Just maybe. One can hope. The only thing which makes your 36 run higher points is if you're quick and kill mobs when no orphix is active (then killing mobs gives you a additional points.) did a 21600 points run yesterday. Sure a little bit more is possible but not much. In the range of 18000 points is minimum. So we're talking about ~ 4000 points difference only
  6. And what is there to exploit? Since there is a cap in this 'endurance' run? Sure a 36 orphix run can vary a few thousend points here and there but that's about it..
  7. yep in every game where a chat function is you can make friends. No community needed. Jesus, thank god the normal playerbase in warframe is not nearly as toxic as they are here on this forum.
  8. Yes you can get creative with intern events and those are really good tips. We also did some stuff like Dojo Duel events or even a lunaru event the other day :D I opened this thread because I wanted to know if there is actually some info about upcoming events, maybe I missed something, but doesnt seem like it.
  9. I do own a clan with 99 other very active players and we would all apreciate any type of clanevent. Thats all.
  10. lol spamming this type of event wouldnt have got you anywhere since you needed those points in actually one run. It was exactly the opposite of the normal 'spaming missions and hope for a good reward' kinda thing.
  11. Ah okay, I see. And thats why you dont want clanevents back at all? Because some clans managed their way to the top via exploits and that affected maybe some legal runs? Isnt that something that could be better in the next event? You dont see any aspect in clanactivity or just the life in a clan in general, clanrecruiting, building a community and do something with them, etc. no? And btw I still dont get your point how new players could compete with good clans since this is a clan vs. clan kinda thing and new players could never reach lets say 20k points in one run without help.
  12. Pls explain ? Points wise? How coulve new players compete with 'good' clans?
  13. Is there any info from DE on upcoming clanevents in the near future? I think the last one (disruption) was awesome. Just curious if such events are dead and or still possible to come...
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