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  1. @Surbusken i... i'm too old for this s*** lmao. thanks for the education i guess, though i kind of wish i hadn't gotten it :P
  2. i just want to give my kid a damn bed to sleep in. the pile of floofs on the floor he's been sleeping on is giving him back problems :/
  3. this should probably go in the gameplay suggestions forum, not general discussions.
  4. dang these drops are primo 👌 thanks for being willing to rerun stuff us newer players didnt have a chance to snag the first time around!
  5. my most pressing concern is where did kaelli get the regular-sized right hands to make all those bloody handprints? everyone in the necralisk has a giant right hand... maybe she requisitioned a passing tenno for help? 🤔
  6. this should probably be posted in feedback, since it's directed at DE.
  7. completely setting aside the fact that it's perfectly reasonable for people to step away from a game for however long they care to, and punishing them for that is nonsensical and cruel... how in the world would we get our MR back?
  8. it's really weird, before i clicked on this thread i would've said gauss hands down, but apparently volt is actually mechanically faster! wild. i think that video someone posted is really interesting--how the devs designed gauss to feel fast. the distortion of the map around you, the motion blur, and the speed lines all contribute to that illusion, very effectively, but in a flat-out race, volt's top speed still beats gauss's, even though we still think gauss feels faster. human psychology is wild, lol
  9. god, i wish DE would just hire a writing team and get their lore in order. even ignoring the chronology issues, there are a lot of unanswered questions and inconsistencies. was the zariman a military ship or a civilian vessel? how long was it stuck in the void, days? weeks? years? are the prime frames the originals (created from a human) or are our "regular" versions the originals and the primes are "improved"? are all frames a little sentient (re: your warframe breaking war out of its chest), or did your operator somehow kinda sorta use transference? how exactly did ballas survive all these y
  10. maybe put this in the feedback forum? DE apparently doesn't look at discussion very often.
  11. most of the lich attacks are based on warframe abilities, so this would be a roundabout way to get past the "each warframe can only donate one ability" rule... i don't like it
  12. it's funny you say that, because i have never been able to bring it to "sniper only" sorties. but when i use the armory "search" feature and type in "sniper" it shows up? what is the truth, DE??? 🤔
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