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  1. i agree that a toggle for this "feature" would be nice (or just removing it entirely), but your topic might get better traction in the feedback forum!
  2. personally i suspect a restructuring of focus will come to us with duviri, but that's Indefinitely Postponed as well (the most we have is '2021 sometime'). i personally love fighting as my operator for a bit of gameplay that feels like it actually takes some skill, so i'd really appreciate a focus expansion/restructuring as well.
  3. thanks! those things were super obvious and i definitely noticed them when i did the fight, which is why i didn't bother complaining... oh wait. i'm glad you had an easy time with the fight but i'd appreciate if you didn't condescend to me. thanks for the tips ig but i already beat the fight so they're no longer helpful. alas.
  4. i agree with you that there are a lot of bad design choices baked into this one that ultimately took away from my enjoyment of what could have been a neat and unique boss encounter. everything you mentioned, coupled with... the fact that his attacks OHKO, but you can't always be looking for the telegraphs since you have to look where you're going so you can land on the platforms the object you throw has no mapped trajectory and an obnoxiously slow travel time that you need to hit-- several moving targets-- only one of which is relevant/correct, and you'd better hope you
  5. @Surbusken i... i'm too old for this s*** lmao. thanks for the education i guess, though i kind of wish i hadn't gotten it :P
  6. i just want to give my kid a damn bed to sleep in. the pile of floofs on the floor he's been sleeping on is giving him back problems :/
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