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  1. 6 hours ago, trst said:

    A competitive shooter with 10-20 minute long matches and a co-op looter shooter with most sessions lasting less than 5 minutes are not the same thing.

    in 2021? looking the other games? even with very small companies? yea that answer is very weak, was acceptable 3 or 4 years ago, but right now i dont think so.

    Being honest the tennocon relay server test, in my opinion was for dedicated servers. And more with mobiles, you need a host with stable conection and good fps, otherswise the experience its just bad.

    I trust in DE devs, they show us sometimes they are capable to do stuff like the biggest companies in the scene with a very small team, and again i still not understeand how in 2021 my host have 5mbs upload, or even worse 3g conection and 30 fps.

    They can make something hybrid, for small and short missions p2p conections like now (with a better optimization) and for bigger stuff like open world dedicated server. About timers 2 waves of interception, literally an daily alert of steel path or sorties is flat 9-10 min, railjack missions are 8-10 min, and specially here railjack needs so bad dedicated servers

    Also i still not understeand why operator and archwing are client side


  2. 17 hours ago, Berzerkules said:

    I've seen it talked about here before and one guy explained it like

    Everyone likes racing to extract but I like exploring the map. When they rush to extract they are trying to make me play at their pace. So I flip it on them and explore the map until I'm forced to extract making them play at my pace. 

    Or something along those lines. 

    You are saying your average exterminate run in earth is 5 min because you like "explore" ?

  3. 41 minutes ago, lokmane125 said:

    yeah sometimes different gets players together . just bcz warframe's most content is focused on PvE doesnt mean PvP is bad sometimes change is good . like u said necramech vs necramech is good idea . i am here just to listen and share ideas and thoughts


    Well thats actually the soul of warframe, people install the game because want an easy game, very flashy, with a lot of rng. People want that here.

    This is why i think personally, and thats a correct choice conclave should not have a rework, because the chance to be dead in a month is very high. If you want play a pvp shooter, you have many of them, very balanced, with the whole group of dev dedicated on that pvp aspect.

    the idea of having all in one in a game is not good in my opinion, they maded railjack, kdrives, fishes, minery, framefighter, zephyr little game, and more, a lot of different gamemodes, and people still stick on mot fissures against lvl 40, and doesnt matter if you are a new player or you have 6 years in this game, people just play mot.

    But going to your point if you want a positive change in conclave, should be that. Easy pvp like the main game.

  4. The only way to make pvp viable is necramech vs necramech, they are slow, easy to play, easy to enjoy. For all these 20 guys who play conclave and allways say "NO BRO WARFRAME IS LIKE THIS", thats totally fine, we should have different gamemodes, even included kdrive stuff

    If you go deep, any fps competitive game is easier to learn and easier to play, overwatch, csgo or call of duty, now for all of those if you want master it you need a lot of hours, and thats how should be.

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  5. You can play any warframe with status/stagger prevention, or even better any warframe with spellbound.

    For some people stagger is not a problem, personally i have every single warframe with psf

    Makes the game better, yes, thats true, but playing without psf you can still do your thing, i have 1200 hydrolist cap without psf

  6. On 2021-10-05 at 3:28 PM, Lullypumpsie said:

    Same thing with  AoE weapons, especially large drawdowns in FPS began to appear after Nights of Naberus: Update 30.8.0 

    i think issue is:

    • Made FX improvements to Blast proc explosions. Additionally the explosion FX for Concealed Explosives and Thunderbolt have been updated.

    *i use Akarius

    Being honest this is not new, i can load and have stable fps in fortuna, but when i shoot kuva bramma since day 1 i have -50fps, but now feels way way worse

    And like i said in the post, is really weird because the explosion effects, is very cheap, im not using particles, everything is in  low/medium

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  7. 1 hour ago, FSK41 said:

    Its more active  even than sitting on a spot waiting for enemies to spawn in Grineer stage or other time gated objectives, Tumor Cache spawn is not the best way because its some kind of bypass for all the ,,hard work'' its because you can influence the gain by skill and being active 100% of the time. Most objectives are bad and simply a mobile defense with a different name, ask yourself why Tumor Cache is the only objective people go or why they avoid all others.

    A true veteran giving us a weak answer like that...

  8. 4 minutes ago, DrLego said:

    The Hek thing isn't even the first instance of this happening. There's MR5s running around with Tenet Agendus maxed to 60%, some folks with Prisma Dual Cleavers from when it used to be MR5, glaive prime was also MR5 I think. But then melee 3.0 happened, and tenet agendus mastery requirement was fixed.

    I'd call it Early Access™ more than to say it's an unfair advantage, because you could make any weapon, even the MK1-Bo, powerful enough for steel path provided you're MR5 since that's required for starchart access and whatnot. Not to mention kitguns and Zaws having an mr0 requirement, and the fact that non-prime warframes are also mr0, and on and on.

    Even if you did a retro-active nerfing of those MR5 folks, they'd still be able to kick ass and make silly names for their weapons.

    you didnt read an single word of this post right, 8 years my friend

  9. The main issue here is not the reward, because honestly void storms at this moment is one of the most rewarded mission in the game, the problem is quite simple: People dont understeand and dont like railjack

    In a few runs i found my self with endo, credits, relics, prime parts, 3 or 4 forma blueprint, 30 holokeys, resources for helminth, void traces

    You will find x50 more players doing mot fissure, than railjack skirmish grineer, and you get x5 more stuff in railjack

    After some weeks doing decent railjack runs, i find my self with all tenet melee at 60% (x2 agendus) 50m+ credits and something like 600k+ endo


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  10. 3 hours ago, trst said:

    It's intentional when players speedrun the missions to the point that Corrupted enemies rarely spawn. Even more so when they continue to do it after experiencing said issue.

    And even then you only see such occurrences in the first or second rotation of endless missions and said Capture to Exterminate runs.

    4000 hours here thats incorrect and you can easily try it in earth interception playing in squad. Its not about how fast or how many time wait for the corrupted enemies is about enemies density due a low tier mission. As example exterminate lith in earth if you join to the squad when everybody have 7 or 8 reactans you literally are forced quit because will not spawn enought corrupted anymore. This thing is fixed in railjack a lot of density a lot of drops. A lot of times people join when i already have 10 reactans and the dude crack the relic in like 15 or 20 kills This issue is pretty much in lith relics and some meso, neo  axi and requiem missions are fine.

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  11. Charge viral -> 2º ability cut the ability  jumping

    Charge gas/radiation (Gas for damage, radiation for some CC, btw you are procing heat)-> Cast 4

    After 2 seconds charge corrosive -> cast 3


    If you want boost your damage use cedo or prob cernos before casting your 3º, you have 1 or 2 seconds window for that


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  12. They did it with eximus dropping steel essence, and people was afk with macros getting a lot of resources. This is the main reason. They nerfed khora, they nerfed ai aggro, and they also changed the whole system how we get steel essence. 

    Anyways we have ways to do 6 hours survival hours doing pretty much nothing: Ivara, volt with specters, khora still viable.

    Endurance its pretty much dead, and im happy with that


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  13. 5 hours ago, Butterfly85 said:

    My main issue is Decoy melting like ice in a fire once you get to any level, but I need to work on better placement to avoid that.

    As for how to use him ...

    Max range disarm is great for defence and hijack, chuck on his irridating augment for hijack and the whole tile will melee infighting with one another while you walk off with the objective.

    His 1 and 3 combo well in spy to bypass laser barriers and you can use his 2 to not be seen. Invisibility pretty much breaks/shuts down enemies ai

    Decoy is fun for defence missions if you can place it somewhere nearby that is also well covered. The enemy will stand next to the cryopod and ignore it while trying to gun down your Decoy.

    The fact you can use helminth now only increases the fun you can have with him. Add banish, now you have the perfect rescue frame. Run invis, get your target, banish them so they can't die.

    Add rest and rage for the rest portion, throw on his hushed jnvis augment and you have a perfect frame for stealth affinity weapons levelling 

    Disarm use decoy on high ground the dudes cant hit the decoy... meanwhile you are invis doing whatever you want. Loki bad warframe? Yareli or hydroid are way worse..

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  14. 6 hours ago, AzureScion said:

    Sometimes yes but it's mostly just the Napalm Ogris. I had a team with 3 Zarrs, 3 Brammas, Lenz, Trumna, etc. Performance was fine, hovering at about 40-60. Not impressive but very playable for me. Even a regular Ogris is fine, it's just that the flames it leaves behind when it has the mod equipped that hits hard. Not only by the players, sometimes a random Grineer Napalm can do that too if left alive for too long (albeit nowhere close to what a player Napalm can do).

    Which makes me wonder if there was a separate setting that is related to this particualr particle effect, since most other particle effects have little to no impact for me.

    I go from 140 to 80 with kuva bramma just shooting close to me being alone. And you know what im sure its a multishot issue, visuals are like cs 1.6 explosions and i dont use effects, particles or whatever else. I will try later a kuva bramma without ms

  15. 39 minutes ago, AzureScion said:

    Ah this is worth a try. I'll give this one a try, cheers!

    I don't mind the game looking awkward as long as the performance is fine. Besides it's not that I constantly have graphics problems, it's just when there's a nightwatch napalm Ogris user around.

    Explosions reduce your fps like crazy even if those have mediocre textures and no particles. They really need optimize it. And its true if you have a high end computer you dont care

  16. Specs:

    AMD FX 6300@4.3GHZ, 8GB DDR2 Hyperx, Nvidia 960GTX 2GB, Windows 8.1, any driver, any video settings ingame and outside of the game (now using 457.51 Nvidia driver)

    Pretty much and being quick any explosion, doesnt matter what config im using i get fps drops, and its weird because the explosion doesnt have huge textures, or something to make it drop

    Being host, with a full squad in open world and everyone using explosions, plus explosions of the map i have a solid 30 fps depends how close where i am and where is the explosion.


    Alone old corpus spy mission in steel path: 141fps no enemies around


    Shooting with bramma 2M away from my feet, 81 fps, and im sure drops way more hard to take a screen with puush


    This apply for any explosion like necramech (very common in open world) or explosions from other people with aoe weapons, included abilties

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