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  1. Doesn't happen 100% of the time (or even 50% of the time), but still seemed weird. I have two clips of this.
  2. I'll address my opinions on this: In the latest Prime Time stream, they address the survivability side and are apparently looking to fix that by making the other frames much less squishy. They know it's not ideal to have most enemies be able to one-shot you, and in my experience leading up to this, Amesha can shrug off even the most powerful enemies in Neptune by just using her 1 while Itzal gets shredded by literally everyone and Odonata's 1 is basically useless unless you can keep every enemy in front of you (a very difficult thing to do in space). For Itzal: Itzal's 1 is new enough I haven't really gotten acquainted with it yet, so I can't really speak much about it. Itzal's 2 would be much more useful if it would work more like Ivara's Prowl. Let people lunge for melee, but don't let them shoot, slow down their normal movement, shorten the melee lunge distance significantly, and break it if they boost. Itzal's 3 is useful even if it doesn't immediately kill the enemies, because you can just unload your weapon on them. This ability is fine, just could use its radius buffed a little (like maybe 10-20%). Itzal's 4 is a bit weak, but the fighters just need their beam damage buffed a bit. (They also need to note the beam damage.) For Odonata: Odonata's 1 just needs reworked. Not sure how precisely it should be reworked, but as it is right now, it's almost more of a hindrance. Odonata's 2 needs to have each missile's base damage increased significantly, as it takes 3-4 hits to kill even the weaker enemies on Neptune. Also, the volley count should be tied to duration, not strength, and strength should increase damage, to align with all the other frames and archwings. Odonata's 3 is niche, but it has its uses. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually shows its utility more in Railjack than it did in normal archwing missions. Odonata's 4 I've never used, but it looks fine numerically, at least. I just never really used this much. For Amesha: Amesha's 1 almost needs nerfed. It makes that archwing near unkillable at max rank, and I can shrug off even a large cluster of eximus units on Neptune using only that and occasionally dropping Amesha's 2. Amesha's 2 is fine as it is. It works for CC and keeps enemies occupied, which is invaluable for certain types of missions. Amesha's 3 is niche, but useful. It synergizes well with its 4. Amesha's 4 is something that looks promising, but I haven't really used it much yet. I've not (yet) used Elytron, so I can't speak on that.
  3. This does seem rather curious... Also, given the distances, space combat would be much easier if there wasn't damage falloff.
  4. This is the only recording I have, but it's something I've had happen reliably. While in her razorwing, if someone else starts the elevator, she clips through it almost 100% of the time, and I'm unable to get back into the level, much less through the top of the elevator. Even typing in /unstuck isn't sufficient to get back to a workable spot, as the video shows.
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