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  1. Hi everyone, I've recently returned to the game after a long break and I seem to have reached a wall. I have little to no problem with enemies below level 30, however any level 30 enemy takes around 1-2 full magazines to kill. I've looked online to see if anyone else has this problem and it seems that most of the times its due to bad mod builds. I think that this could easily apply to me as well but I'm missing a lot of mods that I feel would greatly benefit me but are locked behind something that makes them harder to obtain (syndicates for example). In addition to this I have little endo and i feel like this resource is very difficult to come across, at least at my level. My builds are as follows: Rhino: Physique (max), Steel fiber (rank 7), streamline (max), Stretch (max) and Intensify (rank 1) (rank 30, no potato) Baza: Serration (rank 7), point strike (max) and vital sense (rank 3) (Baza is only rank 22 right now, but i plan to potato it when it gets to 30) Atomos: Hornet strike (rank 5), pistol gambit (rank 0) and heated charge (rank 0) (rank 30, no potato) Broken War: Crimson Dervish (rank 0), Pressure point (max), Fury (max), True steel (rank 0), Fever strike (rank 3) and Molten Impact (rank 0) (rank 30, potato) I know that these builds suck, but i can't really do much better with the mods, endo and credits available to me. Please keep in mind that most of the builds have low rank/unranked mods because i simply do not have the endo and credits to upgrade them. Also I plan to switch my warframe to Valkyr when she is done building in a couple days so feel free to recommend Valkyr builds too. Thanks in advance!
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