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  1. hey everyone. hero here. i've been playing xaku since their release and i've thought up some augment ideas for them below. let me what you think :) 1st: xata's blessing. affects: xata's whisper. hold ability to infuse xaku's void damage buff into ally weapons. duration not affected by vast untime. is affected by duration mods reason: a classic among the "element" frames like oberon, ember and saryn. i feel a team buff could be useful with upcoming sentient events. 2nd: xata's rumors affects: the lost, accuse. all enemies controlled by xaku gain xata's whisper's damage buff until
  2. the skin released with the new armour pack. the one full of weapon skins
  3. out of all my weapons, i'd say around 20-25 fit into the "rifle" catagory. they use rifle mods, they act like rifles, they sound like rifles. they are rifles. yet out of all of them, this skin can only go on 4, the latron, the sybaris, the braton and the soma. at first i thought it was only single shot rifles like the latron, nope, we have the soma to put it on. so ok, maybe it doesn't like custom firing animations? nope, we have the sybaris. but what rifles CAN'T the skin go on? the acceltra, the battacor, the fulmin, the glaxion, the hema, the ignis, the opticor, the stahlta (the reason i bo
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