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  1. But tons of people have done endurance runs with said weak frames without those mods, even up to lvl 9999. Why can't you? They're not a neccessity. They are nice to have though.
  2. This is the brainpower of most of the playerbase. Don't expect much.
  3. Except it can't probably due to coding. . You need to test amp dmg vs synovia. Bet they wont work either. Just accept DE said it wont work, and stop trying to force things when it's already been stated. And changing the game for void dmg, which is "neutral" vs using anyone who could proc towards rad would be just silly. If this be the case, you would be asking the dev's to fix what may be old coding for a bad setup, if you can get get xaku, surely you can get a rad buff from someone or do hellminth.
  4. Strangledome never was a killing machine, you're supposed to whip them in the dome.......they already die instantly.........
  5. you can already do a 6x3 in a single night, you don't need buffs to eidolons. Eidolons synovias can be 1 shot or bursted by so much right now.
  6. this is just an issue/bug with ember, it happens on base ember and i havent figured out why, but it is indeed sad
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