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  1. I'm not sure why this keeps happening but during a rescue or spy mission where you need to hack to say open a door or the glass around the monitor on orb vallis, nothing happens. Once you complete the hack, that's it. You can't redo it or anything as the hack was complete but it didn't do what it was supposed to do. Ran across this twice so far, but luckily most of these missions has different routes for you to take besides the glass on OV
  2. honestly I just want recruit chat to have as much people as the others.
  3. The skin looks pretty darn good on excal umbra. I honestly never heard of the weapon but it's pretty good too! Nice CC.
  4. WOOT! Still didn't make it to old mate yet lmao Tennogen finally coming. I really hope to get blade of the lotus for rhino soon!
  5. Awesome news! Time to grind for Old Mate now. Finally some tennogen! My favourites aren't here yet but I'm glad to finally get some!
  6. Honestly I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but it is weird. Region and Trade chat always have so many people in it normally, even more if its towards the evening, but recruit chat is always small. There's no one in it. Why? Shouldn't region, recruit, and trade chat be connected at least somewhat?
  7. there is a bug currently where we can't use the right side of the chat. Can't click names or close tabs cause the little menu won't pop up
  8. Can't wait to play once I get home. As always i wonder if this fixed the vomvalyst spawn rate
  9. 2 for guys 2 for girls Sure you could use them either way but still
  10. Honestly I just want more than 2 voices to choose from and to be able to modify my height.
  11. Dude, no one is saying there aren't problems that could be fixed but you're making everything sound 10x worse than it really is.
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