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  1. So I had this trouble a few days ago. I managed thankfully because of Frost. I started off setting up bubbles by our point. 3 or 4 bubbles depending on the map. 1 over it. 2 more close by. 1 by the hole behind the point of on the gas city map. Kill the enemies as they come by. Let your ai teammates score or most likely die. Pick up at least 15-20 points and mad dash to score. Repeat. Took like 4 tries cause one robot for some reason get invulnerable to any abilities for a set time and just dashed right in to score.
  2. Aren't there supposed to be like 3 recovered missions from previous weeks? I only get 1 and still have to wait or restart the game to get the next mission. I'm currently rank 25 and got unlucky by getting complete 3 sorties so I can't even receive other missions until this is complete
  3. This has happened on my first run. After leaving and going back in it was fixed and had no issues afterwards. I hope when you joined us you got your reward.
  4. I was expecting something so generous o: Thanks guys.
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to share the excitement with all the new Nintenno!
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