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  1. ok using the the argument mod that allows me to apply this buff to other players but finding it really difficult to target them in the cross hair unless they stand still, is their another way to target , cycle through team members to apply this buff?
  2. will agree on that I had the steam version then dumped it due to steam always screwing up and did not want steam to run in the background just to chew up ram
  3. stance works as it should have, now my favorite melee wep and Ember I like it ...Kuva Ill pass
  4. and the Kuva cr@$p just another archwing , i got to ask my self sometimes do the developers even play the game ?
  5. I just bought him and he ain't worth the effort or the plat
  6. I think he's more comical then practical, wish he farted a toxic cloud killing all enemies in a 40m radius
  7. just so you can spend plat cause you can't wait to have it built
  8. personally this game is still very rough and clunky, I still would consider it in Beta stage ,,,a lot of the mapps I consider horrid. i personally play defense missions only hate to run around and fall offf things or get stuck on everything i run past. Their needs to be surprised drops added as well having 1000 of worthless relics is a joke let us trade them in for 1 that doesn't suck ... and good lord do something about the bots! when someone has a name like 12446477 chances are their a bot !
  9. I'm completely a noob and what I'm about to post has nothing to do bout this hot -fix but i just want to post because I have no life ... and I think it will better me, I have no common sense, or I would not be here .... so I just sit in my parents basement and post away...
  10. sorry but this is about as fun as a archwing mission, time and resources could have definitely, have been better used...just my 2 cents
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