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  1. Ok hope someone could answer this question I have the kuva hammer and I click on the liche and it says 31% and I know you can go up to 60% when I fuse another hammer to it at 25% how much of that bonus is transferred ? and after the fusion where does it tell me my totals % stats
  2. to many other bandaids to fix right now tenno maybe latter
  3. I'm more shocked there's a mod called acid shells I'll have to go get that tomorrow, oh how could I have missed that one.
  4. I hope it doesn't return DE needs to put their resources where needed , not on a event that looks like it belongs on a phone. oh and it was stupid.
  5. who else just does the sortie get their crap award and see ya tomorrow ? I'm I the only one ?
  6. can't be no worse then Grendel the big waste , who wants to play pinball?
  7. Not worth the plat for the slot it would take
  8. Good. Question maybe not sure when
  9. yup like the game it's self just caters to new players and nothing else
  10. solved I have sprint and roll tied into mouse wheel I think when I roll my mouse wheel settles up after the roll witch causes to trigger sprint
  11. your answer seems to be the most logical
  12. My pet is a animal that walks around the orbitor and nothing else call it a moving statue if you wish , I never pet it, sometimes when it's sleeping I hope it never wakes up
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