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  1. these things are not testested welcome to the wonderful world of warframe
  2. do you have to do the same thing as gunblade ? and is this only for prime access members?
  3. do you have to have twitch prime for this or will the free version work?
  4. to funny I was just about to farm that one well DE thanks for making my mind up, rest in peace my little paper weight
  5. hate to say it most of the vets have left and it's nothing more then a noob fest today,,, let the fanboy replies begin...
  6. I don't even no where to start , do I have to do a quest first? and then ?
  7. logged in and got a email from my good ol friend Darvo and it wasn't a Harrow chassis ! but he told me he was gonna give me a FREE verv Atelia syandana for free so I said to myself it's about time y7ou gave me something that did not suck, so I click on the link and my browser opened up and their was no free Verv Atelina syandana to be found ! it just promoted me to try pime ! WTF CAN I BLOCK HIM IS THEIR A SPAM SETTING IN MY MAIL BOX?
  8. your logged into the forms is it the same account / password ? if your are useing google chrome look at settings passwords look for the warframe url forms ect. and it wil show you the password
  9. hmm could have sworn I went to the son and did not see that ability
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