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  1. a simple search would have yielded 2,.256,256,245 times this question was asked before
  2. sortie really needs to be updated with th times , maybee steal path sortie? or offer sortie 2.0 i'm sick of the 90% of the rewards especially sculptures you can farm all day in arbitrations in 1/10 of the time , or make like fusion and let us pick the reward , granted the sortie is the only thing I do got all kuva weps and the clam I feel nothing else is worth the grind , do my sortie and see you tomorrow..
  3. trumna resources help are they all mineable? having a hard time on where to start to build this gun
  4. mobile defense radiation killing target ? anyone else
  5. ask yourself do you have to much time on your hands ? and should you direct this time to something more constructive ?
  6. plat is where it's at just sell items and buy her thats what I do I gave up the the grind a while ago on everything!
  7. took me 28 minutes on a 25 megabit connection worked fine on my end
  8. let first start off navigation in the event map is horrid , extraction is a joke , second to run half way through the map on this clunky garbage can is a joke get stuck on every little thing / object they are way to big for the tile set , what are you people thinking ? are you? sad part I wasted plat and a lot of time on this like the rail jack i wish I never did period !
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