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  1. I could be wrong but a long time ago they use to show stats when you put them in the slots as he stated but no more , and they should show when dropped in and removed
  2. I have a riven for it and it,s a good shotgun
  3. Good times done 3 Drakgoons how ever you spell it with no one higher then 32 percent oh the grind
  4. Best post I have ever seen in these forms . Should be a sticky note
  5. I love post like this daily common thing ,, hold the press DE stop whatever you're doing and get to work on this.......... after replying to will cross save be possible....love you Megan ,,, like older guy from the US ?
  6. because all the stance's suck for it other then that fun wep to play with
  7. what is it with these rewards I have more of them then gems to put in them , daily sortie your reward sculpture , daily arbitration a few more ! yikes whish DE would do away with enduo period ! my ship is loaded with them and had gotten to the point I no longer put them in my orbiter ....
  8. I need to know who opened the most creates ! rolls eyes since all the harmful emojis have been removed...
  9. if any thing they need to change the % to a flat out 60% not fair when you get a weapon thats 56% and you get another wepon thats 27% and you farm that same wep so you can upgraded it and the wep that you get off the leach is another 27% aint worth the f@#$%ing grind!
  10. interesting , it's hit or miss with specters cause you never know what skill they will use never tried protea only Iarnos figure he last longer and I gave him a kuva Bramma so he can shoot at the ground the whole time and hit nothing good fun...
  11. kinda found a solution since just deleted the shortcut launcher .exe then the uninstaller gave me the option to install to the other hard drive and it did work butt some how when I moved the download folder i lost the launcher exe and I think the other 2 so next time Ill have to copy them files to a usb flash and pull it
  12. how do you point the installer into he new location I see no option for that
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