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  1. The only real thing that really always bothered me the most about this nerf back then was simply the lack of honesty from DE about his survivability itself. They only talked about his damage getting "fixed" and then they also nerfed his survivabilty. And that is the only thing i want back on him. I do not give a flying f... about the damage nerf. I can live without it. But i want him to be back on track to be able to tank damage again like what he used to do. The buff for others would be nice, if the range of it wouldn't be so laughable at best already. Every Chroma tries to go for max strength, and making the ability take range mods in consideration is a bad joke. Or a really low effort attempt to force people into using ranged mods. Sure i would rather take a direct rework to make everything great off him, but right now he is nothing more but a shadow of his former self. A cardboard cutout dragon with coffee spilled on him.
  2. So just to check if i get it right now. I by myself were able to easily pull off 5k points. So in theory, if i go into a team with one of my clanmates and we both reach 10k points during that run, we together have 20k points then in our Ghost clan and get the best reward? Or do we need to go straight for 20k in that mission?
  3. Pretty sure about that myself. Most probably they would even get more frustrated than i myself am right now. I mean it is still fresh. Maybe most things weren't intended. I do give them the benefit of the doubt there. Though i do see this trend getting more and more into constant stunlock cc enemies, not allowing you to play the game it was meant to be years ago. Of course they somehow have to make it more challenging, but at this point it is only getting more and more annoying with these enemy types.
  4. Mhm. There are times even i try to lower myself to the likes of you ,trying to communicate. But it is hard, when people have their heads somewhere else all the time. 😉
  5. Okay a honest question here now DE. Did you intentionally implemented so many frustrating things by now into your game? Warframe Abilities getting all the time disabled by now. No use no more of those allowed. Even if you could use them, there is at least one enemy who is draining your energy now. If you at least think you could shoot them, nope. Shields, Nullifiers, Armor rating through the roof. Oh and don't forget the enemies one hitting you at this point if you do not play Meta Tank frames like Inaros. Yes i do vent here right now. But if my fellow Tenno would be honest with you more DE, they face the exact same issue. Warframe becomes more of a game simulating how good the game can take the control out of your hands every second. Unavoidable CC's. Unavoidable damage. Unavoidable enemies that disable your abilities. More and more enemies that can stunlock you. Fight mechanisms that lock you into a animation for 10 seconds making you do the same thing over and over and over again. And the biggest joke of it all? Adding the Wisp Blueprint to the droptabl and cranking it up to like 50% so you only get that all the time. I did 10 boss runs by now.. and from all 10 i got 8 blueprints and 2 systems. Wouldn't be so bad. But then take out the BP from the Market for Wisp. I really looked forward at first to the update. But after seeing the gameplay having millions of nullifier enemies again, trying to fix "Powercreep" with a bandaid solution.. Yeah i need to take along break from Warframe again.. once i have Wisp, the new weapons and done my deed for the damn event i only do what 60% of the community does by now. Only log in every day quickly for the login bonus.
  6. It is exactly what i expected it to be. Another damn excuse to strip every Warframes abilities and melt their energy away like piece of butter in the sun. Seriously DE. At this point. Take out every damn Warframe ability right away if you hate your players using abilities so much. Or at least stop making millions of unit who kill your abilities, drain your energy, oneshot you out of nowhere at low levels, nerfing your Warframe right away, banning your favorite weapons, destroy your entire heritage and ravage the graves of your ancestors, while you wish you would never have been born in the first place. Nullifiers are bad enough already. But with their Sniper behavior standing in the distance, i could at least accept them somewhat at least, even if all units who disable your abilities right out of nowhere are complete bandaids.. But now they don't even show you what is disabling your abilitiy, and nullifiers go into Melee combat. The millions of light effects melting your eyeballs are already worse enough. But at least you could fire in a general direction where enemies could have been. Now you can't anymore, because you will get melted like a scrub, since you are not allowed to use abilities. Why do you hate your players so much DE? Is it really such a big problem if people have fun?
  7. I have a feeling that the Wolf will be a boss soon in his final episode. So i guess soon you can grind him to hell and back and then complain how grindy the game is again. And i even go as far to wish for him to be grindable then yes, but everything he can drop is like cut in half of his drop chances right now. And no more guaranteed drop.
  8. The most urgent problems i am currently having right now is simple. - If you jump out into your spoiler mode and your Warframe gets a status effect, that status effect sticks to the Warframe forever. - Also if scrambuses disable your abilities during your transition, the abilities become locked for the entire mission or the time you are still alive. Only reviving fixes this. Oh yeah and pretty pretty please... make the pets stop following the Spoilermode. It really starts to piss me off everytime them tripping the alarms in Spy missions, because they think it is a good idea to jump head first into the enemy. Or give us the ability to make them wait. Like commands. Last would be to make them invisible with the Spoilermode. It is just outright impossible to fight higher leveled enemies once this happens. Not only is the Warframes Armor stripped down forever if the status like Impact, Puncture, etc. occurs, but also you are impossible to cast any abilities. And i do not really want to go on a suicide rampage everytime this happens. Please look into this.
  9. Please for the love of god. Either add in commands for pets to tell them to stay somewhere, or make them stop following the spoilermode. It is just the absolute worst if they run along you uncovered in spy missions and trigger EVERY TIME the damn alarm. Would not be that bad if they could be told to stay somewhere, since they do not get invisibility along with you going invisible. Or as said. At the very least make them stop running alongside the spoilermode so you can at least tackle the Spy bounties quickly there.
  10. Can you please for the love of god either get rid of the scrambuses overload where 5-6 scrambuses spawn in at Fortuna or if they have to be so many at least don't break my abilities so i can cast them again and don't block them completely for the rest of the session? And no i do not want to revive every 5 seconds just because the bug hits again. This i really the worst bug so far, when abilities break completely. And only on those bandaid enemies like nullifiers and scrambuses.
  11. Did you fix also the problem with collecting credits in bounties?
  12. Ah. Gotcha. Well i thought it was optional to do? I always did that once i knew i will not play for a while.
  13. I would not worry there. Work just started for DE today if i am correct with timezones. I do believe in around like 3 hours or so the first few news arrive. Steve said pretty much he will start a Stream of his own should it be closing in. Once that Stream starts, then you should get ready. But relax. That is what i tell people the whole time in these threads. Sure i am eager to get my hands on Fortuna too but forcing it? I am already grateful DE decided to make a thread and tell people if yes or no.
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