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  1. Yes in the notes of course. But they announced it differently in Streams and talking about it before the notes came to be. They always only talked about how they will change the damage calculation or as they said it "fixed" it. As far as i remember they never mentioned the armor itself back then, till just before the update happened. That is what i meant with that.
  2. That is true. Slash kills things extremely easily in endlevel content. But even without that it often feels like Inaros survives a lot more situations with less EHP than Chroma. Especially since he doesn't have to constantly watch his buff and need to keep it at a high enough percentage to be effective with it. Meanwhile Chroma gets essentially punished multiple times with "less" survivability. If anything it should be Inaros getting punished harsher for not relying on abilities as much. Inaros can run into any mission and will be fine. Rarely you really need to get his 4 up and running. Meanwhile Chroma needs to watch his energy pool, his time on his ability and maintain it high enough to be at his best but still worse than Inaros. And before anyone says anything. No i don't want any nerfs for anything. I hate this mentality of nerfing everything all the time, just because it is more effective at something than other things. It often solves nothing or is mostly a temporary band-aid solution for a constant problem. Running after this illusion of perfect balance everywhere is nothing but literally chasing a rainbow. Do i have the perfect solution myself for Chroma? No. Surely i don't. But it doesn't need a genius to see that Chroma, like a lot of other frames, need a decent buff or downright rework to not start gathering dust. Bring up his HP completely. Doesn't need to be at Inaros level. But at least somewhere to have some kind of buffer to help prevent unnecessary deaths in situations like Slash procs. Or you rework how slash works so it doesn't cause that issue in the first place. But then we might run into different problems again.
  3. I know people don't want to hear it anymore, but compared to other "tank" frames, Chroma is really not at a state anymore to tackle "endgame" level things. Many frames have so many things by now to either cheat death completely, or flatout ignore it. With Chroma, before his nerf, i was able to tank Vay Hek Nightmare Raid just fine, mostly having to watch when my Vex Armor ran out and keep my energy up to cast it again, once it ran out. But once you did cast it, you were pretty much safe'n'sound from any content, you just had to take cover to recast it later on every time. Now? I stand in Steel Path. Way better stats than before Vay Hek. Nearly doubled them. And i die in seconds with so many armor buffs and what not active, while Inaros? Nidus? They just yawn and run through there like it's nothing. Other Frames like Wukong "cheat" death as well. So here it comes: You lied DE. Back then you obviously lied. You said you will "fix" (Nerf) Vex Armors damage buff only. Never you have said a word about his armor he gains, but you changed those numbers as well. True. Back then i weren't able to test Steel Path difficulty, but i am very certain that i would have been more than capable of easily surviving anything Steel Path could have thrown at me with the old Ice Chroma years ago. (And no. I complain about the Armor being nerfed, not the damage buff.) So whatever people say here. Chroma feels like some kind of.. super niche Warframe for extremely cut down content. Nothing you bring to the stuff that really matters at the later part of the game. And yes. That bothers me. Because it wouldn't have had to be that way if you wouldn't have nerfed the armor calculation from Vex Armor. If you would have kept your promise about only "fixing" the damage calculation, then i would be absolutely fine with everything. But that isn't the only problem Chroma has. He always had the issue that his 1 and 4 were... bad abilities. Or unused ones. Helminth helped a bit with it, but did it really fix it? No. Absolutely not. So here i sit and type a huge text, knowing that many probably don't care at all or still claim he would be "fine" the way he is. But true players who played him for a long time would tell you otherwise. Yes. There are more urgent matters. Frames that need attention more urgent. That i will never ever be able to deny. But i still hope that you will look over Chroma again, after content got to a point where his old self would be needed to shine again. So when will Chroma get the rework he needs by now?
  4. Well. Warframe's markers for everything ALWAYS had bugs. But in this case it makes it nigh unplayable. Thanks Obama. Seriously DE?...
  5. It happened twice in a row in the same mission to me. Either it is if you kill them too fast or it is during a certain ability or animation. The only animation i saw was the attack animation. And it had this bubble thing around it as an ability, but other hounds had the same issue before without that ability. So no clue what is going on, all i know it is really, REALLY anoying me to no end. Can't wait till i am done with C.Liches, so i don't have to look at this content for the next year again, till more weapons come in.
  6. You could make that argument if Warframe would focus on PvP. Then the balance would be super important. Since it isn't, getting angry at people just because they kill enemies faster and more efficient than you do is wack in my opinion. No one stops you from using it yourself and no one forces you to use it either. Wether you do it or not doesn't matter, since you don't really loose anything in that moment. Unless of course you get watery eyes when player xXxQuckSc0pe3601337xXx has 100 more enemies killed than you have. But i dare to say you don't actually care about that. And i also never understood this mentality of these kind of people in a PvE game that doesn't even force them to play with other players either. Hell i myself don't like playing with randoms. Not because they kill things faster than i do, i actually appreciate it when i can relax a bit and still get what i wanted. I just don't enjoy running after them like an idiot or possibly worse getting spoilers from new Weapons and Warframes i have been yet to be able to aquire myself. Therefore i often play Solo till i have seen everything new. So yeah i don't get it. What exactly does it to anyone if someone else is more efficient at the game than you are if he uses "meta" builds? I myself often use weapons others deem to be awful. Flux Rifle. Ripkas. All that jazz i have Rivens for. Because those weapons are fun to me to play. No one forces me to use them. No one forces me to not use them. I can do it if i want to. Only thing there is that there are more efficient weapons if i want a certain type of mission to be done faster or actually done at all. So no. I can't accept that argument of yours on this topic. Unless of course Warframe suddenly goes full PvP. Then i absolutely agree with you that weapons have to be balanced as close to each other as possible. Even if then i dare to say... we have way too many.
  7. Oh no. Curse you. How do you know i don't have even one argument i could make that would pamper your posterior?
  8. I'll try to put in the potluck and see what i can do... in a year or so. And no. Not because i don't have any. It is simply becaues i know your kind. You don't care how good an argument is. You don't even listen to it, you flatout ignore it and can only be satisfied if the other side admits "defeat". You shown every sign of that and i am not in the mood for that kind of person. The best argument in the world could be presented to you. If it doesn't match your opinion in the slightest, you don't agree or accept it. Therefore i won't waste my time with you.
  9. Classic elitist niche gamer, incapable of realizing he isn't god's gift.
  10. You need a concrete example to graps the very definition of bad? Even as i know that this will go into one ear and out of the other on you, i will try it anyway. What would you say is a better solution to this problem? Nerfing that one weapon or weapongroup that outperformed the others in like 2 years now or bring up the other weapons/weapongroups up to par with the one that is considered overpowered? What seems more encouraging to your child in it's life? Slapping that one favorite toy out of it's hand and demanding them to play with the others just for them to find a new favorite toy that you then can slap out of their hand too, or embracing your child, taking that toy, examine it closely and find out why your kid likes this toy so much and then try to make the others toys just as good or get something new that they will enjoy just as much? Choose.
  11. You too didn't catch the point. I literally said two times now that they can exist both in a game. But DE seems to decide they only want one of it in theirs. Why am i hanging onto this explanation? I don't. But as anyone who sees such a ridiculous statement, i take my fair share of making fun of it on how ridiculous it actually is. I am well aware that the real reason was not "enjoy the art" it was "y u no use other wepahn?". Melee worked too well for what? 2 years now? It is the same sh..show they've pulled so many times by now in over 8 years. People enjoy something. People utilize it more because it is effective. DE comes and modifies it to the point of it being barely functional or straight out worse than before. I said it in a different post. Melee still works fine. It can still deal decent amount of damage, but only with STILL meta mods you have to use. The only difference now is that i get not only bored watching my character stumble around for 3 seconds to pull of one swing and hit an enemy for less damage, but also have to be afraid that i don't get flung across the screen because i dared to stay on the floor for the fraction of a second. I appreciate the art. I appreciate the animations. Heck the Ghoulsaw shows perfectly how well it can work if you implement speed and a proper animation for a weapon. But it is an exception. Imagine the Ghoulsaw how it is now and apply stats of pre nerf melee. I would not sit here and moan about the Ghoulsaw being too weak, i would enjoy the ride i can take while having decent movement as well. Again. Melee is still usable. It just annoys me to all hell, that we can't have something as the gold standard in a game without DE making grabby grabby fingers into it, thinking of it as the biggest evil in games. There will always be something being the "meta" in a game. Chasing perfect balance for every single weapon is an illusion in a game like this DE only wastes time on. Everytime DE slaps a new found toy out of your hand players will just rummage through the gigantic pile of "worse" weapons till they find a new "best" toy and DE walking up on them again to slap that out of their hand too. You know. Like a really REALLY awful parent. A good parent would pick up that toy, look at it up close and find out why his child picked that toy and try to either make other toys just as interesting to them or get them something on par with it. But i guess we can't have that, can we?
  12. Then DE needs to utilize this properly. Neither is there anything detailed anywhere about this system nor do i find anything in the first place. It is even hard enough to find anything about it if i try to find it. And by that i mean in relation to directly the change to explosive weapons. A new player who hasn't ever seen that devstream probably will never know about it either unless he accidentally stumbles upon it. More likely though he just sometimes does use it if he hammers down the spacebar or whatever key is assigned to it repeatedly in frustration, after getting knocked around too many times.
  13. Animations appearing jank and not function properly seems negligible in my eyes if the purpose of it was to make the gameplay faster and reduce the time the game takes control away from the player. The DPS buff was for me mostly a side effect. But as someone who already gets frustrated more and more with the game when you get tossed around like a pingpong ball every 2-3 seconds by every enemy by now being able to at least move fluently with melee and do damage on by was some relief from it. Since moving fast and being able to kill your enemies reliably negated hard CC's of enemies most of the time. With that gone i am back to Dan Hibiki-Frame. Unless i would sacrifice modslots to reduce it, which i am not willing to, since i believe the game should have a skillcap where you can avoid this stuff. I mean Rebecca said quite some time ago in a devstream with the upcoming explosion changes (where you don't kill yourself anymore, just get flung around) that you actually have a skillcheck button which either cuts the CC time in half or even completely negates it. Where is that? Why was that never implemented? That would had made a great addition to the space-ninja feeling and would give anyone reason to stop moaning about the ridiculous amount of enemy hard CC's by now.
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