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  1. Yes a bit of a completionist, but you don't really have to be that, if you want more capacity and other things as you mentioned. Surely you will get there eventually with other weapons, but you miss out on some genuine good weapons as well. So my point stands that you are forced to kill yourself still. And for the other part. Sorry to hear that your immersion got ruined, where my immersion started to flourish. And now got destroyed with those Lichs. And no. I do not think we are immortal warrios or whatever. But seeing a obvious bad design in a game that pulls you out of control of everything constantly and spits on your face is exactly what it is. Bad game design. They should have made it possible from the very get go to either get the know the right order as well, or at least have a bit of a chance to avoid the insta death roflstomp kill from the Liches be it by a short window to press a button to avoid it, or simply by having a telegraphed attack you can avoid. Instead i have to watch my Warframe getting killed not because i made a stupid mistake, but simply because DE gets off watching me getting killed for trying to play their new content.
  2. Very happy so. At least newer players don't have to ruin their immersion anymore, once they aren't forced to kill themselves over and over and over again. For myself though it is far too late for that. My immersion got completely ruined past any chance of repairing it. Sorry DE, but in my eyes you really #*!%ed up Warframe with the Lichsystem for players like me who did enjoy the bit of immersion they have built up over all those years. And i have been talking about this with some friends and they agree that those Liches ruined their fun and immersion as well. And before anyone starts, no you are forced to do these Liches. At least if you want to get the mastery and some good weapons out of it. So this "oh you don't have to do them" doesn't count. In my mind it is pretty much the worst argument you could make in this situation. If you could just buy those weapons right away, it would be a different story, but you can't. So no you are forced to do them. Well yeah. What is your opinion? You also got your immersion ruined? Your fun? Something else? Did you enjoy having to kill yourself thousands of times? As i said in the title. I am very happy for newer players, that they aren't forced to do this bullS#&$ anymore.
  3. Oh yay. And the Archwing Avionics are useless again. I mean i were already aware they will be nerfed.. or "fixed" how DE calls it, but damn.. Could have taken a bit longer this time.
  4. I did say the very same years ago, that they should give you more control. Like a Hunter Pet from WoW. Could be a simple button press, a command in the inventory or even a combo key.. Passive, Aggressive, Defensive. I don't know why this still isn't a thing, but i guess it is not that easy to implement. But totally agree that we need that.
  5. I knew it right away that they are going to #*!% with weapons again too much, people enjoy playing with. By now i really think that DE loves to punish and torture their players. Same with Chroma. Never ever did i felt that Armor nerf as with the Lichs now. I feel like a god damn paper dragon. I do not care about the damage nerf. But the armor nerf? There wasn't anythign wrong with the calculation of that and yet they felt the need to nerf it to oblivion. Well now i am eager to see what else they nerfed to the ground. A lot of loadouts that worked well and were viable in more advanced and difficult content are not utter trash. There i really need to ask. Why did you even wait so many years now with the new Melee system, if you knew you are going to kill off most builds anyway, while promising to take your time to NOT do that?
  6. The only thing right now that pissed me off way too hard to a point where i nearly Alt+F4 was simply the forced death of yourself, if he attacks you in a mission while you do not have the requirements to kill him yet. Of course i down him, see him being able to be attacked and what happens? He instakills you. Great. It sounds odd, but it turns me extremely off if i get killed in a game. Especially towards bullS#&$. Now of course i know, that i will never ever go near him trying to attack him and i kinda had it in mind, that i am probably unable to really kill him already, but i didn't expect HIM to INSTAGIB me. I thought he does these kind attacks if he grabs you or you get downed. At least give the player a chance to avoid him instakilling you. Seriously. It sounds odd as i said, but that really put me off from playing the game right now. And i am close to closing it. (It is like these games where your death absolutely means nothing and you just stand up again. Minecraft normal mode, Terraria etc.) And i often delete that character afterwards. So please. Don't do that to newer players who don't know that he will kill them. Give them a chance to fend it off.
  7. JFC people. Relax. I want the update to hit just as badly as you, but i don't get to the point to downright insult DE for that. I get it. You were hoping for it last week already. So did i. But i rather wait another week than having to deal with game breaking bugs that enrage me even more. Imagine they release it now as it is and there are enough bugs to make it unplayable. Then you come back here running rampid just because you can't play the update. Get a damn hold of yourself FFS.
  8. I have a feeling.. it is going to be friday. Guess the question then is... do we let it slip through with. "In October!"? Or... do we get technically and say they missed their release window?
  9. Everytime i watch others play Grendel in advance:
  10. The moment Steve starts streaming, you know it is about to hit. So look out for that.
  11. Once that comes out, i probably won't stop listening to this while playing it:
  12. Well not to say it couldn't, but from the way you say it. This week. If it would be today, they probably would say today or tonight.
  13. Twitter got an update. It is coming this week. So not today.
  14. Can't describe it any better. Me when i see the Update is about to hit. The Casserole being the Update and Gordon being DE.
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