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  1. Please revert back the Mirage's self heat proc trick to get Eclipse buff in dark.
  2. So was Speedva. Negative power strength Nova was not intended. But they didn't remove just because the community liked it. And the excuse you talking about, where is it? Maybe it would have been ok to remove it if there was a rework. But is there one? People have been blasting about it since long. So maybe if they said in the patch notes "hey we removed it because it was an unintended bug, but we are working on a rework of her abilities" that would have been a different story mate. Would you be crying out to devs after making this comment about 'Mirage rework' because they removed this trick? I don't think so. You will simply go ahead and use Chroma, totally forgetting about the fact that the devs made the time to remove this trick, but no effort to actually rework her.
  3. Maybe nerf was the wrong word. Sorry. It got removed. I posted a link to video where it explains how lighting Mirage on fire gets you the Eclipse buff. With the update, proccing heat doesn't light up Mirage and so no buff
  4. I don't know why people are calling it a bug or why you saying players were exploiting it. 1. If something catches fire, it gets lit. Simple 2. It's just like the situation where Chroma player uses Concealed explosives on secondary or use a glaive to get self damage in order to get buff. Mirage players light themselves up to get the buff. Otherwise the ability is so situational as I mentioned in the post. Imagine if they capped or even removed the 'self damage' taken by Chroma. Imagine a situation where there are no self damage weapons in the game or maybe recasting Vex Armor resets the fury buff to 0%. Player1 : Hey Chroma hit the synovia already. Player2: Wait my Fury buff is still stacking. Let the Eidolon hit me a couple of times more. The imaginary situations for Chroma I mentioned are what Mirage is dealing with. Not case-to-case match, but the idea remains the same. She has the potential to do damage, but can't because of situation. Other than that, I agree with your point of some synergy with her abilities.
  5. Did you even read the whole post mate? It's ok if you feel it's dramatic or whatever, but at least add something that actually contributes to the discussion about Mirage in general. Your is more dramatic than my whole post. I just said my Eidolon slayer build (with maximum strength possible) has been rendered useless. Sorry if it came as Mirage being useless in general. I still have a Total Eclipse build which is decent. I'll edit out that part.
  6. Why do you do this DE? The self heat proc trick to get Eclipse buff in dark got removed with The Old Blood update. Before the update: credit : LeyzarGamingViews. After the Update: Check out Leyzar's video on how the interaction worked if you were not aware of it: Mirage Eidolon Slayer build by LeyzarGamingViews My 8 forma Umbral Mirage(yes that's an Umbra forma spent) max strength build is useless now. I don't like playing Chroma in Eidolon fights or any other mission for that matter. Mirage is already pretty squishy compared to Chroma, and getting the Eclipse damage buff itself is more clumsy than to get Vex Armor buff. You need to able to re apply heat proc again and again when you want that buff. It is difficult but more fun. I like that play style. I really hope this was a bug, in which case please revert it. If this was intentional, it's really a shame. I would feel the devs are biased towards Chroma. This wouldn't have been a problem if the Eidolon hunt community was more accepting towards other frames. But the moment you join a multiple hunt group, they want Chroma as DPS. The recent loot nerf (which now has been reverted) was made with the reason that 'players shouldn't feel like having forced to equip a particular frame for a particular mission'. With Eidolon hunts, people are being forced to equip the Meta frames. The other reason I feel devs are biased is Chroma Prime was released with monstrously high stat weapons - Gram Prime and Rubico Prime. Mirage Prime - not even with her signature weapon Akzani, just got handed the short end of the stick with Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime. Just shows how much devs care about Chroma. It's as if they want people to use Chroma in Eidolon hunts. Let me use my frame of choice. Don't force me to use Chroma as DPS in Eidolon hunts. I don't like playing as Chroma, not one bit. If you say the heat proc giving buff itself was a bug, why not rework her to let the player choose when to get buff/damage mitigation? She already has a pretty clumsy mechanic of having to find dark or lit places. Where am I supposed to find light in Derelict or find darkness in Void? Maybe let her create areas of darkness or light with her Sleight of Hand ability? Or at least something like Arlo's lantern in the recent Halloween event. REMARKS: 1. Don't blast me saying something along the lines of 'just change your role'. I am just speaking about the role as DPS. 2. I know people have used frames like Rhino, Ivara, Garuda etc to do damage to Eidolon. But then these frames come with the ability kit to do so. I don't think anyone's doing damage with Nekros or Loki for example. Of course every frame specializes in their own thing. Mirage right now is just being specialized in troll though. People were utilizing her as a DPS, but DE decides she should not, and that's my grievance.
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