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  1. Thank you, you saved me from wasting ducats and creds on Baro with that. I'm buying the Prisma Grakata.
  2. I was considering it since it takes at least 4 minutes or more to do Aten.
  3. I know you can change he color if you have them but can you put Kavat armor on him too? I have Khora and Venari but I don't know if its possible cause I never got a kavat yet nor any kavat armor in my inventory to confirm this or not.
  4. Just in Loki's appearance options we can change the color hue on the screen when become he's invisible. So we can pick something not taxing on the eyes.
  5. I actually see nobody at Fortuna right now, it's very dead, there is only 1 server open too.
  6. The only thing tedious about gathering the Axi L4 is Vor won't shut up at Aten. Also Lotus doing those blasted "change of plans"
  7. He blathers on and on and on even after you kill him he's insufferable. He should be cut off if you kill him. That's all I'm asking, dead men tell no tales nor should the be able to monologue profusely when they're dead either.
  8. I'm starting to suspect the reason its not bounties cause people keep crashing on the open world areas so they need to fix that more until they are confident they can do it again.
  9. Its been a month though and Equinox Prime is saturated, if they rotated to have Equinox Prime relics with the Vault Relics this would be more interesting. What's more Equinox Prime and Stradavar prime and Tipedo prime will be around for a long time cause they're new, the problem is vault is only till july.
  10. Another issue that I found annoying, "change of plans" when you're doing the Hepit missions to get lith. You want in and out and that random sandbagging just frustrates you more.
  11. I do agree, its a bit random and even arbitrary seemingly, I caught my capture target why should I have to kill everyone? It's one thing when you set off the alarms 3 times during a spy mission, that is at least a reason to kill witnesses based on your sloppiness in the mission that is at least explained and not random.
  12. I haven't seen anyone sell any sets though aside one Odanata prime at the trade bazaar. No one is selling even Loki or Volt Prime sets, I saw a Wyrm once but thats it no Bo Prime either. If anything this has caused too big a dry spell. Besides its not entirely fair to some players cause some might not have full access to all the void levels and the bounties on cetus and fortuna let it be open to anyone. If you make it too exclusive you alienate the consumers.
  13. I want bounties, I have everything from Equinox Prime, I dont want to really do bounties due to the fact I'm just going to pile up more of them that I don't need. I have only gotten 3 O2 Lith relics in my endeavors and that's it. Nothing else. Just 2 Volt Prime bps and a Forma, NOTHING ELSE Equinox Prime will be here for a long time but the vaulted frames will be only available till July. Its just a waste to do it this way in terms of common sense. This has only made it much much harder to obtain the relics and is just making people mad. And I never have ANY intention of doing syndicate relic packs. I don't want to join one, I have no interest whatsoever in doing them.
  14. Perhaps if enough people voice it in the feedback something will be done. I have too many equinox prime release relics that I don't want to do bounties. There is no incentive compared to doing them for unvaulted relics.
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