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  1. I looked around and its not there. What is going on?
  2. I'm MR14 atm and my icon is not this blue one, I have a ki'teer glyph and for some reason the forums are not reflecting that.
  3. I used my Loki with mods to make his invisibility last longer, also used a melee finisher to keep it quiet.
  4. 3 times now I've had my squad teammates vanish on me without warning and no notice of "insert user name here" has left the squad Its been happening on Hydron on Sedna. Its' downright baffling. I'm left to fight alone as a result each time. Also, no host migration occurs either.
  5. I do but I'm not sure which one to use and I only have 65 p atm.
  6. I have a few to choose and I have a free slot from nightwave. Each has a primed ready to use after mastering the normal version. Banshee, Ember, Equinox, Hydroid, Mesa, Mirage I'm not sure and I got an affinity booster tonight so its possible to get them up to 30 in a night if I wanted by training on Sedna.
  7. I have seen stuff on how it will seek out the console for you but it just did nothing after it hacked the door but stand there during my spy sortie on B part. Worst of all the MOAs it hacked got me caught by attacking the enemies in the area. There needs to be some greater effort invested into the MOA hacking AI. I know they need to do more work but man it would help for it not to just sit around and do nothing. I did however like it sought out security cameras and shot them.
  8. That part I did read into, I was more about parts and the stats to go with the heads.
  9. I'm looking to make a good MOA since I have built nearly everything in Fortuna. I've never done anything with the MOA I see there are 3 models but I'm not sure what is good regarding the parts that go with them. I'm Old Mate in Fortuna so I have no restrictions on access to parts.
  10. Went back, I was 39 meters away from the elevator and still my K-drive did not deploy and was locked out!
  11. Sometimes when I leave the elevator and about a few meters away my k-drive will not deploy and will be locked out, i have to leave the area to get it back. This is a very obnoxious issue for people that want to just go and race. The pattern seems to be if I go back to Fortuna then go back up the Orb Valis the K-Drive will not work.
  12. So when can we expect to see the ones that weren't licensed to Switch yet and got accidentally put up for sale before? I hope to someday get Blade of the Lotus Skin for my Oberon Prime to get rid of his really ugly base form. I'm sorry but its just impossible to look at that I don't ever want to use it. The skin I want just looks like a real prime comparably speaking to the actual prime itself.
  13. Not to sound ungrateful but when is the next unvaulting?
  14. Very cool, I am also eager to learn of the next set of unvaulted warframes/weapons too.
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