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  1. Any changes to the Host Migration system (the bane of Warframe)?
  2. Any ideas for the host migration issues, which are quite literally the bane of Warframe? Anthem has this system where no matter who leaves/crashes/etc, there is no host migration. I would love to have this system in Warframe.
  3. Can we get something for the dojo decoration system that allows us to move a group of objects without having to delete or dismantle "creations". Say, someone made this elaborate creation, but realized they need it positioned somewhere else than where they originally built it. Something where the creator can select multiple objects and move them all as a set.
  4. Any idea when Riven Disposition changes arrive, such as for Gram and Tiberon, since their recent primes are extremely powerful with rivens equipped?
  5. Having to defeat the Grustag Three 3 times for the Relay Reconstruction is over the top to many players, like me, who rarely play invasion missions. They're not like the Stalker or Syndicates. G3 and Zanuka Hunter require much more work in order to even get their marks and tens of times more just to get them to show. Unless we get G3 beacons with the next Baro appearance, a huge amount of peeps aren't even gonna be able to complete this part of the rebuild requirements.
  6. Any chance we may get new standing positions for Melee Weapons to match the Noble and Agile Animation Sets? Not so much as new idle animations for Melee weapons, but just new standing postures. For example, with Venka and the Agile Animation Set equipped, the warframe isn't standing straight up, but is crouched lower to the ground.
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