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  1. As it is now, using elemental mods on weapons is the clear choice when aiming to maximize damage on a weapon. Even though the 90% elemental-damage mods seemingly gives less than the rarer 120% primary-damage mods, the elemental's almost always outperforms the primary's. The only weapons that the +120% primary damage mods actually outperform the elemental's are weapons that have over 90% of its damage in one primary damage type, like the Tigris. These harder-to-get (mainly the puncture mods) are overall weaker than the easier-to-get elemental's and that, imo, is overall wrong.
  2. I am dying to have a Beast-themed Warframe!!! One that can run on all fours on the floor, walls and ceiling. Pounce on enemies, ripping them apart with a giant mawed helmet and large claws, like a savage beast tearing into the carcass of its prey. Something like Furion, the fan-made concept by Daemonstar.
  3. ok, so Hildryn now doesn't have a passive???
  4. Any chances/plans on releasing more fan-made warframes, like Zephyr?
  5. Any chances of more Fan-made Warframe being implemented?
  6. There's a railjack ability that forcefully warps the whole squad onto the railjack (I don't know what the name is) and it needs to be removed!!! This is a major troll ability that just needs to fk off. I was mid flight to the reactor when someone in the squad had used the ability, forcing me back onto the ship and retry getting to the reactor again; then again after I destroyed the reactor and wanted to gather the remaining resources on the ground. You have no idea how much this annoyed me.
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