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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I'm trying to level up my warframe while running these missions, so I am constantly popping in and out of my warframe and necramech. After some time, I start experiencing delays in my warframe's abilities (as though the host is starting to lag); Afterwards, I end up locked in my necramech with my abilities locked as well. Sometimes this is fixed after my necramech is destroyed, then redeployed, but other times, this bug remains, regardless of how many times the mech is destroyed. This, in turn, forces us to extract early, because our main weapons are unable to
  2. The main issue I see when it comes to Sanctuary Onslaught is the fact that players leave whenever they want. As for the players who want to go to round 8 in order to farm for the Lato Vandal and Braton Vandal parts, most are forced to extract, because they're not able to solo through rounds 3 to 8. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not saying something along the lines of removing the option for players to extract or make enemies easier to solo. Many players simply use Onslaught to level up weapons/pets (including me) and there's nothing wrong with that. But, as Onslaught is currently, it's not
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Host Migration in Deimos causes Bonus Affinity for Necramech to reset VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Host Migration after gained affinity for Necramech EXPECTED RESULT: Bonus Affinity should retain after a host migration OBSERVED RESULT: Normal gained affinity retained, but bonus affinity reset REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% It's hard enough ranking up a Necramech as it is, but because people are too "got to go NOW!", they choose to "Leave Squad" then extract, instead of waiting for the others. I understand that, sometimes, people have to
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When doing the T3 Arcana, we had the stage where we needed to seal up the fissure, only problem was, the Emitter didn't spawn. At first I thought it was delayed, because that happens often with Emitters and Purifiers. After waiting at least 5 minutes, we decided to give up, but before leaving, I noticed a yellow marker, nearly 3000 meters away. So, I put my hypothesis to the test, only to find out, it's true. The Emitter needed for the T3 Arcana has SPAWNED IN THE T2 ARCANA AREA ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE F* MAP!!! VISUAL: This picture shows me standing by
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Just, literally, spent an hour doing this one Tier 3 Arcana Isolation Vault Run, from the moment I entered Deimos to the moment I left and these bugs are giving me a splitting migraine. We unlocked all 3 vaults and skipped Tier 1 and 2's Arcana. During this run, after opening the Tier 3 vault, when I went to select the Tier 3 Arcana, it was still locked. So, we had to run through the T3 Isolation Vault again, with everything unlocked, re-kill the Necramechs and took the Evac Tickler back out. This time, the T3 Arcana was unlocked and we were a
  6. The Sporothrix Blueprint was originally on the Marketplace (I know this, because I bought it) and a drop during the Teir 3 Arcana Isolation Vault, but at some point, it was removed from the Marketplace. Now the only way to get the blueprint is to play the T3 Arcana, but there's no issue there, because the drop-rate is 21%. 4 out of 5 missions of T3 Arcana has a 21% chance to reward a Sporothrix Blueprint. Why??? This is more than 2-3 times the percentage of the other parts needed to make the weapon, for each of the 4 stages and from staged 2-4, it has more % than all other parts rewarded combi
  7. Why are the blueprints for the new Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa drop rewards in Arcana? These bps are purchasable from the marketplace. This makes NO sense and just wastes a chance at a part for the weapons.
  8. Personally, I don't see any problems with Xaku; she's a great crowd control frame. I get that she's the "Broken" warframe, but peeps are putting her out to be the other kind of "broken", but I don't see it. She's got great dps, cc and tankiness.
  9. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [After gaining affinity with the Necramech and after finishing a Vault mission, sometimes the host will leave the squad instead of waiting at extraction to save a few seconds, causing a host migration and resetting the Necramech's affinity. This only affects the Necramech; a leveling pet is active and it retains the gained affinity earned throughout the mission.] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [Use Necramech, gain affinity for Necramech, exit Necramech, Host Migration, Affinity Reset (as though the Necramech was never used)] EXPECTED RESULT: [N
  10. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Pet remains active when using Necramech. It doesn't receive affinity, but it does take damage from enemies and can die] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [Use Necramech with a pet active (Predasite, Vulpa, etc)] EXPECTED RESULT: [Pet should disappear, like it would when using Arch-wing] OBSERVED RESULT: [When using Necramech, pet receives damage from nearby enemies and potentially dies, yet does not receive affinity from kills caused by Necramech] REPRODUCTION RATE: [100%]
  11. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Arch-wing is unusable after using Necramech, after returning to the surface from the Vault] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [I used the Necramech in the Vault (1-3, doesn't matter which one); it survives the battle, then I take the tenta-tickler back to the surface (leaving the Necramech in the vault); I try using the Arch-wing launcher, but get "Invalid launch point" regardless of where I am, until extraction. (Necramech Launcher works fine)] EXPECTED RESULT: [Arch-wing Launcher should launch my arch-wing] OBSERVED RESULT: ["Invalid laun
  12. The Trang Rifle needs some kind of improved method of finding animals. The ping every 2 seconds doesn't help any, except for letting you know there is something relatively nearby. Getting Tags is far faster now because we can simply fly around the map with the gun scoped and get a reading; but when is comes to specific creatures, ha, good luck! Ever try to find an Avichaea on Deimos? You literally have better chances of eye-balling it without the Tranq rifle's scope. If it's one that wasn't called using a lure, unless you're starring right at it when the reading goes off, chances are you'
  13. Just tried doing today's Sortie (4/7/19) and during the first mission, there is a door that won't open. I tried aborting the mission and restarting 3 times, but each ended up the same. Only the host is able to get through the door while the other 3 are trapped. This also means that extraction is impossible, even if the host finishes the mission by themselves, unless 2 of the other players leave.
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