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  1. Can we get some improvement when earning rewards from Profit-Taker bounties? I've been doing Phase 3 since I finished the main quest so I can get some Sola Toroids, but the process of doing this is too tedious compared to the amount of rewards earned. - Talk to Eudico in the back - Select Phase 3 - Speed through her dialog by rapidly left-clicking - Run to the Elevator and enter Orb Vallis - Piss off the Profit-Taker and 100 nullifier enemies - Return to the Elevator and get a single reward - Repeat Each process takes roughly 20mins to do, making about 3-4 rewards an hour. I personally feel no motivation to do this 10 - 30 times for a reward that has a 12.5% chance of obtaining (no less rewards that have smaller chances), even if it is to get a new warframe, arcanes, etc. Sure I could just grab a squad and go to Spaceport to farm them, but I've done that before; it's not fun. That feels more like a desperation method, like looking for caches on specific missions to find Nitain Extract, to me.
  2. Can we get something for the dojo decoration system that allows us to move a group of objects without having to delete or dismantle "creations". Say, someone made this elaborate creation, but realized they need it positioned somewhere else than where they originally built it. Something where the creator can select multiple objects and move them all as a set.
  3. Any idea when Riven Disposition changes arrive, such as for Gram and Tiberon, since their recent primes are extremely powerful with rivens equipped?
  4. Just discovered this one today during Sortie 3. Somehow Revenant can Entrall Operatives. Failed the mission 2 times already because of this. I have no clear idea how I can Entrall a Defense Operative, but I think it has to do with Entralling an enemy that is attacking the Operative at the same time. This causes the now Thralled Operative to get downed by enemies AND allies and be impossible to revive. Just before I failed the first time, I Entralled a Hyekka and it continued to attack the Operative, then the Operative became downed and that's when I realized it was a Thrall as well. The second time, I didn't see it when it became a Thrall.
  5. Revenant's Thralls die way to easily. It takes a few seconds for Entrall to turn an enemy into a Thrall often resulting in the enemy dying before Entrall takes effect. Though this isn't the main problem. The main problem is that Thralls don't restore health once they become Thralls and allies can't tell the difference enough to not attack them (heck, people still try to attack Nekros' Shadows of the Dead). This causes Thralls to die by ally hands before the Thrall can do anything over 90% of the time (unless you're in a completely separate room). I'm not saying make the Thralls invincible, but having it where only the Revenant that is controlling them can kill them prematurely would be much appreciated. It gets really annoying spamming Entrall just to watch your ally, who's going on a melee killing spree with a polearm, kill the Thrall a half-second later.
  6. I have noticed a minor color problem when it comes to Revenant and the Vetala Armor Set. I matched the color of the armor with my Revenant, but the energy color on the armor is a slightly different color. I don't have any syandanas equipped and my Revenant's energy color is blue, but the energy color of the Vetala Armor (just the shoulders are being shown, but this applies to the legs as well) is turquoise. I don't know if the color difference of the armor is visible throughout all frames and all colors.
  7. I'm not getting the third fragment from Revenant. I heard that Konzu was suppose to give Revenant's blueprint, but I got it from when I defeated Revenant. I built him and went back to Cetus to see if I can get the last fragment, but nothing. I even re-equipped the Mask of the Lost One and tried again, but to no avail. I talked to Nakak and she went straight to her inventory. I exited that and after she said what she usually does, she spoke another line, "Have you talked to Konzu yet?". So I went to Konzu, but he had nothing more to say other than his opening lines. The only selections I have to choose from are either 'Bounties' or 'Osteron Standing'. I leave the conversation, he says his ending lines and that's it. I even went out onto the Plains at night to see if that may trigger something, but no.
  8. Having to defeat the Grustag Three 3 times for the Relay Reconstruction is over the top to many players, like me, who rarely play invasion missions. They're not like the Stalker or Syndicates. G3 and Zanuka Hunter require much more work in order to even get their marks and tens of times more just to get them to show. Unless we get G3 beacons with the next Baro appearance, a huge amount of peeps aren't even gonna be able to complete this part of the rebuild requirements.
  9. Any chance we may get new standing positions for Melee Weapons to match the Noble and Agile Animation Sets? Not so much as new idle animations for Melee weapons, but just new standing postures. For example, with Venka and the Agile Animation Set equipped, the warframe isn't standing straight up, but is crouched lower to the ground.
  10. Does Reach and Primed Reach affect Exalted Blade and other Exalted Weapons now?
  11. just found a minor problem that came with this update (i believe). when in the syndicate offerings and typing in the warframe/weapon's name of the mods you are looking for, nothing shows up. the mods will show if you type in a bit of the description of the mods, but typing the name will result in a blank page.
  12. just a poor man adding more tennogen stuff onto his wishlist, never to obtain them and dream forever because they're not plat viable
  13. Doing this might help prevent accidental vaulting as well!!!
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