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  1. I just want to thank the [DE] team for getting this game running as smoothly and as nicely on the Switch! It now runs at a mostly consistent 30fps in quests, but I'm going to see if open areas like Orb Valis have gotten improvements performance wise as well. With that said, I'm still encountering texture glitch problems in Lua. They mostly occur on floor debis.
  2. I hope those nasty texture glitches have been fixed. Might it have something to do with the memory leak scripting accidentally closing some operations that weren't supposed to be closed? I also hope they solved the long blank loading screen and Orb Valis elevator loading. I also hope Steve Sinclair and other DE coders would take a look into utilizing the new Nintendo Switch "boost clock" profiles meant for loading as a way of shortening times during match making/loading to and from open world environments.
  3. The fixes are the biggest thing here! Now I can finally proceed to finishing The War Within after getting the revelations scene ruined in The Second Dream because of the bug.
  4. I've been to several servers where there are lots of people present in the hub and yes, Cetus in general runs smooth (the city hub I mean). Now Plains of Eidolon...is a mixed bag at times. I'm not sure if it might have something to do with net connectivity of the host or others being hosts, but in general there are occassions with the Thumper + Grineer troopers such as Ghouls and other being dropped from the sky that can really eat performance with a full squad. This problem is also exhibited inconsistently, as sometimes there will be absolutely no enemies present and the framerate will just proceed to remain "tanked" until you decide to leave the squad. Fortuna still has certain performance issues, but the latest version has overall improved them a bit. I feel some of the optimizations will need to be hand-tweaked.
  5. I am guessing that the latest update was suppose to solve some of these long-standing Switch launch bugs (especially considering the new script they’re running was designed to stop memory leaks and that they’ve “optimized” textures and shaved 300MB), but it ended up resulting in some new graphical glitches in the process. They probably do have to check that prolonged black screen error that got introduced with Jovian Concord, and some collision detection on Archwing missions. Cetus runs a whole lot better now, so they must be doing something right. Now if only they can get Fortuna and its loading elevator to run just as smoothly too... (i.e. make use of the new CPU/GPU clock profiles on Switch for loading screens.) I do think they should spend time testing these updates before implementing them.
  6. As Rebecca mention in the stream, some of these bugs run much deeper and will require recoding (such as the Operators), so I wouldn’t expect any fixes until the next big certification update. I do hope this time they give it adequate playtesting to make sure these performance optimizations do not incur any more big errors. Even that script to get rid of memory leaks might be eating “legit” threads by accident.
  7. I'm sure they're working on it, but I have a feeling we won't see these fixes until the next big update... (The New War perhaps?) With that said, performance gains are tremendous (except when aformentioned memory leaks occur), so they must be doing something right, especially with Cetus now performing 80% better than at launch, and that's with "everything set to High".
  8. I'd like to add these ones too: One of the moons of Jupiter in the Orbiter background looks like it was superimposed incorrectly or in the wrong "layer", resulting in a weird "Venn diagram" like odd shading where Jupiter's shape intersects it. Some interactive textures, like Elevators buttons, will sometimes appear overlit when interacted with. (Judging from how widespread the texture glitches are, I'd say it could be a texture memory leak or incorrect calls?) Sometimes returning to Cetus from the Plains of Eidolon right after a host migration will result in the "The software has been suspended because it encountered an error." notification from the Nintendo Switch OS. Certain Relays exhibit incorrect tone mapping/brightness when returning from certain menu items such as the Inventory, Clan, and other related Pause menu items that take up the entire screen. Also thanks @(NSW)Glaive-012 for listing and screencapping some of the more obscure ones too!
  9. Just letting you guys know how much we appreciate the improvements on performance the recent patch had on areas such as Cetus! It looks so much sharper AND runs so much smoother than it did back at launch! (Are the folks at Panic Button still helping out? Because I'd also like to extend the appreciation to them as well if they are involved.)
  10. You might want to put "R". There is no "R1" on a Nintendo Switch controller. Also Motion controls work for me and my Pro Controller. Slight gyro drifting is still an issue though.
  11. Please let us know when the renderer/UI hotfixes are being sent in for certification. I now have to replay The Second Dream because the graphical glitches have ruined the big scenes for me.
  12. Is it just me, or has the anti-aliasing been altered/changed? Doesn't seem to be the usual TAA implementation anymore. Could be SMAA?
  13. Is that the reason why there are sometimes "pink squares" when flying around in the Plains of Eidolon? Sometimes I think the "impostor assets" for the LOD fail to load and hence why some of the terrain tiles will look pink.
  14. During the underwater sections of the Gineer Sealab tilesets, there is a severere clipping issue where my Archwing can literally fly past the walls and get stuck. This is most apparent when said underwater sections have a huge jetstream that pushes the player back to the surface: Sometimes if the player collides with the walls within the underwater shaft around the jetstream, they will literally clip through the terrain! I'm not sure if this has been a long standing bug, but this clipping issue might end up being exploited as well.
  15. The New Loka representative face looks really red, and the shadows are very off/jagged.
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