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  1. It seems like they have made progress in fixing this problem by allowing you to feed any resources to the Helminth giving you a use for otherwise useless stuff
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing, these idiots are meant to be protecting an extremely powerful object and the source of our powers. Why do we not just kill them and take it for ourselves?
  3. Had the Athodai alt fire not working with unlimited ammo void relic buff been fixed?
  4. Any fix for the Athodai secondary fire not working with the unlimited ammo void relic buff?
  5. I have heard that Zephyrs Air burst is getting buffed/adjusted and I think this would be a good time to fix some bugs with Zephyrs 1. If you use tail wind straight upwards for example then melee ground slam before it is finished when you land you will bounce back up with the same momentum from your tail wind, or if you use it straight ahead you will slide along the ground after a ground slam (Its kind of fun ngl but should be fixed) also some adjustments for the physics of tail wind would be good, when you use air burst to dash forward it seems to kill your momentum when it ends, it would be g
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