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  1. A redisign of the loot system. I really love the Destiny 2 loot system with power level and item rarities and I think it is the one thing i would change
  2. This is unrelated but does anyone know the amount of weapons or frames they will need to release for this to be possible?
  3. I think dedicated servers should be the priority right now.
  4. So my idea is to have to Moa start to fall over then discover he can hover by spinning his legs like a helicopter as seen in the quick Animation I made. (I am not sure if it will be possible to do exactly as my animation shows, I do not know if the rig will allow the legs to bend that way) 0.00: Moa Idle animation 0.05: Moa begins to tip 1.00: Moa panics, then discovers he can hover by spinning his legs 2.30: Moa flys around a bit 4.00: Moa lands with an elegant twirl because he is just showing of now 5.00: Moa idle animation
  5. The MOAs legs start spinning like helicopter blades and they flip onto their side and hover.
  6. Can you please release some Railjack themed images, I am looking for a Railjack desktop background but none of the images on google are amazing enough to match my hype.
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