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    Update 24: Fortuna Part 1

    For me, the loading screen hangs for a long time when I am on a slow network. On my mobile hotspot with a connection under 1Mb down, it took something like 15 minutes before it progressed. On my home network with 150Mb down it works totally fine. How fast is your connection?
  2. This needs to happen. I was very excited to play Warframe with my new Pro Controller this Christmas and was very disappointed when I finally figured out that I needed to rotate my controller like a steering wheel... Makes it unplayable for me.
  3. (NSW)msly07

    Unable to Pause game in Solo mode

    I was playing a mission on solo and when I paused it paused the game. The sound and everything. I thought that they maybe fixed it but it hasn’t worked since for me.
  4. (NSW)msly07

    Unable to Pause game in Solo mode

    This worked for me yesterday. Not sure if they released any fixes
  5. (NSW)msly07

    Unable to Pause game in Solo mode

    It’s not a solution. It’s steps to reproduce the issue. The issue being that the game is unpausable in solo mode.
  6. (NSW)msly07

    Unable to Pause game in Solo mode

    I was playing D3 on my switch just before Warframe and they did a great job with sleep mode in D3. They even allow offline seasonal character play (you just have to be online when you log in). It would be awesome to see the same thing with Warframe. Being able to put your switch down at any time without losing progress is one of the main reasons to play on the switch. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m loving Warframe and am so glad it is on the switch!
  7. (NSW)msly07

    Unable to Pause game in Solo mode

    Wait, you can pause when playing solo on other platforms? It would be so nice to be able to put my switch to sleep and resume a mission later.
  8. (NSW)msly07

    Can't log in again

    This happened to me the other day and closing the game and opening it again fixed the issue. I have a theory as to one of the reasons this happens. I looked at the parental control app to see my playtime. I had an hour or so under my user for warframe but found that it had also logged 5 minutes of warframe as no user selected. I’m guessing these were the 5 minutes I was attempting to log in after putting the game in sleep. So my theory is that after putting the switch to sleep, warframe can reload with no user profile selected which results in the invalid login error. I haven’t had the issue since that day, but sometimes I’ll just close the game instead of putting it to sleep if I’m done with my playing session just to avoid having to reload twice. 
  9. (NSW)msly07

    Twitch Prime Weapon Bundle not received

    I’m having the same issue. I created a ticket and support said that my twitch account had never been used to log in... but I got trinity so... hopefully they get this resolved! Glad I’m not the only one!