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  1. I mainly just bookmark streaming sites. To keep track of what episode I’m on and stuff. Since some of the shows I watch have over 500+ episodes, losing my place can be a real hassle. + my various profiles on various sites. And I guess stuff that I want to look at more in-depth later.
  2. In all seriousness, having a themed clan, with members renaming themselves to match the theme? #ClanGoals Maybe I’ll try to start a themed clan on Xbox.
  3. Had a Lotus Kubrow once on PS4. It’s just a fur design right? Yet people seem to value it. Wish I had known that I could sell imprints of it for platinum back then. Ended up consigning it.
  4. Had a chance to buy my first Quanta Vandal yesterday. Mastery Rank wasn’t high enough though. Guess I’ll have to wait several more months or longer for it to appear again. Sucks to be me.
  5. Well, I tried it on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Didn’t work. I read there was a special adapter or something though. Yeah, but I have really bad luck with PCs. Even when I get the ones with really good specs, they somehow turn out to be glitchy or wonky as heck. With an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, and consoles in general, there’s a certain peace of mind. No worrying about builds or customizing or stuff like that. Plus the Xbox One S was on sale for like, 200$ last I checked. Might be over though...
  6. Since when?! Not that I’d ever go back to Sony... Aye.
  7. Because I just found out Xbox has mouse and keyboard support. Also, the Switch version is an effing mess right now.
  8. I think I may start playing on the Xbox... Or PC. And so once again, the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on Warframe will amount to naught. *sigh*
  9. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a last post. They’d probably just remove the offending posts.
  10. Since the core complaint regarding Titania’s rework pertains to the vacuum and channeled abilities like Razorwing, I have a suggestion. Only allow energy pickups when you’re missing the amount of energy that is going to be restored. If you aren’t missing at least 25 energy, you can’t pick up an energy orb. And when you do, you only pick up one energy orb. Same goes for health orbs. Although this fails to take into consideration Arcane Energize, so it’s probably not enough. Alternatively. Make Vacuum innate for all Warframes, and let us adjust the range in options. (3 to 11.5 to anywhere in between) Actually, just do that anyway. @[DE]Rebecca
  11. What are you talking about? If you buy it on PC, it all goes to DE doesn't it? - and if you buy it on PS4, Xbox One, or the Switch, DE also gets paid, don't they? So either way, wherever you buy it, you've paid DE for the content. And the PC side of things is 100% DE. No other companies would be affected, and no other companies have authority. If they lose thousands, it'll be because they're no longer being paid 2/3/4 times for the same content. It's not really a loss when they shouldn't have been getting paid that much to begin with. And besides, PC players got to keep mostly everything they bought. Why only them? Sure, platinum didn't carry over, but everything they bought with platinum did. Except for a select few cosmetics maybe. Why is it fair that only PC players get to keep their purchases?
  12. Excuses, excuses. Nobody should have to buy the same thing thrice, or quadruple times now that the Switch is out. They could come up with a solution, they just don’t want to because it benefits them. Maybe the consoles won’t allow it, but there’s nothing stopping them from regranting what you’ve purchased on the consoles on the PC. You bought Limbo Prime on PS4, they could just grant you it on the PC too. No permission needed. It’s theirs, and only theirs.
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