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  1. Plains of Eidolon Update 24.8.1 Garasu Tennogen Mask exhibiting flshing glares of light randomly. Spira Prime's model misadjusted when displayed with a Warframe articula, deriving from the warframe's current loadout. Mission Summary screen displaying an extra Excalibur tag with a black portrait after using Excalibur Umbra (likely occurs with used specters as well). When the Vahd Pauldron is equipped on the Operator, the right shoulder plate section is suspended in midair whenever the Man in the Wall manifests. Grineer Scorpion's mouth 'jabbering,' opening and closing whenever observed. Background lighting surrounding the Lua Tree is absent during the Sacrifice memory cutscenes, when transference is attempted on Umbra during the first three times. The Operator is frozen and visible in their last position during the third to last cinematic cutscene of the Sacrifice, as Umbra grabs and draws his sword. Arsenal station is positioned in front of the viewscreen while it is used in a clan dojo, with the chosen warframe still visible behind it. "Headless" Excalibur corpse appearing and ragdolling, after switching back from the Operator to Excalibur Umbra. During the second to last cinematic within the Second Dream quest, as the warframe is pulling out the War sword, any equipped throwing-based weapons are suspended above both of the warframe's hands. The War Within starting cinematic lacking the ambient red lighting illuminating the Twin Queen's chamber. In the War Within, during the Operator's awakening cutscene in the orbiter after entering the Twin Queen's chamber, any equipped basic Carrier sentinel will be seen looking as its Prime variant. Odonata Prime's ability menu displaying the original Odonata variant equipped, instead of its Prime counterpart. The "Investigate the Reservoir on Lua" mission's Liset cutscene during the War Within, shows the Liset entering empty space with an asteroid field rather than Lua itself. The War Within "Track Teshin" Mission node on Jupiter previewing a Europa-themed environment rather than the Gas City tileset. Lua 'moon dust' particles scattered on the floor exhibiting tile-shaped textures, rather than grains. Mosaic blue/red to black color spots manifesting within bright sources of light exhibiting excessive bloom and glare. (Tested using the Paracesis with bright energy colors, while using the dark entrance of the Lua Courtyard captura to amplify the effects.) Lacera whipline attachment not attaching to the hilt of the main weapon. Exalted Umbra Blade's color patterns resetting to their default palettes whenever Radial Javelin or Slash Dash are used, while the B or C color options are active. (Tested using Captura) Pakal Chest plate energy patterns asymmetrical, more prominent on the left side of the chest armor. Iradite formations on the Plains appearing yellow instead of their traditional red color. Cetus flesh not 'bleeding' as the Ostrons pull it out of the harvested tower section, near the starting area of the Cetus hub. Black, square-shaped patches dotted throughout the infested tree-like structures within the Orokin Derelict tilesets. Cetus visitor's head in the Relays (sans Maroo's Bazaar) glitching out when viewed from a certain angle, within the main room of the Relays east from the Rhino statue, near the door leading to the New Loka entrance. Ogma codex entry displaying a smaller Ogma above the larger one. Alad V's eyes being pitch black during his introductory cutscene in his respective Assassination mission.
  2. - Do you plan to release the Excalibur Umbra Beast Helmet onto the global build within the future? - Is it true that you will add Excalibur Prime customizations for Excalibur Umbra soon? - Are there more "Umbral" Warframes in the works, or is Excalibur Umbra the only warframe in his class? - Will there be alternative means for Umbral Forma to be earned outside of Nightwave? - Do you have plans to make the Chimera Prolouge replayable? - Will we ever learn more about the Man in the Wall storywise? - Will Nora Night's background be explored within the future? - Does the possibility exist that we will visit other systems beyond Warframe's current setting? Other races, civilizations, etc.?
  3. As I was casually surfing the wikia yesterday, I noticed an article pertaining to an interesting cosmetic. The Umbra Beast helmet has an interesting design asthetic, reminiscient of the traditional Excalibur motifs with the orokin accents. It seems more visually interesting compared to the original helmet. However, it's currently an exclusive to the Chinese build of the game. I can't be certain if they just released it early just as they did with Umbra Prime, but hopefully DE plans to release the helmet globally within in the future. What does everyone else think?
  4. Lech Kril's hammer doesn't seem to drag along the floor properly, clearly suspended in the air from the floor. I believe this bug to have been present for quite some time now. Do you have plans to update this in the future, DE?
  5. Equinox Prime Hotflix 3 Bugs: 4/6/2019 - Navigation banner within Orbiter strangely displaying Orb Vallis label as "Orb Vallis: I LABEL I in Cold/Warm/Freezing". - Shadow Stalker's communication window displaying pre-Second Dream Stalker when a Warframe ability is used on him. - Zanuka Hunter's communication window displaying original green variant, rather than its red and white color scheme. - Within the Saturn Six captura, players are irregularly suspended above the floor while standing on the balcony section of the prison, above the broken wall. - Perla Dual Pistol skins positioning the cylinder section of the weapon in front of the barrel while equipped on the Asksomati (Might have the same result for Akstiletto). - Lua Ascension Hall Nightwave challenge not providing standing to players upon completion (Needs further confirmation from playerbase). - Wolf of Saturn Six diorama scene not looping when his Codex entry is accessed, remaining dark until it is reaccessed. - Lotus noggle's head section glitching when moving away from its position, returning to normal when moving closer to it. - Camera clipping through the walls of the Liset section of the orbiter, next to the Market and Codex segments. Same issue also occurs within one of the starting areas of the Grineer Galleon tileset. - The following glyphs (Nef Anyo Mashed, Buried Debts, Tennocon 2019, Wolf of Saturn Six) not displaying on the forum profile for players to see when chosen within their profile. - Players dissapearing when flying near the upper sky boundary above Orb Vallis, via Archwing. - Operator Garasu Oculus cosmetic exhibiting flashing glares. - Orbiter hull background displaying incorrect location not correspondant to the last completed mission with their respective planet after relogging (e.g. background displaying the Kuva Fortress while last playing a mission at Sedna, after exiting and relogging). - While accessing the inventory from navigation, text from of all the listed planets and their nodes are still visible from within the inventory screen, obstructing the menu while it is active. An issue like this also transpires when accessed from the Arsenal, Foudry, and Mod segments (See Switch v.24 Bug Report #1).
  6. Hello, DE! I have only a few questions that I've recycled from my previous comment from the last devstream that hopefully might be answered. - Will Umbra Forma have easier acquisition means in the future outside of Nightwave? - After the event ends, will a new Nightwave event become available immediately afterwards or much later in a few months? - Does the possibility exist that we will visit other systems beyond Warframe's current setting? (Alien races, civilizations, etc.) - Will Nora Night's character be elaborated upon in the future?
  7. I was running a Mobile Defense mission on Lua, intending on completing the Mobile Defense mission challenges and the Lua Ascension challenge at the same time. While I completed both challenges after a while, the Lua challenge was completed but strangely, the standing for the challenge was not provided. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Hopefully this issue will be resolved...
  8. DE has outdone itself by a mile. By far the best announcement I've ever seen.
  9. Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately I can't provide a screenshot, but I can at least describe the issue in detail. (I also meant mosaic, not 'mosiac') To elaborate, the bug is present around the orokin glyphs imprinted around the armor itself, where the square tile "mosaic" visuals overlap them. Setting the primary (e.g. Smoke C1 R18) and accent (e.g. Smoke C4 R13) colors to darker shades help make it more visible if one attempted to look closely at the armor itself. Also, the Gift of the Lotus mission node error as I mentioned before also occured with the last Fomorian invasion node with similar issues. This may have also occured for the Razorback node as well, just to be sure, so the bug seems to occur for event-based prerequisites.
  10. Observed Bugs v.24.5.0 (3/28/19) - Saturn - Telesto Node having a Forma icon on the mission window rather than an enemy display. - Mesa Prime Regulators not corresponding to chosen color palettes within the warframe display compartment of the personal quarters segment. - Cursor hovering over Gifts of the Lotus mission nodes resulting in node tileset backgrounds dissapearing, until the player exits and reenters navigation. - When + is pressed for the orbiter options while in the arsenal menu, then heading over to the inventory screen, the arsenal menu and inventory management table are overlapped. Exiting the inventory screen afterwards back to the arsenal will cause two overlapping warframes to appear. Similar issues occur while in the Foundry & Mod segments. - "Mosaic" graphical errors present on Tennocon 2019 armor attachment textures (likely present on other attachment sets and regalia, needs further testing). - Quest previews irregularly displaying player's equipped warframe replacing warframes that are centralized around their respective quests (e.g. an equipped Excalibur occupying Limbo's pose in the Limbo Theorem, Mesa replacing Mirage in the Hidden Messages preview, etc.) - Chroma & Chroma Prime's ability screen showing two effigies, with one still attached to him whilst the other also lacks any color or armor customizations present, using the original variant of the effigy based on the standard version of Chroma. - Colors of all status effects irregularly corresponding to any warframe's customized energy color, rather than their preset colors. - Sortie display for the Ambulas previewing the boss inexplicably speaking in Frohd Bek's voice (does not occur on the Hades mission node when hovered over). :Update (3/30/19): - Warframes holding throwing-based weapons incorrectly like singular pistols, while aiming and moving in any direction (Spira/Prime, Despair, etc.).
  11. The new Nightwave system update across the platforms is an impressive feat, making a huge overhaul to outdated features. I also have questions that I hope will be answered in regards to the Wolf of Saturn Six event, including any possible future content. Nightwave questions: - Will S6 (Saturn Six) exclusive content be available in the future even after it ends in new recurring events, similar to Plague Star? (Wolf Sledge, Wolf Cosmetics, etc.) - In regards to the Wolf's spawn chances, is it more effective to play missions in squads to add up his spawn probability, or wait within the last few weeks for him? If so, how often will he spawn in missions during those later days? - Will Umbral Mods have easier acquisition means in the future outside of Nightwave? - After the event ends, will a new Nightwave event become available immediately afterwards or much later in a few weeks or months? - Will a Wolf beacon become available from Baro's stock in his future visits if possible? Future Content: - In regards to the New War, how major will this quest affect the game in the future in regards to the Sentients, and will the Lotus' return be an definite eventuality or not? - Will the Jupiter Gas City remaster gradually come across in certified updates, or will it be simultaneous across all platforms? - Will past anniversary skins and weapons be available soon (Excalibur Dex skin, Dex weapons, etc.), or within community-based events outside of the game? (Stream drops, Contests, etc.) - For the new upcoming player experience rework, what can we know about this new Warframe intro cutscene before it is released? - Are there more "Umbral" Warframes and/or weapons in the works, or is Excalibur Umbra unique in his own class? - Are there potential Warframe "Proto" skins in the works? Possible Lore: - Will we ever learn more of the lore in regards to the Orokin empire's origins and downfall? - What will we learn about the Void's real nature, especially the Man in the Wall? How will it affect the Tenno storywise? - Will Nora Night's character be elaborated upon in later updates? - Does the possibility exist that we will visit other systems beyond Warframe's current setting? Other races, civilizations, etc.?
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