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  1. Not much of a bug, though this needs to be said.... ......what's taking the Armada so long?
  2. Flying a far enough distance away from the drone by around 300-1000m (and then returning back to it) seems to resolve this behavior, though the issue can still repeat itself given transference is used nearby again.
  3. During a Sortie/Free Roam mission, I approached the first mission objective within the Plains, which generated a drone which I needed to protect, of course. However, in every mission instance where I've switched to my Operator to regenerate energy, this caused the drone to remain in place for the rest of the mission unless I reloaded it.
  4. I find The Expanse something to binge on for any sci-fi fans out there, especially Warframe.
  5. There should be an applicable Prime Toggle for Immortal Skins, just in case players want to expand their fashion-frame ideas. I find it restricting for Prime Warframes to have this absence of such a feature, especially for commonplace non-Prime frames. Is it possible to implement this toggle to Prime Warframes, or is there a technical limitation that inhibits this?
  6. This has got to become official Warframe merch, for sure.
  7. I'd be careful not to step on anything. But yeah, thanks a lot! 😄
  8. I think I'll keep my FPS as is, I don't want it to be too overcrowded. What do you think could be improved?
  9. SS Aeon The SS Aeon is a specially customized Railjack, built and piloted by Glaive-012, possessing approx. +5,000 kills, and upgraded with high grade specs capable of withstanding the most harrowing of interstellar missions. Specs: Components The ship possesses a hybridization of all three houses, specially handpicked for enhanced efficiency of its internal systems and maneuverability, all graded at Mk. III. Zekti Shield Array: +500 capacity, +6% regeneration/sec, Railjack Damage +25% after Shield depletion Lavan Engines: 30m/s, +0.6 Boost, +20% speed increase
  10. Landing Craft: Main Room: Basement: Transference Chamber: Helminth: Personal Quarters:
  11. During an Isolation Vault bounty, whilst using Baruuk, the Necramech (Voidrig variant) enemy appeared to be entirely immune to damage from Baruuk's Desert Wind ability, especially when aiming the waves directly at its body. The Bonewidow variant appeared to be an exception to this phenomenon, as damage could be dealt with that ability as normal. Since I had already had passed through two bounties while respectively facing one Voidrig Necramech in each one, this event is likely not isolated to a single play session.
  12. Apparently, Cats (2019) is a thing that exists.
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