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  1. I've experienced this issue several times as well. It typically transpires after completing a Railjack mission. I've also noted this in my U.27.1 bug report as well.
  2. It looks to be related to some sort of memory leak that I've been seeing affect visuals, text strings, even UI indicators. But I can tell you, you're not the only one.
  3. I've learned that motion controls within the pilot seat seem to function not just by pointing the controller, but by tilting and then pointing it perpendicular to the direction you want to go (e.g. tilting the controller to the left and then pointing it to that direction). So, it would seem that the controls are more optimized for steering than aiming. Still, the turrets otherwise have become far more easier to manage than just using the stick.
  4. - While the Kuva Lich redesign might remove their ability to kill you after a Requiem faliure, will their unique defeat animations still persist somehow in the rework?
  5. While both the Railjack and the new Orbiter have the luxury of having a battle-damaged aesthetic via slider, perhaps the Warframes, Sentinels, Landing Crafts, and even weapons could have their own slider as well. Even the rest of the Orbiter (including the redesigned Arsenal room) could be affected as well.
  6. - [Player Name] killed by Lv. 75 Bombard - or - [Player Name] Mistakes were made. Go for sci-fi Minecraft or COD death text, either works.
  7. It you mean by literally opening the roof of the current Orbiter, good luck with the vacuum of space.
  8. As I've seen with the ability to swap mod customizations and palette sets to different configuration slots, I thought: what about switching individual colors (e.g. switching primary and secondary colors)? This way, it somewhat beats the hassle in manually readjusting the colors by shuffling through their respective color palettes. Especially when setting a particular piece of equipment to a favorite color set. In addition, I wonder if there is the possibility of mixing two colors together (e.g. two colors within the Primary color slot), not dissimilar to the energy and emissive color functionalities.
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