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  1. In the future, we might finally know something about that man in the wall...
  2. Upon taking a closer look, I've realized the aesthetic similarities between the Harrow Reliquary Skin, and the so-called Duviri "Dax." The similarities aren't immediate to notice, but there are consistencies in their designs. These include: - Usage of stylized golden curves on their armor and weapons, similar to Orokin aesthetics. - Both seem to be 'hollow' and otherworldly, separating them from traditional Warframe designs lore-wise. - Prominence of a faded teal or dark blue in their default color palettes. - Both possess ethereal energy crests. One behind Harrow's head, and another behind the Dax's back reminiscent of a Dax syandana, respectively. All of this is only speculation, but it might signify a foreshadowing of the upcoming open world we'll get to see, maybe only a "taste" of what is to come in the future. Of course, I can't be sure if this is only a coincidence, or if it holds a higher meanings on DE's part, but it is interesting nontheless.
  3. The Teralyst typically spawns in the Plains, it simply necessitates the usage of an Archwing to make it easier to detect, until the creature's column of light is seen from afar. As for the crashes, do you exit to Cetus via the pause menu, or through the main gate itself?
  4. Valkyr + Saryn Prime Access - Bugs identified in Bold indicate their impairments on gameplay, necessitating attention.
  5. A possible bug/exploit I’ve found while in the Simulacrum, relates to Rhino/Prime’s Iron Skin. To explain this, my Warframe at the time was equipped with the Iron Shrapnel and Ironclad Charge mods. I then generated groups of enemies to accumulate a high armor value, as the augments synergizes well with the ability. After gaining the 10k+ armor value, I noticed that disabling and recasting the ability gave me the same 10k+ armor value as it was when I gained it from Ironclad Charge, rather than following through with his expected ability strength. After a few tests, I learned these steps to reproduce the bug: 1. Charging through enemies to receive an armor buff through the Ironclad Charge augment. 2. Enable Iron Skin for an enhanced value, before running into other enemies for a greater or lessened armor buff, then exiting and recasting Iron Skin again for an updated value based on the new buff. 3. After the Ironclad armor buff expires, exiting and recasting Iron Skin for the third time will show the armor value preset to the same value it was after the second step. It will remain this way until exiting the mission. Rhino’s ability menu also reflects this change when reviewing Iron Skin, disproportionate to the Warframe’s current ability strength.
  6. I've reentered the Nightwave menu to find only 2 weekly acts available, consisting only of the "Unlock Relics" and the "Hydrolyst Hunter". There are fewer acts than there should be for this week. Is this intentional or bugged? Edit: The acts have filled in normally. I apologize for the false alarm.
  7. Thank you for these, I'll also look for screenshots whenever possible.
  8. Did you purchase the Tennogen bundle included with these missing skins(Bundle XXXVIII)?
  9. I guess that makes sense for a forum joke from 6 years ago.
  10. How in the world is this post still a thing?
  11. U.25.4 + Dog Days Hotflix - Bugs identified in Bold indicate their impairments on gameplay, necessitating attention. - Entries in strikethrough indicate bugs that have been resolved in latent mainline updates/hotflixes.
  12. 1000 friends is one thing for the bucket list.
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