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  1. Perhaps Umbral Forma blueprints could be implemented as a reward during Steel Path progression, costing 20 Steel Essence to gain, twice as much compared to Stance Forma because of its rarity.
  2. After the latest Nightwave update that had just rolled in, I then started using the Railjack which showed a host of problems in the mechanics. None of the Railjack's abilities seem to respond to any button inputs, despite them being configured to do so. In addition, I couldn't access the Tactical menu whilst piloting the ship. In a side note, Railjack weapons and secondary fire seem to still operate while loading into the next mission node, rather than being temporarily disabled. Holding the R button also seems to change the button icon beneath the Secondary fire icon to text string as "<SECONDARY_FIRE>".
  3. I would like to propose Komi as a minigame for players to participate in, as a reward for completion of the Sacrifice. This is a description on how the game could work outside of its quest, and how its players can interact with it. Proposition: The game itself can be functionally accessible as an interactive decoration for players that have completed the Sacrifice, or even as an accessible game added within the Ludoplex, either for veterans and beginners that have completed the quest. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Komi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game) The host can invite players to participate in the game if they so wish, but only up to two players can participate in one match. Function: The game still functions much in the same way as it does when we first see it during the cinematic quest: capturing 3 enemy stones to win the game by surrounding their pieces. But, if players so choose, they can increase the dimensions of the board to make it as complex as Go itself. The game can either be played in 5x5, 12x12, or 19x19. It the larger dimensions are chosen, the players have more pieces they must capture from the enemy to accommodate with these changes in the board (~ 3, 6, and 9 respectively). And, if players wish to play solo, they can play with NPCs to participate, with characters that can be chosen (Teshin, Ordis, Lotus, etc.). As a precautionary measure, however, players cannot donate the Komi decoration itself to clans, as it's likely to only be a one-time reward. I would like to hear thoughts on how this idea can be refined and implemented for this possibility.
  4. Deep down, I still feel salty for missing this: It looks so good, too...
  5. I've had this experience as well, and so far it would seem that a bug is somehow responsible. If you can't fulfill that challenge by then, you can likely retake it as a Recovered act, provided a fix comes for it in later updates.
  6. Munitions Vortex is also an alternative if you can gather enough firepower to dispel, if you're not worried about Flux expenditure.
  7. Perhaps whatever this new feature may offer, or for future implements like this, it could impose restrictions on whatever equipment is available to us (e.g. Disabled gear item use, impaired weapon/ability strength and damage, warframe restrictions, etc). We could also impose these restrictions to ourselves by using substantially weaker builds than ones that might just rely too much on overkill; a means to create challenges we impose on ourselves.
  8. I'm no expert on the RNG side of the game, but if a challenge is what you're looking for, perhaps limit yourself to weaker setups during missions that aren't as strong as the effective ones you might have spent hours working towards. It could make the efforts and rewards feel worthwhile if you do show a level of experience to work for it, rather than just winning the easy way. Try and create a challenge for yourself that you can be proud of.
  9. Circumstantially speaking, with DE's workforce (third parties included) being affected by the pandemic and the preventative measures taken via isolation, it had to have affected their workflow somehow. I suppose it also could be the reason why development and news on this console update took much longer than usual since. Still, I'm really excited for this.
  10. "Operator, surely you must have some funny jokes in mind to help lighten the mood around here." "Because I'm sure they can make me *BZZT* CRACK.... laugh!" "......I'm broken, aren't I?"
  11. As I started to build a MOA at Leg's shop, I noticed that the Drimper bracket occupies the appearance of the Hona bracket. I recall that it's one of the new MOA parts that is set to release with Deadlock, which isn't even out for the Switch yet. Definitely unusual.
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