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  1. @[DE]DanielleWill this also address the prominent texture loading issues in the Switch version?
  2. So I finally received the Tennocon 2021 merch I had ordered, submitting the code thereafter. However, the poster's textures seem to be displaced, and it seems misshapen compared to how it was advertised.
  3. Type: In-game Description: Textures missing across decorations within the Orbiter, including planets within the Star Chart and across NPCs within dioramas/dialogue windows. Reproduction: Often when logging into the Orbiter, usually frequent in the Personal Quarters and Transference room. Expected Result: The decorations/objects loading in with the proper textures loaded in. Observed Result (examples below): Reproduction Rate: Usually consistent in every gaming session, usually when multiple game objects are loaded in the same area, or areas that demand higher performance. Details:
  4. I found it personally frustrating to constantly kill Larvlings/Candidates that have a minimal chance of generating the desired weapon I desire. It's especially time-consuming after multiple missions when the desired weapon in question finally generates. For this reason, I believe it to be much more convenient if Larvlings/Candidates, after being downed, cycle between different weapons before performing a mercy on them. They could display different selections of Tenet/Kuva weapons that switch every 5 seconds, out of the total 30 seconds until they expire on their own. This would save much more time in gaining the desired weapon generated with their respective Lich/Sister gained from a single mission, compared to repeating multiple missions that offer the weapon solely by chance and RNG instead.
  5. As I'm hopefully sure many users have noticed, here is a prominent issue where textures across the game often display significant issues after generating, usually never loading properly. Often this can affect Orbiter decorations when loading in, but not just objects. This phenomenon also has an impact across planets shown in the Star Chart, showing darkened textures, bugged atmospheres, or none at all. The same is also applicable for NPCs in their dialogue windows (Sisters, Corpus Captains, bosses, etc.). Even warframes might load in with such missing textures after choosing a different one, including weapons. This has happened as far as I've seen since the Call of the Tempestarii update, and is still persisting up to the present version. Though I'm not absolutely certain, this could be a memory leak-based issue, or perhaps it's processing-based. Nonetheless, I hope from this post that the developers can start taking a look into this issue, using all the information I could find. For any users reading this, let me know if this is also prominent in your experiences, so you can help glean more information in DE fixing this matter. Thanks. Examples:
  6. TYPE: In-gameDESCRIPTION: Whenever an active Sister ranks up after a failed Parazon attempt, instead of expanding their influence, their general territory shifts over to another planet, while their previous territory disappears.REPRODUCTION: Generally after using the Parazon but with an incorrect sequence, at which the Sister's rank increases if below 5.EXPECTED RESULT: The Sister's territory should've expanded to a new planet.OBSERVED RESULT: Their territory shifts to a different singular planet instead.REPRODUCTION RATE: Usually after every Sister rank increase.
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