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  1. I'd like some clarification about This Is What You Are. Potential spoilers for those not as far as Second Dream, do not listen to these beautiful tracks or risk losing the impact of the moment. Are there multiple songs with this name? Or is one of them often labeled incorrectly? When I search for This Is What You Are and find an official soundtrack reference, I get this, which is the first track on the soundtrack: According to the wiki, this is the theme of Warframe and the only song called This Is What You Are. After a long, subdued intro, it has a driving drum beat and sounds like music from an action film. However, what I usually want to listen to is the music heard in the spoiler room at the back of the ship. This version: As you can see from the title of this video, this track is apparently also called This Is What You Are. I've found a number of other sources calling it that too, people asking "what's the music in the spoiler room," others telling them this is what it's called. But it's not...not quite. When you search for this song you find the first one more often than not, and this one more rarely. I know at its core it's a cut of parts of the music from the track 1 version, but it's still got a vibe all its own, slow, moving. No drums. Is there a different internal name for this version of the song? If not, what should it be called? This Is What You Are (Reprise)?
  2. Or what about this. No more Nightwave, go back to the old alert system. Doing an alert, any alert, gets you 10 wolf creds or whatever you want to call it. And there's a cred shop identical to the one Nightwave has with rewards that cycle every week. For the really ultra special stuff like an extra weapon slot or umbra forma, it costs 200 or 250 creds and you can only buy it once. Done! All problems solved. The star chart is populated with people being ushered to random nodes in groups, nobody misses out because a rare alert popped and they weren't on.
  3. Alerts are out of sight, out of mind. I'm as likely to miss a specific good reward as I am a bunch of rewards that don't matter. If I don't know about it, I'm not kicking myself. Just check when you can and if you get what you need, good. If you miss it, it'll come around again eventually. Nightwave tells you up front what you need to do to get the big rewards. It's not out of sight, out of mind. You know exactly what you will be missing on which specific date if you aren't constantly working toward it.
  4. With the alert system, I didn't feel like I HAD to keep an eye out for alerts and complete as many as possible in order to earn a huge reward 3 months later. I just did them when I felt like it. They were quick and fun and simple. I felt no pressure to do 10 of them in a week or anything like that. This is kind of low. Various factors and bad luck can lead to all sorts of problems for any given player, and it absolutely takes more than a few hours a week for many, many people. For me, rank 11 with a max rank Rhino and Vectis Prime, I've been struggling all night to try to finish 8 missions on the plains of Eidolon. One mission failed as soon as I entered it. Another was at the end of its timer for finding 3 caches with 0 found. Another I successfully finished, Nightwave ticked up credit for finishing...and the game froze and crashed. No credit after all. Another one I did by myself, and on the final stage I was supposed to hack a prisoner's exploding collar...and he wouldn't stop walking. He walked right out of my hacking attempts 4 times and exploded as time ran out. It can absolutely take an entire evening to finish 8 plains of Eidolon bounties...and that's just ONE weekly.
  5. Me too, man. Nightwave has completely burnt me out on this game. I want to get the umbra forma and forma bundle and more wolf creds, but every time I turn on the game I just think god I do not want to be doing this anymore. Whatever comes after Nightwave, I'm not doing it. Everyone has their own thoughts on what changes should be made to it. Mine are: make it 1 week long. Just one week. There are 10 things to do. You get 5 or 10 wolf creds for doing any of them, like "run 3 spy missions" or "catch 6 rare fish." If you do 8 out of 10 of them, you get that week's big reward, like umbra forma or a free orokin reactor. That's it. One week at a time, so some weeks I can say nah, I'm good.
  6. Not that it matters, but I finally got a screenshot from Switch version:
  7. When capturing a group of Saturn Six, Nora often says this (as subtitles printed on the screen): "Does your backbrain feel that reptile tickle of reward? Do you see that bobbing light ahead, floating through the marsh of what is to come, promising you more and more and more? Do follow, Dreamers, into that sweet black tomorrow?" Either the last line should not have a question mark, or it's missing a word. I get the impression this is how the line was presented to the voice actress, because it almost sounds like there's a little bit of confusion in her voice as she delivers the final words and realizes that it's a question. It should either be "do you follow, Dreamers, into that sweet black tomorrow?" or "Do follow, Dreamers, into that sweet black tomorrow."
  8. I want alerts not for any specific rewards, but because they were completely random normal content that was guaranteed to be done in a squad. Just some quick fun multiplayer action. Now when Nightwave says "do 3 rescue missions" everyone does them on earth on day one because they're the easiest to knock out. If I go to do them on Pluto or something I'll be doing it alone. If I do them anywhere later in the week I might also be doing it alone. I'm not asking for Nightwave to be gone, nor am I asking for alerts to offer the same rewards as before. Make them all just give a little endo, I don't care. I just like the direction it gives to the game, something you can jump into with other players on short notice.
  9. I really appreciate the response. I know you guys put a lot of work into the game and I'm sure it can't be easy getting it to work on the Switch's hardware, but I appreciate it all the same, it's a great fit for the Switch when it's not crashing. Today on my first attempt to go into the vallis to try another canister run with a random group, they were just getting started on the first fissure and I was flying toward it when the game simply ground to a complete halt, I was staring at a still screenshot of myself flying, music and sound effects kept playing briefly and faded out. It sat like that completely frozen for a minute or two before I gave up and closed the software. In case this is an issue unique to me and my situation, I will say that the game is running from a SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD (SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A) with 90MB/s read speed, and it is nearly full, there are about 5 gigs remaining, in case that matters. My Switch's internal memory has a lot more space left, I think about 13 gigs.
  10. This happened to me twice yesterday. I'm carrying a 3/4ths done canister, flying around looking for another fissure, and...software was closed because an error occurred. I've played this game a lot with very few crashes overall, I always play docked on the TV. And normally I'm not even too upset about crashes, oh well, log in again and rejoin the group if I can, Warframe is pretty good about picking up where you left off. But the problem is when this happens in Buried Debts, the canister is just gone. The whole group is screwed because my client crashed. This isn't just my experience either, the first group I joined ended our run after 4 fissures because everyone was afraid of crashing. There were other times when group members suddenly left the squad, though I can't definitely chalk that up to crashes if they didn't come back and say so. There was another time while I was closing fissures with clan people, one of them crashed, but fortunately not the canister carrier. All this in just one day! I will say that one of the times I crashed, I was able to rejoin the group, and we immediately went back to town to bank those points for the rest of the group, and I was surprised to be given credit for everything I had done in that session including 3 points from the disappeared canister and other pickups. But...it would've been 7 points. 😞
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