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  1. lol now DE finally notice it because of garuda have new augment for her 4 and it relate to her claw combo, i dont want to be sarcastic but this is how they found out her claw is bugged ???
  2. after melee 3.0 her claw still work normaly as her release utill they fix Xoris
  3. so this just mean they did not treat her talon as a normal melee weapon and it doesnt mean her talon is exalted, with your argument i can say her talon is not Exalted either since well above
  4. if my calculation are correct it would be around 16-19 month untill her prime come out so 16 month for a simple bug that must be nice. The game doesnt treat Garuda's talons as Exalted Weapon, you want prove aside from what DovaCannon mention above here is some additional it doesnt have Exalted stance. which is every exalted weapon have according to Update_27_Hotfix_27.4.3. Stance Forma is now eligible to be installed on Garuda’s Talons due to the Talons using standard Stance Mods instead of an Exalted Stance. But anyway if it can not work with those mod then it should not ab
  5. anyway will we ever have kubrodon and stover as a pet ?
  6. yeah nerf those 6 ability mean nothing people still pick those 6 over some other useless ability though (mind control for example unless for meme purpose). DE did it again instead of make some weak ability viable or synergize in some way they choose easier way, nerf good stuff so bad that look like the other **** ability
  7. i dont see the point of making a bad ability to just replace them rather than fix them and make them work, and again it will be hell to balance, what the point of making new ability kit for a frame, and balance and fix them when you can just replace them, this is not win/win this is a lazy way to fix the problem of warframe abilities and diversity right now, and the whole kit of warframe ability synergize with each other, and the fact that you need other member with diffirent warframe in your party because diffirent frame do diffirent thing, not 1 frame doing everything, and what the point of
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