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  1. i dont see the point of making a bad ability to just replace them rather than fix them and make them work, and again it will be hell to balance, what the point of making new ability kit for a frame, and balance and fix them when you can just replace them, this is not win/win this is a lazy way to fix the problem of warframe abilities and diversity right now, and the whole kit of warframe ability synergize with each other, and the fact that you need other member with diffirent warframe in your party because diffirent frame do diffirent thing, not 1 frame doing everything, and what the point of playing Rhino, when you have Inaros with Roar, beside you love Rhino look ????
  2. As usual our feedback doesnt matter i doubt they even read it after 2 first page, DE do what DE do ignore everything and do what they want to do utill someone has really big voice to effect their reputation, then that they atleast try to do something
  3. Basically DE just neft everything not work the way they want it to be, i case of Xoris it not even OP, it just alternative for Naramon in case of statstick, and in case of Exalted Weapon it just buff it up a little bit, and idk Exalted weapon suppose to be better than normal melee right? but even with that buff some Exalted weapon not even near power level of sOme melee weapon, but DE think Exalted WEApon already OP and it doesnt need any more buff, and IDK for sOmEone who really PLaY the game they will know what an Infinity combo duration weapon can do, and where Exalted Weapon be in-game right now
  4. i though intermission suppose to fill the gap between nightwave
  5. sadly this is true and i see why you said that ealier,and i dont think they gonna change or even read this or some kind cherrypick some feedback or take it then f*** it up, but let see
  6. i dont thing impact or Puncture mean to "hold a weapon back" or "to balance" a weapon, and you mention your riven which is have nothing to do here about it except it is harmless for now because impact/puncture is bad and you need it be bad because it make your riven look good right ?, i think you dont see it happening because you dont want it happening rather than "see" it happening (and i know that many people dont want it because you know riven mafia is a thing and they dont want chance that), and reworked weapon is good because there bunch of useless weapon and i dont think weapon just to be make to be foldder or Mastery Rankup.
  7. i doubt that i dont think IPS is meant to be bad i think it is design to good again specific faction (grineer,corpus,infested) and situation (shield,armor,flesh), but the game seem to evol out of that ideal already atleast for IPS damage, slash is good because slash proc is good, puncture is not good and it proc is not good either but at least it have bonus damage again armor (which is almost every enemies in game have armor), and impact is bonus damage again shield (but shield is some what meh in this game), and impact proc is also meh with current status and that is impact problem it not good again anything
  8. And additional thing about Impact proc,impact proc add chance to use mercy that is a cool ideal (versy similair to Execution mechanic in Darksiders 2)but seem like mercy kill have some kind of health treshold and only apear when enemies really low on health (either you have to remove health treshold for mercy proc on impact or raise it to some % that reasonable like like 50% or 70%), so it not worth it to build your weapon around it, and also parazon mod is some what lack of supporting (maybe can add have some thing like bonus damage, crit for a few sec, additional loot drop, affinity etc.., and only have 3 slot for mod).
  9. i have ideal for impact damage well it actually in game already in form of a mod, instead making a mod for it can we just remove the mod and make it a part of impact damage ?, i think if you doing this impact damage is alot better, im talking about Shattering Impact
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