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  1. When finish mission as client sometime i not recieve enough standin for all step of Plague Star bounty
  2. this make me remember when limbo was nerf duruing scarlet spear, i have agree with OP about this, wait i even have better ideal, not only banshee but all other warframe ability also OP, how about warframe ability are disable during lich fight ? that would be better right? Nah OP just crying about why his OP Fully Modded Chroma with Unairu's Magnetize cannot take his punny Lich down while some chad Banshee can do it in matter of second
  3. The New War has begun, the Sentient already launch attack on DE server all tenno are down
  4. i got kick out while mining what happen, is the sentient attack on DE server ?
  5. i bet they think the huge buff increase crit chance and status change (which is 2%), double magazine size plus 60% bonus element will compensate cut in half base damage, for a size grade weapon (if not down grade)
  6. I even got 11 reciever 5 blueprint but no barrel for some reason, i also try to farm invasions but i feel burn out, like you have to do invations 3 three time to get it mark then wait for g3 to appear then do it all over again, but all invasion weapon parts are tradeable but why not these
  7. I now MR 29 with more than 3k hour of in game still no sight of of brakk barrel. 🤪
  8. I love the impact and parazon part, but part about primary and secondary pretty disappointed, blood rush nerf kinda okay is, but CO nerf need like 3 x status to be more than PPP, and berserker now just can be replace by PF (there was option between 2 depend on weapon but now berserker is gone lmao) and about the part you need to press E repeatly to get the mod to upgrade your primary weapon is kinda irony
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