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  1. Just playing this morning and now I can't enter the game Just curious that anyone having the same problem with me (Btw I'm in Vietnam)
  2. See the new update , think that im gonna play again , but it still the same ~.~
  3. Im in Vietnam man , cant log in for 3 days now and try to play with IPv6 but don't know how to customize it @.@
  4. Can someone teach me how to change and customize the IPv6 please ?
  5. I'm in Vietnam :( , I try everything but it didn't work , verify , redownload the game but still can't log in
  6. Im in Vietnam , can't log in for 2 days T.T
  7. Please DE do something about it @.@
  8. Just play for a few day and suddenly it appear , im not gonna quit DE , fix it ( cus i love this game ^.^ )
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